Video and Photo Previews of Jolene Blalock In Next Week’s Legend of the Seeker

Next week Jolene Blalock, Star Trek Enterprise’s sexy Vulcan first officer T’Pol, begins her stint in a recurring role on the fantasy show Legend of the Seeker. We have a video preview and photos of Jolene playing "Sister Nikki".



Jolene is Sister Nikki in Legend of the Seeker
Legend of the Seeker is a syndicated fantasy show loosely based on "The Sword of Truth" novels by Terry Goodkind. The show stars Craig Horner as a woods guide Richard Cypher, who is the ‘Seeker’ of legend. Blalock’s first appearance as the ‘mysterious Sister Nikki’ is in "Dark", the ninth episode of season two, airing next week. Here is a trailer.

And here are some images of Blalock from the episode:

Legend of the Seeker airs in syndication. You can find your local station and time at the official site. It also airs at Saturday at 4PM on WGN, which is carried on most cable systems (they also air a repeat of the previous week at 3PM). You can also watch past episodes on Hulu

More Trek connects to LOTS
Jolene is not the only Trek connection to Legend of the Seeker. The writing and producing staff has a number of Star Trek vets, including show runner Ken Billler. Other writers include Trek vets Mike Sussman, John Shiban, Andre Bormanis, and Raf Green.

The first season is available on DVD.


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Wouldn’t say sexy or talented for that matter…

She’s a much better actor than this – too good for Trek TV, really – but this is what she’s stuck with. Same goes for a couple of the other supporting cast on Enterprise – they were badly let down by the material, and I *liked* the series.

She was really great in Enterprise‘s last couple of seasons.. I liked the balance her character was always struggling to keep after the whole Trellium dillemma. Very cool.

Love Blalock, but I wish she’d step it up and try to get onto a decent show! She really needs to have higher standards. It’d do her a world of good.

Loved T’Pol and Trip… Archer and the rest of the crew.

I miss ‘Enterprise.’ Badly.

@MC1 Doug

You’re not the only one.

I loved her on Enterprise. If her acting was a bit subdued it was because she was playing a Vulcan for cryin’ out loud!

Jolene is gorgeous, but a terrible actress. Apart from Enterprise, she didn’t have a single solid performance.

I miss her and I miss that show too, it really had a great idea to be set before Kirk and have a lead in to some of the future events of Star Trek. She was OK in the 3rd Starship Troopers DVD but there was not enough of her. I thought she was great in Jason and the Argonauts.

I wonder if Sister Nikki has pointed ears under that cap…..??

Do Jolene’s lips get separate billing? Jumping catfish! You could use those things as a flotation device in a water landing. She’d make a great tuba player. Or maybe a ‘bone player.

Speaking of which…..

Never mind. As usual I’ve gone out of bounds.

It’s Sister Nicci, not Nikki

I always thought that Jolene did a solid job in Enterprise. T’Pol was one of the more interesting characters in Star Trek for me, and I thought was a much more interesting Vulcan that Tuvok, though of course the original Spock always will set the standard. She had a good development over the years, starting off cold and logical, becoming conflicted, and then adjusting to dealing with some emotions. Reminded me a lot of Data’s transition, along with a bit of Picard. I haven’t seen her act in anything else, though.

Hey, I gotta say- this series only bares a passing resemblance to Terry Goodkind’s books, but I really enjoy it! I wasn’t sure how the second season was gonna fare, but last weeks episode was killer (ok, Denna deserved more screen time, but I’ll take all I can get! It’s keeps getting better all the time.

First, don’t take it too seriously & Second, just go with it as a current take on the Herc and Xena style production.

The location scenery is always gorgeous and so are the ladies! The music is good and the fight scenes are well choreographed.

I can’t wait to see Jolene!

Enterprise was one of the best trek series… :) I loved it.

Yay Enterprise! Despite its (IMHO) questionable premise, it was a really solid show with a great cast.

Ms. Blalock really is a much better actor than many think. This might be a case of her looks blinding some people to her abilities. She really captured the complexity of her character and delivered it through a subdued exterior. That can’t be easy.

She is still very hot

Vulcan High Priestess T’Pol can transfer my Katra ala Fal Tor Pan any day of the week!

Yeah, baby!


