Great Links: Trek on SNL Update, Simpsons, Adidas Commercial, US Navy & More

In the last week or so, we continue to see Star Trek work its way into the popular culture. This ‘Great Links’ examples from SNL’s Thursday, Update, The Simpsons and even an upcoming Adidas commercial. Also the US Navy is making their own Star Trek command center and we can help you make your own Uhura dress. All that and more below.


SNL: Khan at the UN?
Last week’s SNL Thursday Update included a segment on speeches from unsavory leaders at the UN, and speculated that a certain genetic superman could be next up to the podium.

Khan’s speech at the UN would be the superior speech
[CLICK to see segment at HULU]

David Beckham and Noel Gallagher don Trek outfits for Adidas
British footballer David Beckham and former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher have shot a commercial for Adidas, and will appear in some kind of Star Trek outfits. reports:

[Gallagher] is joining the latest celeb-filled adidas commercial, hilariously dressed as a Star Trek character.

The advert has been shot in two parts; the first part is a rooftop party similar to the ‘house party’ themed adidas advert from last year, and the second part is based around a famous Star Trek scene

David Beckham, 34, also dressed as a Star Trek character before being placed in front of a green screen to re-enact a scene from the sci-fi franchise.

Well we will have to keep an eye out for that ad when it airs, until then, the UK’s Mirror came up with this image:

Becks and Noel…unlikely Trek pair

Simpsons: The Maltese Vulcan
Last weekend was the season premiere of The Simpsons. The show was about how Comic Book Guy wrote a hit comic book "Everyman" and it includes a montage of the comic book appearing at shops around the country, including the Trek-themed "The Maltese Vulcan".

Comic Book Guy makes it big with the Trekkies
[CLICK to see segment at HULU]

Do it yourself Uhura dress
Gianna Lezcano, of the popular do-it-yourself website (and named one of the Hottest Women On the Net by G4) has a Halloween idea for Trek girls on a budget, showing you how to make an Uhura dress from a big red t-shirt. 

Navy’s Trek Bridge
The US Navy has a new Space and Naval Warfrare Systems Center that Gizmodo notes "makes Star Trek a reality" by taking a very TNG style design and applying elements from both the bridge and the briefing room into a high tech control center.

The Navy goes to the final frontier

Daily Show: Deep Space Naan
Comedy Central’s The Daily Show is always good for a Trek ref or visual gag. On their September 29th episode they had a subtle Trek gag in the title of a segment about India’s space program, which they called called "Deep Space Naan."

Comic Book Guy makes it big with the Trekkies
[CLICK to see segment at]

Mashup of the week: Hitler takes on the Borg
SBrenn on YouTube has taken the over-used ‘Funny Hitler meme‘ of adding subtitles to the famous scene in the German film Downfall (Der Untergang), and come up with a new approach of dubbing it, this time with dialog from First Contact.

Photo of the week: Vulcan Pharmacy
We have written before of the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, which has taken Star Trek to its heart. One example of that is the Wright Pharmacy, which celebrates the healer’s of Star Trek…but looks like they need to make some room for Karl Urban.

Nice mural, but where’s Karl?

Even more links with Trek goodness:

  • The California Museum in Sacramento has an exhibit of sci-fi memorabilia, including a number of genuine Star Trek costumes [KCRA]
  • THIS IS A DISASTER: SciFiWire looks at 17 Amazing sci-fi cakes, but only 2 are from Star Trek!

The battle of Wolf 35-yum

Thanks to Simon, John and Stanley. Send in those tips for Great links to the tipline, right column.

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love that painting of all the Doctors of Trek


Karl Urban was good but De Kelley is still McCoy to me

#2 — Yeah, the real McCoy!


Yeah, they already have McCoy. Leave it as it is.


As far as I am concenred they have the characters from the Trek universe prime, Karl is from a diff universe of Trek


Urban is McCoy in progress personified. He looks like Kelley, he’s got the vocal inflection down, he’s irascible, the body language is recognizable. The other ST 2009 crew members reinvent their characters (and quite well) but Urban nails TOS McCoy.

Buzz Cagney

Cover up Crusher with Karls painting.

Urban is so close to the real McCoy that his pictures needs to be added, says me!


Getting back to reality for a moment:

A Space and Naval War system is not a good idea!!!!!

How many cautionary Science Fiction tales do they have to write?


I’m such a geek. The first thing I noticed in the “Maltese Vulcan” picture was the “Stargate” movie poster on the wall! Shame it wasn’t a “Stargate: Universe” poster (would have been appropriate)… never mind!

Do you ever wonder if the film makers of Downfal realized that that clip would be used for everything in the world? I am now starting to consider it mankind’s contribution to the Universe: Adapting every idea ever to the “Hitler goes batsh*t in the bunker” scene.

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Heres what they can do. On the other side of the building they can have the Alternate Drs. TMirrior Dr Phlox and Urbans Mccoy and Mirriors of the rest of the Drs.


Dude, HULU only works for us residents… .. change the server please… I am from Argentina.

I listened ta’ what Khan said as he addressed tha’ UN and… he made a lotta’ sense… made me vote no against inferior Chicago gettin’ tha’ Olympics and makin’ Bugtussell, TN tha’ home o’ tha’ 2012 or so summy Olympics… Mayans permittin’…

Wait a tic… Khan said we would all “perish through perdition’s flame like so much flotsam upon the ultra-heated water of my superior Corinthian leather bathing tub.”

Tha’ guy’s obviously bonkeroos! Should not have listened ta’ him! I tried ta’ make a bathy-tub outta’ leather and, well… it got all wrinkly… felt like I was bathing in a rhino’s butt… All bumpy too… like me butt was rubbin’ against Dukat’s forehead…

No spoonin’ jokes, mates!!!!!!


