Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek, Sequel, Fringe & Quitting Conventions

As reported yesterday, Leonard Nimoy will be attending the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in Seattle, WA. There is another good interview with the actor promoting the event, where he discusses his past and future with Star Trek, Fringe and how he isn’t going to be attending conventions after 2010. Excerpts below.


Nimoy ‘moved’ by Star Trek 2009 – doesn’t expect to be in sequel

Excerpts via interview with Seattle News Tribune

Nimoy on the 2009 Star Trek movie

The actor calls making the film “a very moving experience.”

Key to making the event positive was director J.J. Abrams, Nimoy says. “He told me, ‘This movie depends on you being in it.’ They would not make it without me.”

And what was it like to see “Heroes” star Zachary Quinto playing Spock on the set? Nimoy, in a very Vulcan-like characterization, called it “fascinating.”

“All of this is flattering beyond words,” Nimoy says of his experience on the movie as well as Spock’s major part of the storyline.

Nimoy on Star Trek sequel

“There is a sequel being written. I suspect I won’t be involved. I’m OK with that,” Nimoy says.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime in "Star Trek" – doesn’t expect to return for sequel

Last year for Nimoy at cons + Nimoy returning to Fringe

The article also discussed Nimoy’s convention future

The success of the recent “Star Trek” movie has generated renewed interest in both Spock and Nimoy. ComiCon is just one of 10 such events he’ll be appearing at this year. However, Nimoy says, it’s time to boldly go where he hasn’t gone before.

“I think this is the last year I will do this. It’s exciting, but I think I’ve done enough of it. I’m looking forward to concentrating on my personal life.”

Finally, according to the report, Nimoy says that he will be filming "three or four" episodes of JJ Abrams FOX sci-fi show Fringe over the next few weeks.

Leonard Nimoy in Fringe – returning for 3 or 4 episodes

Audio interview with Nimoy

Yesterday we put up some excerpts from Leonard Nimoy’s radio interview with KIRO Seattle. The audio for that is now available, take a listen.

More audio at MyNorthwest.com


Nimoy and Wheaton and more at Emerald City Comic Con

The Emerald City Comic Con is being held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle this weekend. The two Star Trek guests are Wil Wheaton and Leonard Nimoy. Other guests include Aaron Douglas (BSG), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers) and Stan Lee (Marvel Comics). More info at emeraldcitycomicon.com

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So he will be at the 2010 Comic-Con?

Nooooooooo! Please do not stop coming to conventions! I was so hopinh for him at FedCon 20.

He will be at an expo in Calgary next month… :D : D: D

Dang! I’ve seen Shatner a couple times, but never Nimoy.

I respect his choice, of course.

But… dang!

Who is “Stand” Lee…Stan Lee’s brother who couldn’t get a seat?? :) Yes, I make boo-boos, too…

Oh, yeah… no more conventions after 200(9)?? I am such a nitpicker…

man that bites if nimoy quits the convention circuit i never get tired of listening to him he is fascinating

Leonard Nimoy is my HERO!

I suspect Stand Lee is a standee. Maybe Stan Lee can’t make it to the convention and the only way for people to get a picture with him is with a cardboard version. :-)

And I can’t believe Anthony still hasn’t corrected this. The error is on TWO threads. He must have a hot date. :-)

I’d gladly listen to Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner reading from a phone book.

I am very sad about Leonard Nimoy not attending any more conventions. I think of all the actors, he is the most inspiring, thoughtful, and loving towards Trek. I think he is an inspiring man, period. Of course I can respect his wanting more time for his personal life, but I would have hoped he could do less conventions– even one a year, instead of totally cutting himself off from his fans like this, forever. I am surprised he didn’t say something like that, as he was always dedicated and appreciative Trek fans. I was hoping to take my son to see him one day…
If you are listening, Mr. Nimoy, by any chance, would you comment on this…?

I was really looking forward to be able to see the guy that got me interested in Star Trek. He is a cool guy with a good sense of humor from what I know about him. But I do respect his wishes to do other things. All I can say is I hope to see you someday in the near future. Good luck Mr. Nimoy!

3-4 episodes of Fringe? Very good to hear. Definitely means big things are afoot. I can’t wait ’til April 1st for new Fringe (and it’s also my birthday, so that helps too).

Yay! “Billy” Bell is coming back to “Fringe”!

It’s a shame that he is no longer going to conventions, however as with Star Trek, it is time for him to pass the torch.

I want Mr. Nimoy in the sequel.

The odds are, if they ask, that Nimoy may show up at the occasional convention….as he ushers in his 80’s!

