John Cho Gives A Star Trek Sequel Update + Talks FlashForward and Harold & Kumar

UPDATED: Star Trek’s new Sulu John Cho is currently working on the ABC sci-fi show FlashForward. He gave some interviews on a set visit this week to a number of sites, where he also talked a bit about the next Star Trek. Highlights, excerpts and the video below.  


Quick Trek updates from John Cho

UPDATE: More from Cho on Star Trek from MovieWeb:

Have you seen a script yet for "Star Trek 2" or do you know when that may start shooting?

John Cho: No and no. I know that we’re making one but that’s kind of all I know at this point. It seems like that cast is particularly busy. There are some desk calendars that need to get arranged before we can start shooting?

Are you excited for the chance to return to that character and the "Star Trek" franchise?

John Cho: I’m totally excited. You know what it is? I’m excited about getting back together with friends and working on something that we all like. We hang out socially but it’s a real special feeling to get together with friends and labor on something, do you know what I’m saying? So I’m excited about it.

Video interview with Cho from

Highlights of Star Trek discussion

  • Just saw co-writer Damon Lindelof and thinks the writers are "hammering out" the story
  • Cho doesn’t know what the story is about
  • Doesn’t want to interfere as the first script showed they were on his side
  • Liked JJ Abrams lens flares in Star Trek

Watch the video for more, mostly about the next Harold and Kumar movie and a little about Flash Forward.


Cho and FlashForard back next week

FlashForward is back from hiatus on March 18th at 8:00 on ABC. Here is a sneak peek featuring a gun-totting John Cho.


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I liked the lens flares too. Just couldn’t stand the overly lit overly shiny bridge lighting.

I didn’t really notice the lens flares either until they were pointed out to me.

I liked the lens flares. Though I do think that they were slightly overdone. There are several scenes were you can’t really enjoy the set because half the screen is washed out with the flares.

Me neither. I didn’t notice the lens flares until every1 pointed them out. And I also liked the bridge. It actually looks futuristic instead of old fashioned lol.

The most successful TREK movie of all time, the first one to take home and Oscar, the most recent Trek media which for once has successfully reawakened the franchise and brings hope for NEW shows and movies and toys and popular culture awareness…

…and people are STILL talking about LENS FLAIRS and whether or not the Bridge looked like an Apple Store?

Time to move on. :)

I liked the movie even though there are PARTS I did or didn’t like more.

But at some point there needs to be a bottom line and then we move on to the next movie, the next show, the next toy, the next discussion.

Just my 2% of a dollar’s worth.
-M the Haggard

#5 People are still going to talk about lens flares, engineering, Spock/Uhura romance etc. until the next film comes out. And maybe even after. Certainly right now, with nothing substantial for Bob Orci to report, we only have “Star Trek” ’09 to dissect. Its going to be a long two years….

OMG are finally getting some Harold and Kumar news! At last we can all breath a collective sigh of releif!

The lens flares were totally overdone. They should be kept to a bare minimum for the next film, as well as spending the money to build a *REAL* engineering set instead of using a damn brewery.

Less lens flares, proper engineering set. Say it all together now.

Kill the flares. Way overdone and distracting. No Shat in the sequal either. I agree with Chunga about engineering. Looking too 20th century industrial to be a starship.

I have a simple solution to all of the grousing: at the very beginning of the next movie, a giant lens flare destroys the Enterprise, and they build the NCC-1701-A, complete with incandescent lighting and naugahyde upholstery. The plumbing in Engineering terminates at the bar taps in a novel new shipboard experiment called’ Ten Forward’.

Is everybody happy? :-)

Nice, Viking. Nice.

I don’t care either way on the lens flares, but I must say this. The next movie can’t have the ship only take one hit and be done with it. There needs to be some danger involved, and that includes explosions in different areas of the ship, including Engineering. I highly doubt that Budweiser would let JJ blow up parts of their brewery, so they may HAVE to build a set. Call it a refit. Or Scotty got bored.

