Star Trek Season 3 Blu-Ray Coming December 15th

Today CBS and Paramount Home Video announced the last of their expected Blu-ray releases for the near future, the digitally remastered third season of Star Trek The Original Series. The final season of TOS arrives on Blu-ray December 15th. We have box art and details on the set below, plus a full breakdown of all the upcoming home video Star Trek releases.


Star Trek Season 3: Blu-ray
Like the first two seasons on Blu-ray, Season Three of Star Trek will have the seamless branching, allowing viewers to watch the remastered episodes with the original effects or the new digital effects, and switch back and forth. Like the other sets, it will include "Billy Blackburn’s  Treasure Chest" of home movies made on the set. Also like the previous DVD release, it will include the remastered version of "The Cage." The set includes the same special features as the previous DVD release, plus some new ones.

New Special Features:

• Other: David Gerrold Hosts "2009Convention Coverage"
• Other: "The Anthropology of Star Trek" ComiCon Panel 2009
• Other: "The World of Rod Roddenberry" ComiCon 2009

 [also available: front view]

Season 3 of Star Trek on Blu-ray arrives December 15th.

UPDATE: And now it is available for pre-order at Amazon.


Season 2 and more coming tomorrow
There is more Home Video news coming this week. TrekMovie is currently working on our review for Star Trek Season 2 on Blu-ray. We will also have a review of the TNG box set, also coming out tomorrow, later this week.

This Fall there are quite a few releases for Star Trek coming out, here is a full breakdown with pre-order links.

September 22nd

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek TOS
Season 2 (Remastered)

(released 8/5/2008)

Next Generation
Movie Collection
Original Series
Movie Collection

(released 5/12/09)

Wrath of Khan
ST: IV Voyage Home
ST: The Undiscovered Country
ST: First Contact no Amazon
pre-order yet

November 17th

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek 2009 3-disk set

3-disk set w/ replica

3-disk set w/ badges



Best of TNG
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray
Best of TOS
Vol. 2
No Blu-ray

December 15th

Title Blu-ray DVD
Star Trek TOS
Season 3 (Remastered)

(released 11/18/2008)



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Ready to pre-order!

2009 con coverage? Yeah, ONE con.

How long before “The Definitive Edition/Final Word Star Trek Collection”?

According to the press release, the set also comes with the alternate edit of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”….that alone make it worth the purchase!

Good catch Ensign RedShirt!! Very cool that CBS is including this! Looking forward to season 2 tomorrow and Season 3 in December!!!!

If only Paramount did as nice of a job as CBS with including both versions on the films!!

How appropriate that Season 3 is a redshirt. ;)

The packaging and re-packaging will likely go on forever. Next, all films(to date) in a Super Blu box set, then all TOS Blu in a box set. There’s probably some guy with all the pieces laid out on giant table who’s job is to arrange them all in pretty groups. “Ooooh, I like how THIS looks.”

Ensign RedShirt – Would you mind posting a link to that press release? Thanks in advance!

I, too, am excited to hopefully see the extended WNMHGB pilot.

From the descriptions I’ve seen so far, I do hope that this is truly being included…in the press release at, it’s called “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” and listed as the “alternate version” of the pilot episode…the wording is a bit vague and I hope it’s not just a reference to “The Cage” pilot which we all know is included already (which is fine of course).

Can anyone confirm that this will be the WNMHGB extended pilot?



Are they still syndicating TOS in the States? I was catching them on the CW Sunday afternoons, but it seems to have dried up. Did they move the day, or have they dropped showing the TOS Remastered episodes in syndication?

I certainly do hope the alternate version of WNMHGB is included, I have seen rough 16mm versions of this and it is AMAZING, especially for true Trek Fans who have seen the 2nd pilot over and over again, this alternate edit has scenes that were deleted and a Captain’s log that was deleted, narrated by Shatner, explaining that they are leaving their own solar system and exploring the vast void, AND I just recently watched the remastered Man Trap, there is one scene that was deleted from WNMHGB and was used in The Man Trap!!!!! I can’t believe I never saw this before, it’s only about two seconds, but it shows starfleet turtlenecks in The Man Trap episode!

As Spock would say, “Fascinating!” I’ve just seen the alternative version of WNMSGB. It has ‘The Invaders”-Quinn Martin Production style of explicitly announced Acts I, II, III, and IV, and a seemingly western-“Gunsmoke” type of musical finish. Most assuredly placing the pilot in the sixties, if it wasn’t already. Very interesting.

Wow, nice to see Season 2 is down to $59! I was planning to get it no matter what the price, but it’s definitely nice to know it’ll be easier on my wallet now.

I recall hearing of another version of TOS:WNMSGB back around 1986, it was said that the diffrence was that the female doctor lived and was carted off on a stretcher. But remember it was only a 80’s rumor, never herd of any end production result and then at the time it would have been VHS and Laser Disk was becoming more like a rumor for those that had big paychecks (that’s a grand or more when average at the time was $200-$300 after taxes)

But if it can be found on a single DVD disk I’ll go for a copy, thats red laser not blue meaning not Blue Ray.