I hope Nimoy will be in the sequel. Quinto is a talented actor and a great Spock, but there’s just a special place in my heart for Leonard Nimoy. :)

I’m glad I got to meet him and get his autograph at Comic-Con 2009. Since this might be his last time there, I’ll probably try to meet him again this year.

I saw Shatner & Nimoy together on stage at last year’s LV Con and it was awesome. I sincerely hope Nimoy won’t stop doing cons as the ST world won’t be the same without the Odd Couple together on stage.

Quinto is good but Leonard Nimoy is better.

I hope the new generation of fans will watch the original and see that Nimoy is better.

19 I am looking forward to meeting Shatner and Nimoy again at Vegas this coming August.

I can certainly understand Nimoy quitting the convention circuit. He’s given so much of his time to the fans over the years…why shouldn’t he take time for himself?

I met him twice and both occasions were two of my best con experiences.

I like Nimoy and Quinto they are both brilliant in their own way

i would have to agree with 21 all the cons i ve done over the years the best ones were with the originals!!!! ill see them i guess for the last time in vegas i heard the shat is giving up on the convention circuit to

I can be happy and say I have seen both Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy at a Trek convention several years ago.

Len’s feeling his age, even tho’ he looks great, I’m thinking that’s why he wants to cut down on his con visits.

I hope I look that good and am that active at his age.

I really hope I get to go to the Star Trek con in Las Vegas! That might be my only chance to meet him since I’ve never been to a convention before. Love you Leonard! :)

I want to make the most of the con this year. It will probably be the last one I can afford for several years.

And I will be going back to the convention circuit, if JJ Abrams turns me away by going in a direction that I don’t like I will still be going to the conventions.

The reason is that no matter what JJ Abrams does he cannot take away my love for the Star Trek I do love.

Hope this makes sense.

How about Nimoy in the next Mission Impossible movie? That would be cool.

…Hope this makes sense.

It does for me. :)

Enjoy Las Vegas!

No more conventions? That sucks.


Wil you be going to Las Vegas?

That is an excellent question
Will you, #29 Iowagirl, be going to Las Vegas? I sure am.

People, the man is 80! Of course he looks great and is very healthy. I wish people like him could live as much as Vulcans. But life doesn’t work this way. He has to slow down, and dedicate his time to his family and his photography. We´ll be sorry not to see him at more conventions. But, wait a minute, Mr. Spock has said goodbye twice and he came back. Maybe Nimoy will keep coming back! I remember the headline for a French magazine when Star Trek 4 was released in France, 24 years ago. It was: “Star Trek: The Eternal Return of the Enterprise.”

He was very gracious and a great man to meet. I must admit there were too many geeks at this con. Autographs and a photo op thing would have worn anyone out. I wish him well. It was nice to finally get his autograph. Had to pay for it though. All in all a good expericence!

Thanks for the wonderful coverage of all things Star Trek and beyond. This is a small nitpick, so please forgive. The interview quoted and linked in this article is not from the Seattle News Tribune–such a paper does not exist. The News Tribune is a Tacoma paper. We are our own city, not just a southern neighbor of Seattle. Thank you for the opportunity to correct.

#31, 32
No, I won’t be going this year. I’d like to, but I’d have to hit a bank first…;) Have loads of fun, and I’m expecting a first-hand report on Bill & Leonard from you guys! :)

Sad to see him stop te con circuit, but I feel awful for guys like Dave Prowse who are in such bad shape they look like they’ll die at a signing. Best to stop now and enjoy himself.

I’ve met both Nimoy and Jerry Garcia. I’ve lived. Might have to go to vegas one more time! Wish the newbies would participate! Haven’t met Quinto yet! It is somewhat meloncholy, buy my meditations are for Leonards health and happiness, Peace to you, shalom!

If this is his last time, then I will have to take advantage of the Photo op and autograph at teh LV CON. They offer a TOS duo photo with both Shatner & Nimoy so I will bite the bullet for that cost just to get it done.
What ever he decides… Live long and prosper.

to those of you who have gone to previous star trek conventions I have a question, if say I bring two items to be autographed by the same actor, do I have to buy two autograph tickets? I’m trying really hard to go to the lv con this year.

would be cool if he down 3 film in total and then he get a ride back to his universe with the Enterprise-E and then they end this universe and just make more TNG

Leonard Nimoy was probably the best actor Star Trek has ever had. THe way he brought life to his character, his directing skills, his sense of humour… Star Trek just wouldn’t be without him.

I was about to panic while reading this post, because i want to see him at the Vegas Con this year and I though he was on the list of guests to appear. Thank goodness he’s still going to be doing conventions for this year.

Don’t go away Nimoy, please!
I haven’t met you yet!
Don’t stop going for another decade or so
and come to a convention on the east coast of America like New York or New Jersey, please.