John Cho: Almost 38, looks 25. My significant other is asian, 32, and looks 25. What is it with asians and their genes?? No, I’m not in the least bit jealous. I’m a 45 year old fat bald white guy who looks 50, but no I’m not jealous at all….

Hulu: “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.”

Not sorry enough. On your knees and beg for forgiveness, Hulu.

The lens flares weren’t dramatically motivated. Wouldn’t you find it slightly distracting if you were trying to drive a spaceship with all these bright lights constantly shining in your face?

Get used to it folks, lens flares will be in the sequel. Maybe fewer, but they’ll still be there. It’s J.J Abram’s style and “signature”. I do think we’ll see a new engine room though.

Actually, the lens flares could work story wise as part of a scene where Kirk is being tortured by the Klingons. Ala “Chain Of Command” TNG.

One Klingon asks “How many flares do you see?”

After awhile another asks “Why don’t we try this on J.J Abrams?”

You know, an update typically involves new information.

Here’s an update on the earth — it’s orbiting the sun!

I don’t really give a crud about the lens flares. They shouldn’t be overused though. I can see where there are some problems lying when they use them too much.

Yeah, we need a more proper engineering set. It can have pipes and valves and stuff, but it needs to look more futuristic than that awful brewery. I can see they had partly the right idea, but it was poorly executed.

I get this sinking feeling that the next Trek will be a “Revenge of the Fallen,” if you know what I mean.

#6 – Unfortunately, we’re Trekkies. Nitpicking is a characteristic of the species. TOS came out in 1966 and to this day we still nitpick every single little detail about it, after all.

#20 What’s “unfortunate” about being a Trekkie?

You are right about the nitpicking though. Most of the time its in good fun and because we care. Sometimes, it can get ridiculous.

Unfortunately for Cho, FlashForward is looking like a one-and-done. Three showrunners in a first season is not a good sign (last show to do that on ABC was the dreadful Commander in Chief, I believe).

Plus, its ratings have been steadily declining. I fully expect the bottom to fall out when it returns from its lengthy hiatus (which seems to happen a lot when first year shows take an extended hiatus in season 1). I guess it all depends on whether or not ABC wants to give up on it being their Lost replacement.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the show but things don’t look good. It could be a fantastic one-off.

I love how all of these updates are just us being told again and again that nobody knows anything. Not trying to knock anyone here at Trekmovie, cause you guys do a freaking awesome job of getting news together, but it just seems like the people involved with Trek should…I dont know, make it a bit more clear when they’ll have something to say so us fans can quit asking till then.

Oh, and #12 – we bring back all that funky fabric and hammered metal wall art. :-)

The lens flares were perfect, I don’t think they distracted from the film at all.

Visually, I loved the movie.

Fix the engine room for the next movie please….

Yes, yes and more YES! Fix that damned engine room brewery, will ya? No, no, what i mean to say is REPLACE that damned engine room brewery with something a LOT closer to what was in TOS (or even TNG, etc.) or at least make it look like a gal-durned STARSHIP engine room instead of an ad for Budweiser or your local water plant. c’mon, i mean STEAM from the warp core??? Makes ya kinda wonder how much coal the Enterprise burns running at Warp speed.

By the way, did anyone notice those pre-1920s valves in the plumbing in one shot of the Kelvin? And the iron girders? It looked like Abrams got the set cheap from the movie Titanic.

Was this a steam-punk version of Star Trek?

#5: I think the main reason the lens flares remain especially relevant to this article is that they probably had more screen time in ST09 than John Cho, and that’s a dirty shame :(

More Cho!

can they stop calling the next movie Star Trek 2?

Star Trek 2 already exists, its called The Wrath of Khan and is one of the greatest.

