Zachary Quinto Offered Role In Anna Faris Romantic Comedy

Recently Star Trek and Heroe’s star Zachary Quinto has said that he wants to expand out of the sci-fi genre and it looks like one way he might do that is a supporting role in an R-Rated romantic comedy. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Quinto has been offered a role in the Anna Faris comedy What’s Your Number. Details below. 


Quinto the ex

The Anna Faris comedy What’s Your Number is based on the Karyn Bosnak book "20 Times a Lady" about a woman (Faris) who, after sleeping with her 20th man, decides that was enough and revisits her ex boyfriends to find Mr. Right. According to EW, Zachary Quinto has been offered a part as one of the ex boyfriends. Andy Samberg will also play one of the exes and Chris Evans plays Faris’ next door neighbor. Filming is expected to start in May. Quinto’s next project is Margin Call, a film he is producing that was last reported to be starting production this Spring. The actor has also been reported to be the leading candidate for biopic about musician George Gershwin. So it looks like Zachary is making good on filling out his resume in between his stints in Star Trek movies.

Anna Faris may be re-hooking up with Zachary Quinto in "What’s Your Number"

The role would Quinto’s first in a feature film comedy, although he does have experience in R-Rated romance with the 2009 short web film Hostage: A Love Story. Watch that below (NSFW).

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Good for Quinto. He’s been able to build off of Star Trek and start getting more work in the movie business. This is great as it looks like his day job on Heroes will soon be gone (thankfully). He’s good but the rest of the show? Not so much.

I seen that clip for the first time on myspace and I thought it was too funny. But I’m glad he’s moving onto other things. Whatever makes him happy I’m all for. Love you man!!

Holy monkeys, this is hilarious! This is great. Although Zac’s hair leaves something to be desired at times. But he has some real talent, and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

And lol, he finally did it.

Zachary Quinto seems like a cool guy. And it looks like he will have a long and successful career.

I like this guy. Hope he does well.

Zachary Quinto is cool.

That movie about the slut looks kind of interesting, and, who knows? It might be kind of funny…. might.

Anna Faris is so funny and beautiful. He should take it.

Zach is gorgeous and his patner is pretty. good lucky for him.

Who’s Anna Faris?

Never heard officially if “HEROES” has finally been put to sleep. Anyone know anything?


It’s unconfirmed either way due to the general lousiness of NBC at this point. If it does come back, it’ll likely be for an abbreviated 12-13 episode season with a reduced cast to “wrap up the story”.

Probably won’t get official word until the upfronts in May.

I hope he lands the part but I think I’ll see it either way just to see Anna Faris. I was reading on TrekToday the various ex boyfriends & think it would be funny to see ZQ as the dog obsessed Amway salesman.

forget anna- i want mpre pinto!

I think 10-15 years, Quinto will regarded as an actor’s actor.

Who’s mpre pinto?

I’d LOVE to see Quinto in a romantic comedy. He’s so naturally cute, quirky, and funny, it’d be perfect for him. Plus, the idea of chick-flick night with my best friend involving Zachary Quinto is exceedingly exciting.