CBS To Sell Assets From Original Star Trek: The Experience – Still Working On Creating New Experience

In September 2008, the Trek-themed attraction Star Trek: The Experience closed at the Las Vegas Hilton, after running for a decade. Since that time CBS has been working on developing a new Star Trek: The Experience at a new location, and that work is still ongoing. However, they have decided that most of the assets from the first attraction wont be able to be used and so they are going to be sold off. More details below.


Pick up a piece of Star Trek: The Experience 1.0

After Star Trek: The Experience closed its doors at the Las Vegas Hilton, the attraction was dismantled and much of what was savable was put into storage at a warehouse in Las Vegas, where it has remained. Since that time CBS has been working with the Neonopolis development in Downtown Las Vegas on a plan to put in a new Star Trek: The Experience at that location. According to CBS, they are still in the planning phase, but a decision has been made that most of what is in the warehouse will not be needed for any new Trek attraction. So they have decided to let the fans get a piece of what was Star Trek: The Experience.

A spokesperson for CBS has provided TrekMovie with the following statement:

CBS Consumer Products remains committed to opening a new and exciting Star Trek attraction. We continue to work with our partners at Neonopolis regarding the development of a new Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. In the interim, there are elements from the original Star Trek: The Experience that we know will not be utilized in any new attraction and plan to make those items available to the many wonderful fans of Star Trek: The Experience either by sale or auction in the near future. The final dates and details of such sales are in progress and we hope to announce more very soon.

Currently CBS is working on a deal with PropWorx to handle the sale of the assets. PropWorx is the same company that handled the Battlestar Galactica auction last year for NBC/Uni and is currently conducting a sale of Stargate assets for MGM. PropWorx CEO Alec Peters has made a post about the ST: The Experience sale on his Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog.

Some of the signage from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

The preliminary plan is to sell most of the larger items at a warehouse location sale in Las Vegas, with many of the smaller (and more easily shippable) items being sold at a later Star Trek auction. Items that will be sold include signage, the big ‘ships’, the seats from the rides, prop replicas, set pieces, costumes, fixtures from Quarks Bar and the ‘Promenade’ shops. As of now it appears that the items from the "Museum of the Future" will not be sold (apparently these are being held for the ‘new’ ST: The Experience).

Dates have not yet been finalized for the warehouse sale or the auction, but TrekMovie will have an update on the Star Trek: The Experience sale soon with more details.

Borg alcove  from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

What’s next for Star Trek: The Experience 2.0

As for the future of Star Trek: The Experience, it seems that CBS is still committed to bringing it back. However, it appears that the problems that hit the credit markets and the economy shortly after the first Experience closed seem to be slowing progress. Certainly early estimates that a new Experience would open by 2010 were overly optimistic. There are no estimates on timing available, but the release of the next Star Trek movie in the Summer of 2012 is likely to be top of mind for those working on the new Star Trek: The Experience.

It is actually an encouraging sign that CBS and Neonopolis are not planning on just transporting the Hilton version of the attraction to the new location. The original Star Trek: The Experience was designed in the mid nineties and is heavily themed around the 24th century of Trek seen in Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation and Voyager. Of course, the Trek franchise is much larger than that, including the 22nd century of Enterprise and the 23rd century of the original Star Trek. Obviously with the success of the new Star Trek movie, the new aesthetic (of an alternative 23rd century) will likely play a major part in a new Experience. Also, the assets from the first Experience have a lot of wear and tear, including being removed from the Hilton itself. So it is also encouraging that any new Experience will be built with new components. For now, there are no detailed plans to report, but TrekMovie continues to monitor the situation and will have an update when there is something new to report.

The ‘Voyager’ from ‘Star Trek: The Experience’

Take a virtual tour of original ST: TE
If you want to get a good look at the original Star Trek: The Experience, the ‘virtual tour’ company DigitalProperties has created a site with 360 degree virtual reality images from the attraction as it was at the Hilton. Visit the site at


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