He better give us a proper engine room next time


I like

Every time we get an update on Star Trek XII its a case of saying “they are still working on the script”

not telling me anymore. I just want to know that these ‘writers’ will not redo Khan, I am adament that they don’t do khan. Please don’t redo the good stuff. Please

Bob Orca PLEASE give shatner a chance in Trek 12 :(

Bob Orca PLEASE do NOT give shatner a chance in Trek 12 :)

Update about new star trek movie – we don’t know anything.

Can’t wait to read Zack Quinto saying the same in next weeks next star trek movie update.

No offense, but you would have to be blind not to notice the lens flares. They were everywhere. I think people are still harping on them and some of us hope that JJ takes notice and cuts back a bit. They literally gave me a headache and they actually distracted my attention from the various scenes. Even if it his signature, it can still detract from the movie if they distract you from the story. Face it, if people are talking about something technical like flares, they were probably overused.

#33–I am with you. The new cast needs to stand on it’s own now (much like TNG cast in First Contact). Shatner being in the movie is kind of like mother bird not letting baby bird leave the nest. People would be talking about Shatner’s performance rather than the new cast. I have no beef with Shatner, his role as Kirk is iconic, but it is time to move on.

#11….Yes you hit it right on the nail there!

I do hope that they spend a lot on money on an impressive engine room this time. Let’s see an amazing and huge set! No more factories and breweries.

Those Lens Flares were distracting, i which i had brought my Ray bans while watching ST09


Cant you encorporate the Nexus? Hell what just Nimoy cameoing and giving himself the neckless that you mentioned.

PLEASE GIVE US KIRK AND SPOCK ON SCREEN ONCE MORE TOGETHER :( Maybe have them walk off into the sunset with alt reality spock and kirk going “WOW you think we can ever be like that?”

You guys are smart I am sure you can fit just 30 secs of Shat and Nimoy together…OH PLEASEEEEEE

I just got new glasses this past week and now it’s like I’m living in a JJ Abrams movie! Always seeing lens flares or little rainbows along the edge of my field of view.

Not that I’m complaining, I look quite stylish! :-D

Can’t wait til the sun comes back out here in Minnesota and I can try out my new set of shades!

Does this mean we will get to see Harold and Kumar go to apple store, with shaky cam and lens flares too?

I liked the lens flares until the 100,000th one. Then, they were on my nerves.


Maybe if Tubby can loose 50 pounds they’ll let him in the next movie.

JJ and his Lens Flares is like Lucas and his overdone cgi.

Less is more.

43. Chuck Watters,

Is that an Orca (sic) slam?


Show some respect to Mr.Shatner.”Fans” like you drive me crazy with your need to make his weight an issue. Without William Shatner, “Star Trek” would’ve been a lot different. And may not have become the pop culture phenomenon that it is today. I don’t think he is terribly overweight and in fact seems to be in as good a shape as someone can be at 78.

True fans don’t disrespect an icon like William Shatner.

Bob Orca?? Anything like JJ Albacore maybe?

#46 Seems like you take this very personal . As Mr. Shatner once said …….. Get a life !

#48 I wonder if you have called anybody you know “Tubby”. I would guess not. Because you’d be afraid of being punched in the face as a result. I know if someone called you “Tubby” or some other insult, you wouldn’t like it. But hey, this is the internet and no one knows who you are and so no one is going to retaliate against you. You are right when you say I take this personally. I’ve been made fun of over my appearance. I’ve even been called “fat” after I put on a couple of pounds. And I wasn’t even close to being “fat”. So yeah, I got a problem with you calling Mr.Shatner “Tubby”.
I wonder if you would be willing to say that to his face. I doubt that. Because if you did, he’d be the one to tell you to “get a life”!

I’m sick and tired of William Shatner’s weight being an issue. Its shallow and stupid.

@49 You should laugh more . Being overweight is a problem only you can resolve or not but don’t be so offended. Infact I am more than fifty pounds bigger than I should be and I welcome someone making comments about it . It opens the door for some fun conversation. You are looking too deep into this .