Relax people, it’s just the name they have given to “The Cage”. It’s not what you all are hoping.

#17. – Don’t think so. According to the press release, this is the title:
“Where No Fan Has Gone Before” The Restored, Unaired Alternate Pilot Episode

Every version of “The Cage” has been restored and aired. There is no un-aired, or unrestored version of “The Cage”. The title alone, (which is somewhat confusing as that is the title of Futurama’s Star Trek parody), suggests it is the second pilot, which was the “alternate” pilot to The Cage. WNMHGB on the other hand, as aired is Episode #1 of the series and not the 2nd pilot at all – The 2nd Pilot contained some additional 5 minutes more than the episode. As such it is unaired, and likely the only remaining Star Trek production to remain so.

The only way it could be an “unaired alternate pilot episode” of The Cage, is if it was an original edit with several minutes of missing scenes, which were cut out of the final NBC Pilot presentation.

Guys, we are looking into the reference in the press materials, but since it was confusing we didn’t include. Bill Hunt and I are currently looking into clarification on this.

be patient, it doesn’t come out for a couple months, we will get to the bottom of it

this sounds great cannot wait to get this box set, unfortunatley in the UK I have to wait till November to get Season 2 on blu ray so this will prob be out in Jan in UK

John Glll that would be cool to see the alternate versions of WNMHGB. Star Trek is the coolest show ever, including the spin offs and I can’t to see them in HD

Its a shame the spin offs cannot beasily be transfered to HD< Id imagine they would also look great on HD.

captain _neill atleast 2 of the spinoffs can be released to dvd relatively easily Enterprise and Tos the animated series wont require very much work to be released on bluray and i imagine they will be the next to recieve bluray treatment. alas we will have to wait a few years to TNG, DS9 and Voy

It would be really nice if they did clean up the original Second Pilot footage and release it at long last…

If it turns out to be WNMHGB all cleaned up and pretty, then they MUST do the same to the infamous blooper reels … even if they don’t clean up so well.

Mysteries give me a bellyache.

New Special Features:

• Other: “The World of Rod Roddenberry” ComiCon 2009

Rod Roddenberry?? What did he have to do with the production of the third season? This set would have been served better if they included the DS9 Mirror universe episode as it’s loosely related to “The Tholian Web”. How about some NBC promos? We’ve been viewing the “Get Smart” dvds and that includes the original NBC promos.

Some of these ‘extras’ don’t belong with a classic television show

Wow if this is the long lost WNMHB version that would be awesome. We only have a crappy VHS to YouTube quality version available currently.

Per Mike Okuda this morning:

“It is the original cut of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, the second pilot episode. The reassembled original cut of “The Cage” is also supposed to be included.”

Why do none of the sets contain the infamous “blooper” reel?

Thanks Bill…love TheBits!

This is a very pleasant surprise…I thought we were always going to be stuck with the really lousy VHS/youtube vids.

I’ve got to say…normally Paramount/CBS drops the ball on Trek releases in some form…but they really are doing an amazing job with these season sets.

Thanks Bill, read about this amazing news on the Home Theater Forum, quoting you of course.

This is really amazing news, never thought we’d see that pilot uncut like it originally was on a legitimate release. Could it mean a legitimate Blooper Reel is next?

30 – Thanks Ensign! I agree, CBS is really doing an impressive job on these sets.

29 – RE: Blooper Reels… my understanding is that there are clearance issues with the actors – they would rather the unflattering material not be shown. Were they to agree to clear it, they’d probably want to be paid for it. Plus, other actors appear as well, including Lucille Ball if I’m not mistaken. That opens up more complicated licensing and clearance issues, etc. It’s a lot of work and money for the studio to expend for what amounts to 5 minutes of material.

28: I hope and pray Mike Okuda didn’t mean the original aired version. But actually the Pilot with unique opening and closing music, Act I – V captions and second trims made here and there.

I’m buying these anyway, but if that 3rd version of “Where No Man…” features (original/remastered FX versions already on S1)…

…then my excitment factor just went through the roof and is currently in orbit somewhere!

^ Just read your query to Mr. Okuda, Bill.

Woohoo. That old 1980’s bootleg is finally going in the bin!

#33. ChristopherPike – “I hope and pray Mike Okuda didn’t mean the original aired version.”

Once again … the words “RESTORED UNAIRED” is right on the press release.

Since the “original aired version” has never needed to be restored and has indeed been AIRED, it would not qualify for these adjectives being used. Also, the “original cut” is NOT the aired episode.

I don’t know why all official sources are being so unclear here, but it seems highly likely it’s what it sounds like. But as Anthony points out, even Okuda’s comments could be misconstrued. So best to be hopeful and accept what the evidence suggests until otherwise clarified.

I still find it odd that the Season 3 collection has become the “dumping ground” for the pilots for some odd reason. They belong with the season one collection, always have. Season 2 is fine to focus on Tribbles and thanks to Enterprise’s “In A Mirror Darkly”, Season 3 would have been the proper place to focus on parallel universes, especially considering the tie-in with the new film. Arguably, the 2-part Enterprise episode was the best of that series and its inclusion might have even built some interest in an otherwise dead series. Oh well.