Wow, that Hitler video was an awesome job of syncing the dialog to this lip movements! Much harder than adding subtitles. Good job!


Which is more fattening, Borg cakes or Minas Tirith truffles? Yum.


The Downfall clip is pretty funny, well done on the dubbing for the most part, the only problem is Hitler was a villain obviously, not the savior Picard was trying to be (and was in the end) in “First Contact.”


7 Crusher has every right to be on there

Oh God we are moaning about a new actor not being on the bloody mural, the character is on there. all 5 Star Trek Doctors are on there.

End of story

Has everyone got so much love for the new film that the past 5 shows must be forgotten.

Its this kind of mentality and a bitching about TNG and Nick Meyer that annoy me about this site.

THis is the Star Trek I gew up loving and still love watching. I love the new movie but I want the rest to be remembered.

There is a great mural pictured there with all 5 Doctors and what do people say? Do they say thats fantastic, or Can I get that myself? No they saywhere’s Karl Urban.

Now Karl Urban was the best of the new actors because he evoked De Kelley.

Anthony Pascale

Athos, DUDE, as we have noted before, there is no ‘other server’. In general, official online streaming is country specific. So stuff from HULU,, etc are US only, just like stuff at CTV is Canada only and BBC is UK only, etc.

there is nothing we can do about that. However, we take the extra step of doing a screen grab (above) of the Trek gags so you can at least see that.


Hilter being dubbed to First Contact was awesome

I grok Spock

All 5 Star Trek doctors? Let’s not forget about Dr. Pulaski.

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

#21. You are right. Also. We have Dr M Benga from the Tos and Dr Solar from the 2nd season of Tng. Also. Dr. Boyce from the orignal Pilot.

And dunna’ forget Dr. Johnny Fever and Doctor Detroit!!!!


Plus, let’s not forget Dr. Teeth.


no. 18 is right.

the 5 prime doctors are fine. each of the primary doctors, one from each of the shows. no need to put Urban in there.

You put in Pulaski then it leads to M’Benga, Boyce, Piper, Chapel etc.
People start thinking we need to note costume changes and TOS Bones AND movie era Bones.

We will end up with a mural that is so full of trek doc’s that you will not be able to see them from the road or parking lot and have to walk up to it just in order to see what painted there.

Keep it simple
its fine the way it is.


As for Dr. Fever the closest I think he got to space was in a protest and climbing to the top of a radio tower. And Dr. Detroit that was more a Drug trip so he was already in the Twilight Zone which is closer to sub space than outer space.

I use to love WKRP, or shall I say Baily.

As for Dr. Detroit I need yo see it again, It’s been 5 years since I burned the VHS to DVD.

As for Khan at the UN, he makes more thoughtful reasoning why he has rights to be there than that Iranian fool that thinks the Jews are doing a scam with the Nazi Genocide thing.


@24: Or Doctor Who.

The pharmacy’s gonna have to bite the bullet and add another story to the building, I guess… ;)

That Minas Tirith cake is either awesome, or proof that some people have way too much spare time. Possibly both. I’d still eat it, though.

Dr. Fever, fellow babies!!!!!!

Like… Bailey! My quarters are her quarters!

And Dr. Teeeeeeeth! Roust aboot’! Brush them gums from them frog legs.


Love this site. But indeed, Hulu, NBC, those guys only work if you live in the US. It’s a bummer.

Hat Rick

I frankly dislike the “swarthy lunatic” comment on SNL. Yes, it’s humorous, but, query, are we actually regressing from Martin Luther King’s idea that people should be judged not by the color of their skin?

“Swarthy”? Dude, that’s so 1950’s.

As fans of Trek, we can do better.


Let’s keep it in the “Trek” family: Jeff Combs as Dr. Herbert West in “Re-Animator:”

Hat Rick

Navy Goes Trek: Kirk said that Starfleet was a combined force. The Navy, the Air Force, the Army, the Marines. Starfleet.

Hat Rick

And let’s not forget the Coast Guard, either.

Buzz Cagney

#17 Not, however, in my opinion. To which I’m entirely entitled. She’s ghastly. I do credit her with the most pointless ever line in Star Trek though- ‘do Starfleet think we need more shakedown time?’ So she has that going for her.

So trekkie, so totally trekkie…
Though I think the mural’s really cool, even though I don’t recognize anyone but Bones.

The problem with the really awesome cakes is: who in the right mind would eat such a fancy looking cake, I mean they’re too intricate.

Looks like they could’ve gotten a better Manchester lad to write and perform a theme for Enterprise…

Montreal Paul

Totally sucks that I can’t watch the HULU stuff posted on here. Wish someone would copy them to YouTube and post that on here. This way people from the rest of the world can actually see them.


You can these days with computers and tools like PhotoShop create video wonders for under a Grand in price. As where in the 60’s it was impossible and the 70’s for just under a million.

I’d like to know where the Hi\llter in Enterprise can be seen, I recall a few spots in film clips played in the Storm Front two part’r, but is there more. I’d like to see it.

Please let me know by word or link. I’ve now got copies of the HDNet Fourth season in 720p from my brothers step son who works at HDNet in the sports area. He says sports is not real sports until you get to see it in HD. He sounds like he’s authoring HDNet promo lines or echoing HDNet’s lines.

Next month I’ll but another season from him depends what season he’ll have, my guess season 1 since he has to wait until the tapes/disks are not in use.

The TOS Purist aka The Purolator

The mural doesn’t need Karl Urban, because it only needs one representation of McCoy. It would look stupid to have two guys up there representing the same person. It’s better that they went with DeForest Kelley.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! The video on the Uhura costume was great…..I have just discovered my halloween costume this year!!!!!!

Millennium Vulcan

The real McCoy (get it) is already up there.

Calling Dr. Pulaski !!