John Cho: Star Trek Cast ‘Hell-Bent’ For Sequel

Last week ABC debuted their new sci-fi show FlashForward (co-created by Trek vet Brannon Braga), with Star Trek’s new Sulu John Cho on board as part of the ensemble cast. Cho is now promoting the show, but of course is also being asked about Star Trek. Cho comments on the status of the sequel and if he (or the other actors) will be able to juggle their busy schedules for the next Trek.


First off, in a video interview with Newsarama, Cho gave an update on what he knows about the sequel, and dismissed the notion that it will be hard to get the cast back together:

I am afraid I don’t have much information for you, except that they are working on a script. All I can tell you is that all the actors are hell-bent on doing it. I am assuming any scheduling issues will be ironed out. I am really optimistic


And then there is the question as to whether or not there will be a conflict with Cho between FlashForward and Trek anyway. The premise of FlashForward is that one day (in the pilot) everyone on Earth collapses almost all have visions of 6 months into the future. However, some, like Cho’s character, had no vision. This raises the question as to whether or not his character is going to survive past the first season. Cho talked to SciFi Wire about this, saying:

I don’t know if my character will live on FlashForward. There’s a lot of question marks. The thing that I do know is that both sets of producers want the other project to happen. So you start from a place of good will. I’m pretty confident that we can work through whatever situation comes up. I think they feed one another.

Of course when Star Trek went intro production, the producers of NBC’s Heroes had to work Paramount to make Zachary Quinto available, which they did. It sounds like the FlashForward people could do the same for Cho.

More from Cho on FlashForward at SciFi Wire and Newsarama.

John Cho in FlashForward

Catch up in FlashForward
If you missed the pilot last week, you missed a good show. For a primer on FlashForward, here is an overview of the show, including comments from Cho.

You can watch the first episode at


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FlashForward’s premiere was awesome!!! It was incredibly exciting and showed a great deal of potential!

If we infer what we were led to believe John Cho’s character faces a problematic future… but TV likes to surprise us, so we’ll see.

I hope this show succeeds, but as so often happens shows I like don’t last (Journeyman, Life, Eli Stone, for example).

I agree, Flash Forward was awesome! It took ques from Lost without becoming a rip off.

It was a very good show starter. It has so many possibilities or speculations as to what is going on with the passing out of every person on earth… (SPOILER) except a few or at least one we know of. Is this an attack? Is it the government expirimenting? Is it terriosts? Is it aliens?

If the show is successful, then there is a way for the producers to work out a way John Cho can be in the next film. They show does get a break in shooting plus he may not be in every episode. If the show is a flop then it is academic, he has the time if it gets canceled.

But that is the main problem with TV execs, they look to the bottom line, share of viewers, ad money, ratings, etc and pul the plug on a show with out letting it get started. Sure business is business, but with TV now having so many cable stations, digital music, DVD player, playstations an what ever. The TV Execs will not get the shares they look for like in the 60’s when you had a TV that got (depending on area) maybe 7 stations on the dial. Who know how many on the UHF dial but that was the best they could back then.

I wish the show all the best and hope for the best, it deserves a chance.

Off topic, but:

I know there’s no love for Star Trek Nemesis, but spelling director Stuart Baird’s name as “Stuar Barid”…that’s not nice.

Hmmm, I wonder – When exactly is the underground (black hole/time warp producing) collider being tested in Europe? could it be April 29th by any chance!!!
or has Angels and Demons nicked that idea already?

Has anyone read the original Book? if so what was the reason for the blackouts (aliens/goverment?)
I doubt the TV show fill follow the book anyway, just curious

Where are all the Branon Braga haters? They should be saying how lousy this show is heheeh

Haven’t seen the pilot yet but I’ve got it
recorded – looking forward to (seeing)
it as soon as I have 45 minutes to spare.

Glad to hear that it’s getting fans already….

IMHO, they should replace the actor that played Chekov with the one from Star Terk Phase 2, that guy is an excellent Chekov. Check it out starting at 1:09..–LGY1lds0

#9: Star Terk?

I only wish that I were as hell-bent on seeing it as they are to act in it.

Brannon Braga Anthony!

The book it’s based on is by Robert J. Sawyer….I read it years ago, and have since read everything he’s written…..he’s fantastic….

Flash Forward was very entertaining – looking forward to more! It has a fun kind of mysterious magical realism to it.

Go Sulu!

I really loved Flash Forward & not to give anything away the ending was one of those wow moments you weren’t expecting.

I also liked where that last scene took place, go Tigers!!

@13…Same here.


Lloyd Simcoe is leading an experiment at CERN, using the Large Hadron Collider to find the Higgs boson. At the same moment the experiment is run, there is a neutrino pulse from a supernova. The result, a flashforward to a few decades hence.

The show is already vastly different from the book, so there’s no reason to assume it will handle this the same.

For instance, in the book no recording devices functioned during the flashforward. And there could not be someone active during the event, as shown in the pilot.

It’s a great book, and I recommend any/all of Sawyer’s novels.

