Exclusive Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray Clip: Check out the Gorn and Salt Vampire

The Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray sets coming out tomorrow have lots of cool special features, showing off lots of behind-the-scenes footage. TrekMovie has nabbed an exclusive clip from a section on the make-up, talking about Romulans, and showing off the Salt Vampire and Gorn that never made it to the screen.


Clip: Masks vs. Prosthetics from ‘Aliens’ Featurette
The “Aliens” featurette is available on both the 2-disk DVD and the 3-disk Blu-ray.

The Gorn (from “Arena”) and the Salt Vampire (also known as the M-113 creature from “The Man Trap”) are both classic original series aliens. The new versions were developed to be background aliens for the Rura Penthe Klingon prison scenes, which were cut from the final Star Trek film.

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great to see the Gorn again….

Wow. Can’t wait to see what the Gorn and the Salt Creature. But the Salt Creature in the Tos was the last of it’s kind. I guess it was a good thing they did not introduce it in the Movie. But the Gorn would have been a great addition.

Can’t wait till its out! Cool stuff!

I’d love to see the Gorn Hegemony become the Big Bad in the new timeline. Can’t wait to get the DVD tomorrow!!!

Yes but the TOS adventure has not happened yet so that salt vampire must be the same salt vampire we saw in the original timeline….am i making sense……man my brain hurts!

It’s cool that they were able to realize these creatures, but I am curious as to just where in the movie they were originally supposed to appear as I very much doubt we would have seen them wandering about the grounds of Starfleet Academy.

Where was the Gorn? I saw the Salt Vampire, but I didn’t see a Gorn.

you wouldnt sign up for “hand to hand combat- as tought by Professor Gorn”? or “Life without the shaker: Life can go on sans salt by Professor Salt Vampire”?

Actually the video says they were made for the background of the Klingon prison

Hmmm… The Salt Vampire? And the Gorn? What happend with their mouthes? If I remember correctly the Salt Vampire had something like a face and a round mouth. Maybe it’s a different line from the same species? And aren’t the Gorn more dinosaur or lizzard-like? I guess the poor guy had some serious injuries after fighting with brute Klingons.


# 5 You may be correct. it would havt to be the same one and that means that mccoys Love flame could still be either Alive or Dead. Depending on weather the Salt Vampire killed her or a Klingon did. But hey. A few Lucky Big E Redshirts are still Alive. At least for a moment. Update the Gorn a little for the Tos but keep the same basic desgn. Not the one they did on Enterprise Eps In a Mirrior Darkly.

I didn’t see the Gorn either…

That Gorn looked bad-ass. Hopefully they’ll find room for him/her in the sequel.

11, yeah the Gorn wasn’t the best part of that 2 parter.

I prefer the more dinosaurian Gorn rather than the scaly guy they did here. Just saying’, loved those big eyes :)

New salt-vampire is good.
New Gorn is bad.

I kinda liked the Gorn in Enterprise.

Anyway, hyper-nerd confession. In “The Cage” when Pike is getting a glimpse of the other animals in the zoo, he see’s a bird like creature. I like to assume that’s a Xindi Avian, long thought to be extinct, but kept in captivity for a few generations.


No, please no. Gorns have snouts. That is no snout.

Wow! Seeing all these amazing creatures makes me really hope we will be seeing some of them in the sequel.

Agreed, 16. The Gorn wasn’t dinosaurian enough for me, and I loved the silver compound eyes of the original Wah Chang suit.

But the Salt Vampire? Creepy as hell. Well done.

I will take the Blu-Ray plunge with this sucker, for sure.

I’m sorry. I can’t get enough of this.

JJ, your attempt at realism doesn’t mean you should de-alienize ALIENS! THAT IS NOT HOW A GORN SHOULD LOOK!

I don’t think that was a gorn… Enterprise redid the gorn, and they were on the money. Does the DVD say that the alien was a gorn?

The video has been made private, so I can’t see it. Could it please be reuploaded to some other video site.

@23. “Does the DVD say that the alien was a gorn?”

Did the movie say that the Orion girl Gaila was an Orion? Nope. She’s probably not Orion.

I’m not keen on the Gorn having a flat snout, but otherwise it’s a terrific redesign so add the long snout and compound eyes to this, and I’d love the Gorn to be in the sequel as a villain or ally.

….I can’t help it. That is by far the worst rendition of a classic alien from Star Trek I have ever seen.

THIS forgives every single bad thing I had to say about the Gorn in Enterprise. I can’t believe I’m going to watch an episode of ENTERPRISE and praise it over this 170+ million dollar budget spectacle that can’t get aliens right. And that’s from the bottom of my heart. ENTERPRISE tried making the gorn look ALIEN, not some dooded up mask wearing Hew-mon!

I think this Gorn could be a variation of the species that developed elsewhere on the Gorn home world. But maybe he was just punched really hard in the snout by a bad-ass Klingon. ;-)

I just got email from Amazon that they shipped my DVDs today! WOO HOO!

The Gorn is at the 2 second mark, not sure how you can miss it. It looks really good…and surprisingly faithful to the original….basically all of the features are there….just updated to work better as a prosthetic. The salt vampire looks amazing too…look at the mouth, so moist looking. lol Blech.

