TrekInk: Exclusive 5-page Preview of Spock Reflections #4

Next Wednesday (October 14th) IDW wraps up their four issue look back into our favorite Vulcan’s past with "Star Trek: Spock Reflections" #4. TrekMovie has the exclusive five-page preview, check it out below.


PREVIEW: Spock’s Reflections #4
Written by Scott & David Tipton, art by  David Messina


Ambassador Spock has returned to Earth-but why?! The answers may lie in another previously untold tale from Spock’s life, starring Lt. Saavik, of WRATH OF KHAN fame! The secret behind Spock’s journey is revealed here!

Spock Reflections #2 cover

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Spock Reflections five-page preview:


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Spock Reflections #4 coming Wednesday
Spock Reflections #4 will be out Wednesday October 14th and can be pre-ordered at TFAW. You can also order the previous three issues, although the first two will take a couple weeks due to backorder.









The trade paperback will be out in January and can be pre-ordered from Amazon


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This has been a lovely series. It’s good to get some background on Spock, and the writers and artists did an excellent job. It was clear that they knew him well- judging by all the surprising details.

Kudos to them- and thanks for these previews. Do you plan to look at any of Roddenberry’s comics? “Days Missing” is turning into a kick-ass series.

i agree this has been a good and insightfull read and i look forward to reading issue 4

This has been a wonderful series and I am actually sorry it’s coming to an end. The writing and art are both beautiful and the story so poignant.

In the last page, is this supposed to be during the Kobayashi Maru test? If so… why, oh why is there an “establishing shot” of the Enterprise in space?? I don’t get it…

The mini-adventures so far have been very interesting.

Looking forward to it.

I guess they couldn’t get permission from some of the cast for their likeness.

It could just be an on ship run of the test, not necessarily the same test from the movie. maybe Savick retook it?

So Spock brought Kirk’s coffin back to Earth, but why the mysterious route?

A runabout is about 20 meters long. The ship of the bolian captain is obviously larger, with two decks and window rows that doesn’t match the exterior of the runabout. Why they didn’t use a new ship design?

4. darendoc:

It looks like it’s playing with the reader.

The Enterprise is in space above Earth, as in TWOK, and it doesn’t state that Saavik and co in the simulator are on board the Enterprise.

8.So Spock brought Kirk’s coffin back to Earth, but why the mysterious route?

Something was making me think it is Saaviks coffin, but I hope not.

Could be Amanda Graysons coffin ???

RE: 9

I had the same thought… Makes you wonder.

When I first caught a glimpse on the first page, I saw this brunette sitting in the captains chair, the first thing that popped in to my head was, I hope thats Kristie Alley. The first time I ever saw her on film or TV was in ST:TWOK. I always thought she was the perfect, or shall I say most beautiful Vulcan there ever could be. This was back in 1982 before she started the Lets defy gravity chalange. I also liked her in her Cheers part.

I do not know whom she is in the comic, but if she is the same character she will add much to the story. Even if she is the character that Kristie played, and Robin (her replacement in ST:TSFS and on) also did a fine job.

But I would have liked Kristie to be at the Science station better than behind the Earth bar. But I did get to view her more on earth than on a Star Ship.

So after reading the Preview and the comments it is Saavik as just my glimpse implied it was. That seems to ad much more value to the Comic Series.

Then a side note, does all this death stuff make you think that the authors secretly desire to be brought back to life after they pass away. May I recomend trying the Cryotubes in Arizona, you become a popcycle for centurys and hopefully get revived when they figure out how to do that.

And by the way Mondays Popular Science’s show “The Future of” looks into Immortality this week on the Discovery Science channel. And then Tuesday there is a new episode of “That Impossible”

And thats not from TV Guide, but the DVR up coming program schedule that goes 8 days in advance so you can mark what you want to watch or record. As the saying goes, watch what you want when you want not when they tell you it’s only available. That sure beats waiting for the DVD. And for most shows I do record and keep copies on DVD-R’s. I now have 2400+ movies and 500 show disks with 5 shows per disk and no ads.

I have to admit I haven’t been as inpressed by this comic as I had hoped. Yeah the art is fantastic and I like the general idea behind it– but so far the flashbacks (Vulcan, Chapel, Pike, TOS) have seemed pretty random and not terribly insightful.

I’m just not sure what the point of them was.

I might have to sneak out to Barnes n Noble and snatch up the trade paperback of this plus the romulan war book.

Love this series. Nicely drawn and very well told.

A shame they decided to ignore the shatnerverse novel titled The Return where Kirk’s remains are stolen by the Romulans so he can be resurrected by the Borg.

@14… It’s Kirstie, not Kristie. But I agree with you about her portrayal. I didn’t care much for Curtis’ work as Savik (sp?) Kirstie’s eyes gave her more of an exotic look.

@1: Re: Roddenberry comics

They’ve not sent us any beyond the teasers that we did a brief blurb on when they were first announced (same thing for the Shatner comics).

So, we’re concentrating on the Trek stuff (which is coming pretty fast and hard these days anyhow!)

@ #19) I’m Dead Jim, You may be correct it’s just using that spelling does give me search hits, I’ll try spelling the correct way and see what turns up.

Thans for the correction. And her eyes can melt even titanium, and many peoples hearts even if she is in a lead lined room. She should have been in the cast of Heroes. And she does not even need super powers, it’s a natural gift. To bad she married one of (as I called them ‘The Farty Boys’ because it wa in the same time slot as BSG)

Robert, “The Return” was an AWESOME novel. Glad to see someone else reads the Shatnerverse.

Update on my previous statement that the show ‘Thats impossible’ was a new show, it said new in my EPG but watching it, it turned out to be a repeat, called Dish to explain the error and they replied that it was a typest error, and they are now repeating the series.

Guess we’ll have to wait until next year for their to be more if their is going to be more, Dish said they have no idea, they do not pay for the making of, they just lease broadcast rights.

Is there an incentive cover for this issue? The series was excellent. I wish it wasn’t over. One of my favorite so far. The writing and the art work were phenomenal. To anyone who hasn’t read it: Go read it!

@ sean4000

Thnx mate :). So how many universes do we have, normal, mirror, shat, JJ, myriad…. kinda makes ya lose trek… I mean track :P

Well, it’s fine, but think about additional options we have here? Would you mind making another post about all of them as well? Cheers!

I was aware of this previously, however there have been a few useful bits that completed the image for me personally, thank you so much!