Now if we could just get the missing scenes shot for The Cage and other episodes, but ultimately cut for time.

35: On that basis I agree… and it would be a waste of space to include an already seen cut of WNMHGB as an extra on S3, simply to partner “The Cage”.

We’re all looking just holding our breath, that’s all… hoping the news really is as good as it seems… hoping that press release doesn’t need correcting.

35: “I still find it odd that the Season 3 collection has become the “dumping ground” for the pilots for some odd reason. They belong with the season one collection, always have. Season 2 is fine to focus on Tribbles and thanks to Enterprise’s “In A Mirror Darkly”, Season 3 would have been the proper place to focus on parallel universes, especially considering the tie-in with the new film. Arguably, the 2-part Enterprise episode was the best of that series and its inclusion might have even built some interest in an otherwise dead series. Oh well.”

I actually made a suggestion like this myself a few weeks back. Somebody replied back to me that probably wouldn’t happen because Eden FX’s work on the U.S.S. Defiant makes CBS’ appear pale by comparison. I agree that those two episodes of ENT in particular, included as an extra would have whetted an appeitite for that show’s eventual Blu ray release. Maybe they have other ideas for tackling that next year? Since they can’t afford to improve on TNG and ENT is already in 1080p, merely needing worthwhile extras produced, it must surely be on the cards. I mean nuBSG is already out, complete and it only finished a few months ago.

I am so glad that I was wrong. WNMHGB restored!!!!! Whoo-hoo! I LOVE being wrong!

The Empath is the second best episode ever

#35. I’m with you on just about everything. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and the unaired version belong on the first season set. Those shows are pilot episodes, not the last to be shot. Sheesh.

I always wanted to see NBC promos for the series in one of these sets. The bumpers they used to air during the episodes, and somehow, it would have been nice if they could have managed to start the teaser of a few episodes with the NBC Peacock. It was a classy way to introduce a show, it gives it that original ‘feel’ of the time when Star Trek had its first airdate.

Watching Star Trek in those days was something special, because you really didn’t expect to see it again. The expectation was that you’d see it once and maybe again in a rerun. After that…go find a Star Trek book.

However, this all changed fairly quickly as the show engendered a loyal following quite quickly, but it was the reruns that…well, you know all that.

I’m quite happy to own the last season of Star Trek in HD with the remastered effects. I enjoyed a great many of them as a kid, and I can manage to find many scenes and moments that are enjoyable and make the show worthwhile to watch.

It’s all about that.

I can easily see Enterprise being released on BD in the near future since it’s pretty much ready to go as it is, and I can only imagine that they already did an HD transfer of TAS for the original DVD release of that (which is also evident by the inclusion of a full HD animated episode on the TOS Season 2 BD release), so that would be a possibility, though I personally can’t imagine it’s very high on their priorities list. But in all I would think the next biggest thing they should be focusing on is remastering TNG in HD. It would be a bit of a project yes, but OH would it be worth it. Sure in a dream world I would also love to get DS9 in HD (I can take or leave Voyager, and probably wouldn’t buy it on BD anyway), and maybe they will eventually get around to it at some point, but remastering TNG for HD seems like an absolute must do. I can’t imagine why they didn’t just start right in working on TNG when they finished up the remaster of TOS.

I think putting the “spare” episodes in Season 3 is simply because it’s shorter than S1 or S2. (29 [counting “Menagerie” as 2] vs. 26 vs. 24).

re:42 – I agree. I also think that they’ve included “The Cage” with season 3 as a further enticement to but the set, since the third year is generally considered the weakest. Of course, another simpler reason is that when “The Cage” was originally released to home video, on VHS, it was given the nonsensical number of “Episode 99” on the box. This oddball number may be carrying over into the DVD/BR era ( If it really was episode 99, I’d want to see those missing 20 episodes!! )

About the pilot version of WNMHGB; I too hope that it actually is being included at long last. I’ve sent letters to Paramount over the years suggesting that they release it, originally on a special tape paired with ‘The Cage’. Besides just the coolness of the differences in music and format from the aired version, there’s the one small line that was printed in “The Making Of Star Trek” and included in the unaired version, but inexplicably edited in the episode version;

KIRK: Certain you don’t know what irritation is?
SPOCK: The fact one of my ancestors married a human female…
KIRK: Terrible, having bad blood like that…but you may learn to enjoy it someday.

What a shame the second half of Kirk’s line was removed from the aired version, as it was a perfect foreshadowing of things to come with Spock’s character, especially in the feature films. After his epiphany from mind melding with V’Ger in the first film, we saw a Spock more at peace with himself in TWOK indicating that he did learn the value of his dual heritage. Even going as far as allowing himself the expression of controlled fury at Valeris’ betrayal in TUC ( I’ll never forget how startled I was when Spock slapped the phaser out of her hand, nor how forcefully he mind melded with her … something the younger Spock from the series would never have allowed himself to do – especially in front of witnesses ).