Trek Ink: Exclusive Preview of Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Cardassians

This week IDW finally finishes up its second volume of Alien Spotlight with the fifth and final issue which also happens to be their fiirst forray into the world of Deep Space Nine. Today we have an exclusive 5-page preview of "Alien Spotlight: Cardassians", check it out below.


PREVIEW: Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Cardassians
Written by Andy Schmidt, art by Augustin Padilla


Set just after the DOMINION WAR, a black-ops band of CARDASSIAN fundamentalists infiltrate a STARFLEET PRISON to assassinate the leader of the Dominion-the FOUNDER responsible for 800 MILLION Cardassian deaths.

But if justice is done, will the fallout with Starfleet plunge the Cardassians back into war? Guest starring classic DS9 characters KIRA and GARAK!

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Cardassians covers

A and B covers (click to enlarge)

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Cardassians preview


(click to enlarge)

Alien Spotlight Cardassians arrives in shops on December 9th and can be pre-ordered from TFAW. Other issues from the Alien Spotlight Volume 2 series can be picked up at TFAW, but the Tribbles issue is sold out.






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The Alien Spotlight Volume 2 trade paperback, combining all five issues, comes out in March and you can pre-order it from Amazon.

You can also pick up the TPB for IDW’s first Alien Spotlight series (w/ issues for: Gorn, Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Borg, & Romulans). It is available now Amazon


More DS9 Comics coming soon
Cardassians is the first IDW comic that utilizes characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but next week they really get into with the launch of their new series, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold". Look for a preview of that issue coming up late this week.

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The Cardassians. The name sounds like a nice Armenian family. I never really welcomed the Cardassians into my heart as Star Trek aliens.

Holy crap the artwork is badass!

Good, Finally some DS9

First time I’ve seen the Cardassians look tough.

The art’s amazing, but that hefty info dump on the 3rd panel does not bode well, dialogue-wise.

And I’m a little comfused byt the second page. Are Cardassians really that badass that they can spacewalk without a helmet? ;)

That artwork is great!

Love the Artwork. Seems like a great story. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.


I loves me some Cardassians. I wish the fact that they’re essentially reptilian (snake-like) got more play. However, these (and granted, these are soldiers of some variety, not politically savvy, magnificent bastards like the ones we typically used to see …) Cardassians are slightly more down-to-earth sounding and less arrogant and cunning sounding. Anyway, from this preview, it almost looks like Garak could turn up on the next page …

I always thought the Cardassians were evil- they were never really explored or redeemed like the klingons or romulans.
I don’t like DS9 as much as the other series but the Cardassians deserve a comic- but why only 5 issues in this volume- plenty of aliens in the trekverse…

As much as I love TOS/ TAS and TNG, Its great to finally see IDW making a DS9 comic series. Sure there was one back in the early 1990s during the first and second seasons of the show, but now we get a modern series based on the excellent series. Hopefully they will into Voyager and maybe even Enterprise.

Even though I never considered the TNG stuff canon, the Cardassians were always my favorite TNG alien race. It’s too bad they weren’t in TOS!

My favorite Alien Spotlight issues are the ones featuring the Klingons, Orions, and Borg. The Cardassian issue promises to be just as good.

The art work is pretty awesome looking from those pages. Looks like an interesting story to, might have to check it out.

Nice. Can’t get enough DS9. When is the movie? :)


I would have prefered to see a Cardassian ‘origin story’, their pre-DS9 history is overly explored.

However, I must say I do like the Cardassians…especially Garek, was one of the best devised races in Trek…much much more rounded and multi-faseted then the other 2D species

Lol Enterprise

Always the optimist

I miss DS9.

That seems to be a real cool looking comic with an interesting story and some very good an cool ideas (beaming someone in a wall! That’s cool!)

The Cardassians were allways my favorite aliens from DSN. Their culture and their individuals are so different and deep as you could think or wish.

According to Publisher Chris Ryall’s blog, the west coast shipment of this week’s IDW titles is held up in customs — so you won’t see this issue until the 16th if you’re in the “West” (however that’s defined…)

#1 Ditto & Amen!

Never cared for the Cardies but I did like the Galor class warship.

Bleh cardassian ds9 nonesense

Guess it’s been a while since I’ve watched DS9, ’cause that’s not how I remember Kira looking at all….

The Cardassians are one of the most complicated,and unpredictable villains Star Trek has ever had.

Garak might be a torture loving murderer who would send his own mother to a penal colony if it advanced his career, but the Federation would not have survived the Dominion War without him. Damar is a drunk, stupid thug, but the patriotism is quite genuine. Seska is a manipulative liar, but her affection for Chakotay is very real. And then there’s the wonderful madness of Gul Dukat, which would probably take a team of counselors to properly explain.

The creators have already turned the Klingons into a Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean joke. Thanks to Nero and Shinzon, the Romulans are now blithering idiots. And Janeway has effectively neutered the Borg for good.

Leave the reptiles alone!

The Cardassians may just be the best race in Star Trek, thanks to DS9. Keep the DS9 comics coming