::::runs out in the rain::::

I think it is worth mentioning that the airtimes listed for WGN are Central Time…

she is sooo much hotter than Ryan (and can actually act too)

#12 Concur, and enjoy it as well. Hopefully this means we’ll see her around for awhile on and off. Good potential character arcs for the Nikki character, even as much as they tend to mish/mash the events and ideas from Goodkind’s original works together.

Is it me or does it seem like they got a big infusion of money for the 2nd season?

sry, but those implants!!!……….. are sooo ninetys, nvm the naughtys puleasze……………


I’m another one who misses ENT.

Thought it was a good show in seasons 1 thru 3, and an awesome show in season 4.

And yeah Blalock is a babe.

19. Derf-
Man, that’s kinda the industry norm. By green lighting a new season, it generally will get an extended allowance to potentially further enhance the value of the property – (hopefully!)

Case and point- Consider season 4 of TNG. Now rewind to the first season. Night and day!

As for the show, I just like it. You’ve got romance and daring-do, humor and pretty actresses don’t hurt a bit! The scenery is always great and even the FX are really good. (People are so spoiled now!) The flames shooting out of Zeds fingers last week were about the coolest thing I ever saw- ok, that week- But anyway…


@18 Yeah, I thought Blalock’s performance as T’Pol was much better than Ryan’s 7 of 9. That may be like comparing balloons to melons as I can’t say whose the best actress. Haven’t seen Blalock in anything else but perhaps her limited emotional acting range made her perfect to portray a Vulcan.

Is there really 3 L’s in Ken Biller’s name?

Billler not Biller?

I meant…Are there…

Y’all naysayers can naysay- despite horrid scripts Jolene made T’Pol a character, and the only Vulcan on the show who acted like a Vulcan for most of it. If we do retread TOS in the new film, @boborci remember JOLENE BLALOCK AS T’PRING!!!!!!!

Uhhhh…”Sister” like a nun? Like sworn to celibacy, poverty, and obedience, nun?
If so, that outfit’s probably not optimal.

Poor Jolene. :(

Well at least Jolene is able to earn a more than decent living doing what she loves. Can’t argue with that. A lot of actors and actresses fall through the cracks when their career doesn’t pan out. Its always nice to see a Trek “alumn” still acting.

I like T’Pol much more than Tuvok. Blalock did a good job.

27 & 28-

No- Either a “Sister of the Dark” or a “Sister of the Light” would be able of filleting you alive one way or another-

Like the Mord-Sith, they wear red so the blood doesn’t show!

Poor, Jolene?
Whoopi used to say she didn’t need to be the star of the show, she just needed to be around other dedicated actors. Work is work and actors are only earning a living when they are working!

I agree, I too miss Enterprise and wish it had been given more time to develop… that is 7 years like the other series before ending. I loved season 3’s arc and season 4 was awesome and truly tied it into the whole Trek mythos… I can only imagine how fantastic seasons 5-7 could have been with the whole formation of the Federation and the Romulan Wars! Too Bad! I agree again, a talented lot of actors who didn’t get a chance to shine like they could have.

I think if the makeup artists would have given T’Pol long hair and express her clevage that would have saved enterprise like 7 of 9 saved Voyager.

I agree with those that have said that Enterprise was a solid show, especially in it’s fourth season. Jolene was good as T’Pol, better than 7 of 9.

And she’s still a hottie.

I don’t watch LOTS, so I have no comment there.

She is so incredibly sexy.

@33 As I recall, there was never a shortage of cleavage and assets revealing shots on ENTERPRISE, even when fully clothed, the outfits didn’t leave much to the imagination. They also did the long hair on the Mirror Universe arc, if I remember correctly, and it was nice. ENTERPRISE was underwhelming in many ways, but it also was better than VOYAGER in my opinion, and despite that intro song, is still better TREK than it was perceived as.

NOTHING is hotter than 7 of 9. NOTHING!

Legend of the Seeker is frankly enjoyable fantasy fluff in the vein of Xena territory with slightly better production values and maybe a tad less campy. Since I believe it’s produced by some of the same honchos as Xena, the similarity is understandable. Tonally it’s a little darker, but there are times, when it’s skirting Xena, maybe even Hercules in spirit. LOL! Jolene was pretty good at least making her T’Pol rise above it’s obvious 7 of 9 heritage, even though they still bandied the eye candy as much as possible.

