New Teaser For Cawley’s Buck Rogers Web Series

As we have reported before, James Cawley’s production team are branching out from their ‘fan made’ work on Star Trek Phase II, to do a new web series based on Buck Rogers, but this time it is fully licensed and authorized. The show will premiere in 2010 and today they released the first teaser trailer. Check it out below.


Buck Rogers Teaser 

The teaser shows off Buck’s star fighter which was designed by Cawley and Jeff Hayes, and was animated by Tobias Richter. Cawley tells TrekMovie the teaser is "Totally Retro Cool and slightly steam punkish, That is our New Buck! Just a peak at what is to come!"

The pilot ("Armageddon: 2491") for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is slated to debut in the Fall of 2010. Some of the production is already complete, with more shooting slated for Spring. The show stars  Phase II’s Bobby Rice as Buck Rogers, and the cast also includes Gil Gerard and Erin Gray from the NBC Buck Rogers TV series.

Here is a poster for the show.

Gil Gerrard and Bobby Rice in "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"

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