#9. Definitley. That guy that Phase 2 has is better then Yelchin.
And Flashforward does take from LOST a bit, but not a rip off. I look forward to more of it. No pun intended

Go Orci!

I saw the first episode on Monday and I loved it. FlashForward shows that Brannon Braga is a really good writer when he’s not stuck writing the same thing for fifteen years.

I also really liked “Threshold” when it was on — Goyer & Braga are a good combination, really.

I also liked Threshold the big flaw in it was it made you think, and thinking is not for those that believe 2 + 2 = 5. Most of the stuff I could figure out on the first viewing, but some of it took a few times of watching the DVR episodes, and that I burned onto DVD after I edited out the 19 minutes of ads. But some shows lasted more than an hour.

What killed the show was it was not aimed at those that are lucky to use more than the one brain cell that is between your ears. And advertisers want to earn money off impulse buying not reasoned buying so many did not earn as much as they invested.

So if you make good TV do not make them think to hard, and the more primal T&A gets atraction via sexual desire that the 15 to 35 crowd spend money on with out thinking.

21 – Threshold had great acting, dialog and overall writing, but you have to admit the plot got a little iffy at times. Still, I wish it had continued, I agree that there were many intelligent aspects… and Carla Gugino brought in the sexual attraction, so the show had that in its favor. Yum.

For all their flaws, Bones and Fringe are both shows that, in my opinion, bring in some interesting, scientifically thought-provoking ideas….

I don’t think scheduling will be a problem for any of the ‘Trek actors. They signed up probably knowing there was the good chance that there’d be sequels.

John Cho rocks entirely.

Can Brannon Braga do ANYTHING without time travel? Holy crap

So I went online and checked out FlashForward… actually I thought it was pretty darn good…

There were some Lost references… did anyone else notice the billboard for Oceanic airlines?

Anyway, John Cho is good in that too. I wasn’t sold on him as Sulu until I saw Star Trek, but now I can see he’s a solid actor in general. I also saw him in Smiley Face and enjoyed his work there.

See, I’m tellin’ ya—-if they were to do a couple more movies and then develop this into a TV show—-I bet the actors would do it. The point is to have the work and to enjoy doing it (and get adequately paid). And I’m sure most or all of them are thinking to themselves, “Shit, I am now part of an iconic piece of pop history… how cool is that?”

Sulu What’s UP!!!!! LOL! :D

It’s still strange contemplating Seth MacFarlane in a “not-Family Guy” role I keep expecting him to start channeling Stewie, or break into song, or something.

Hmm… Flash Forward, the Musical? I’d watch that. :)

#1 FlashForward’s premiere was awesome!!! It was incredibly exciting and showed a great deal of potential!

I for one am waiting till the end of Season 1 to jump in. I have no confidence whatsoever that Braga actually knows where the hell the story is going. Future Guy, anyone?

Still have the FlashForward pilot on TiVo…..Haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

AP, you are a worry wart. We are talking a big-time movie franchise now; all those actors will be thrilled to do a sequel! Were there ever any serious doubts in your mind that they would be available?

It was… fun!
Glad to see the BobOrci hanging out here… Go Bob, Go!

I thought FlashForward had a great start, but i can’t see it lasting it’s projected 3 seasons.

As cool as it was, in a year’s time people will be “are they *still* going on about that 2-minute backout?”. Fine premise for a film, novel or mini-series – but a full-on TV series?

I hope i’m wrong.

Flash forward was better then i thought and i thought it would be a great show.It has all the elements in place with great actors. If they can follow up with a great stories then we are all in for a treat. In my flash forward i was here on trek Movie blogging about the next trek and it was very kool.

John Cho is a great actor and I love his work that i have seen. He did wonderfull as Sulu and i like his new role on flash forward. Oh and BOB. You DA MAN!!!

34 – If it survives, it’ll be because there will be more to it than the one Flash Forward incident. Consider the series 24; if the show had only been about the first season’s plot arc (assassination attempt on David Palmer), then there wouldn’t have been more than, say, 2 seasons… but they resolved the 1st season’s arc and upped the ante on subsequent seasons.

Just started watching Fringe. John Noble is great.

Missed the Flash Forward opener, but did see the last episode, and it’s good. I was really interested, and it raises some fascinating questions about what would happen to your life now if you saw 6 months into the future.

It’s too early to say yet, but I wonder if they are going to explore that idea that BSG sort of ended with. FF seems to have a religious component; so did BSG. The idea being that life, existence, is a story that replays itself over and over and over again, and that we are players who have forgotten each previous performance so that we could play it fresh again. Which would make prophetic ability, really, not seeing the future so much as remembering what comes next in the story.

Fascinating stuff that raises all sorts of interesting questions. If you know what the future will be, does that enable you to change it, or does knowing it figure among the forces that make it come out exactly the way you saw it, including all your efforts to change things?

And if, like John Cho’s character, you saw nothing and had good reason to think this meant you’d be dead in 6 months, how would you change how you lived today?