ENT was a good show and a worthy entry in the ST franchise. All of the ST series after TOS took a few seasons to get it together – NG, DS9, VOY – all were terrible in the first 1-2 seasons but the difference was that the studio gave them a chance for 7 seasons and they all developed into solid entries with good stories and excellent ensemble acting and chemistry. ENT was never given a chance. It’s first two seasons were poor and suffered from weak and uninspired stories. The 3rd season was better (from a writing and drama point of view and the team chemistry was developing well) but it was still a waste of time to dwell on a story arc (the Xindi) which held little interest for the fans who wanted to see Klingons, Romulans, Tellurites, Andorians, etc. The writers should never have introduced stuff like the temporal cold war and Xindi – they were uninteresting dead ends that held no interest for the fans – they should have started right off the bat with “origin stories” about how the familiar universe and species’ of TOS and NG were encountered and how the idea of the Federation developed. The 4th season was excellent, one of the best seasons in all of tv trek, and it’s an example of what they should have done in season 1. If they had started ENT with the stories of season 4, it would have gone for a full 7 seasons and developed into one of the best trek series’.

A real shame and a waste of a good idea and a good ensemble cast.

# 30
Personally, I liked the Xindi-arc. The Xindi are something similiar to an anti-federation and that was something new (at least for Star Trek).

About Jolene’s acting abilities: I can’t say much, I never have seen anything from her beside ENT and Jason and the argonauts. In the later she had not much to say or act, only pose and look. Her T’Pol seemed very vulcan, cold blooded and cool. I liked her T’Pol.

Legend of the seeker is very Xena-like: A bunch of cheap SFX, the same stories about village-people and their problems with magic, monsters or dark lords. The only highlight are the good looking ladies. ;) Beside that, not worth to watch.

I think the gag reels on ENT prove she can act- she’s kind of a goof ball, but pulled off T’Pol with dignity (even when the writers called for incredibly contrived circumstances to get her into her skivvies… or less) and pose. I miss T’Pol and Enterprise.

T’Pring I tell you, she’d be an awesome T’Pring…

It’s about time they got her to show some skin on TV again! Fantastic.

Considering that most fantasy series ever produced for TV are utter dreck, Legend of the Seeker is practically a work of art. Solidly entertaining week after week, which is more than anyone could’ve said for Heroes in the last 3 years.

Notice you can’t see her ears – are they pointy?
Won’t be surprised when the head covering comes off to hear a story about how as a child she caught her head in a mechanical rice picker…

Her breast is immaculate in that picnic table cloth.

@ 44

They should be…she probably paid top dollar for them.

(Sorry, that was catty.)

Just a random thought…

If Voyager and Enterprise were as good as you folks say they were, Seven of Nine’s or T’Pol’s cleavage or assets or even acting ability would not even be issues.

The quality of the writing and the overall series would stand for themselves.

But more often than not, it seems the quality of the last two Trek series end up being judged by the resident sex symbol’s cup size than anything else.

OK…here’s my issue with Enterprise and latter day TV Trek. Too many lazy short cuts and cheats. By the time Enterprise was on the air, the writing was stale and predicatable that relied on reset buttons and contrivances like Trellium addiction. Couldn’t they have made T’Pols struggle with emotions a reflection of being one of the first Vulcans to be part of a human crew….finding appeal in the how the “other half” lives organically. No. It’s an addiction that’s to blame for the change in character.

Remember the episide that had Hoshi running around in her underwear? Maybe the first interesting use of the character? It wasn’t real…it was a Transporter hallucination.

Remember Year in Hell of Voyager? Could have been the best of episode of the series…hands down! Real danger in the Delta Quadrant with real consequences! A lone ship without a space dock would start to look like crap after a few skirmishes. But no….we hit the re-set button at the end and the whole darn thing never happened. Had to have the ship all bright and shiney for next week’s episode.)


(Wouldn’t it have been cool if Voyager was almost unrecognizable when she returned home because of all the patchwork repairs that should have taken place over 7 years away from Starfleet….trading for spare parts with aliens.)

Oh yeah……I’d meld with her.

#26 :: Amen. We need some female Vulcans up in the new franchise. They’re smart, sexy, and always hard to get.
In other words, perfect for this generation. ;3

#39 :: I LOVED the Xindi Arc. It had me literally on the edge of my seat when I got into that season, and least in the latter half of the third season. So cool. SO COOL.

But, yeah, I agree: The storylines involving our favourite TOS races of Andorians, Klingons, Tellarites (we never got to see enough of them!), and a few others were really good. Better than season three, even..