@29: “It looks really good…and surprisingly faithful to the original….basically all of the features are there….just updated to work better as a prosthetic.”

You call that faithful? That so-called Gorn doesn’t have a quarter of the intimidation or awesomeness as the original. That cannot be a Gorn!

What’s next? Tholians are actually humans wearing masks?

Can anyone answer me this:I was looking at some make up special fx photos of the star trek film the other day, and something was not right about a photo of Nero whith his redish scrars on his head and ear….The scars should not be red but green.If i remember, Romulans and Vulcans are distant cousins so if the Vulcans have green blood…You know what i mean!?!

@31. “The scars should not be red but green.”

Welcome to the new and “REALISTIC” Star Trek universe where Orion Girls no longer have black hair, Klingons wear helmets all the time, Vulcans no longer have any sense of dignity and Starfleet gives a selfish, cheating, arrogant a**hole command of their flagship.

That is NOT a Gorn! They don’t need to take too many liberties, when non fans wouldn’t even know the difference!

Salt monster looks pretty cool.

I hope that’s not supposed to be a Gorn, cuz…it’s just not.

Nice to know Shatner has someone to commisserate with. The Gorn, Salt Vampire, Klingons, Shat. All, not in the movie.

Hmm….reimagining the Gorn. Nice work, JJ. How about we turn the Klingon’s bright pink, give them tentacles and furry blue teddy-bears instead of Bat’leths? Great idea.
(Please notice my sarcasm…)

The Gorn in Enterprise was good. But I like the Classic one much betrer. If J.J and Comp would make the Gorn Simaler to the Tos Version but make him more real looking them i would be ok. The Aliens in the Miniseries V to me look more Gorn then anything and they stole that from Tos Arena. Just my opnion though.

Wow you guys are really mad about a BACKGROUND alien that didn’t even make it to the film…chill out.

#38. Yes we are mad. Im ready to put everyone in the Agoniser booth for 3 days straight. Im mad and Im not goig to take it. Ok. I feel better now.


It’s more than a background alien. It’s the thought that this is how they think the Gorn should look like. It’s terrible.

in contrast to the TOS Gorn, The new concept is workable, I wasnt a big fan of ENTERRISE Gorn either. I was just hoping since TOS that the gorn would never be seen again..Very Mole-man like and atomic. mucho like sleestack..HIIISSsssssssssssssssssssss!


I would rather have the original Gorn suit from TOS than two seconds of that ‘thing’. It’s just stupid looking.

It would be cool to have the Gorn in the new movie become an ally. After all, it was discovered that the Gorn were reacting to the Federation as if they were invaders. They were highly evolved.

@43:”I think some people are really missing the forest for the trees here.”

Anthony, the forest has been burnt to the ground and we are just looking over the remains. And it’s not so much that the Gorn doesn’t have a snout that bothers me, but more along the lines of how JJ and his team will ‘reinterpret’ other classic aliens. Will they try and stay true to their form, or just change them for the sake of looking more ‘human’ or ‘realistic’?

And what’s wrong with CGI? More than half the shots in the movie use CGI. There are even humans that are CGI. What about District 9? That movie showed us that we can relate to non-humanoid looking CGI creatures who can’t speak english in a convincing manner. So if CGI can present us with positive results if used right, what is wrong with CGI?

Oh, and I’ve heard about this ‘inspired by the gorn’ stuff from the Art of Star Trek. That kind of brings an awkward twist to things. When you’re looking at Star Trek for inspiration to make aliens for a STAR TREK movie, why not just use the said aliens?!

# 43 Anthony Pascale

I can’t see why it should be wrong to prefer Gorns with snouts? I like dinosaurs and they have snouts too.

#43 “if you watch the new Star Trek movie solely through the lens of ‘what is different’ and assume any difference=bad, then you are going to miss out.”

Anthony, I wanted this film to work so badly. It was my #1 film I wanted to see ever since the first hard news came from this site years ago. When I watched this movie, I didn’t based it on what was different, I based it on how good it was. And what I watched just wasn’t good. Not because they didn’t get Star Trek right, but because the story wasn’t good.

As for the Gorn. Let’s just say I have a soft spot for the original series aliens that tried to look “ALIEN”. When I see it here looking less Alien then it did before, why even bother with Aliens at all?


Yeah, that’s great that they did with makeup instead of CGI. And it looks cool…

But if it doesn’t look like a Gorn and that’s what we’re all getting at. What’s the point in calling it a gorn? These people are talented It’s not hard to re create something, why does it look like a Jem’Hadar? Imagine if they actually made a gorn look like a gorn with all the money they have. It would’ve looked pretty sweet.

Cool alien but it doesn’t look like a gorn. They basically shouldn’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. I know one thing though, Berman would’ve made it legit.

It looks like a Jem’Hadar anyway.

Yeah, and I’ll say once again… the movie missed the point of what Star Trek is. What made Trek Trek is totally out the window.

#48 “I know one thing though, Berman would’ve made it legit.”

Yeah, because he just loved TOS so much…