DEBUNKED: Leonard Nimoy NOT Providing Voice For New Transformers Videogame

Leonard Nimoy has recently spoke about his retirement from acting, but it appears he did find time to fit in some voice work for a Transformers video game. Nimoy, who also recently provided voice work for Star Trek Online, will be featured in the upcoming Activision game "Transformers: War for Cybertron".
UPDATE: Apparently this is a rumor and has been denied by Activision.


UPDATE: Nimoy not providing Transformers Voice

After TrekMovie and many other sites picked up on the story from Ausgamers, Activision issued a statement to

We just wanted to let you know that the rumor you posted regarding the voice actors in Transformers: War for Cybertron is false. We will be providing additional information on voice actors soon. The only confirmed voice actor is Peter Cullen at this time.

And Ausgamers, the site that started the whole thing, has removed the mention of Leonard Nimoy from their article.

Original Article

Nimoy redeploys to Transformers

News of Leonard Nimoy’s involvement in the upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron game comes from a preview of the game at AusGamers. The preview reports that Nimoy will be voicing Zeta Prime (first seen in IDW’s Transformers Comics). Zeta Prime is is Optimus Prime’s predecessor. Optimus is being voiced by Peter Cullen, who voiced Optimus in the Transformers cartoons and recent Transformers films). Leonard Nimoy is no stranger to the Transformers universe, he voiced Galvatron, a Decipticon in the 1986 animated feature The Transformers: The Movie.

Transformers: War for Cybertron will be released June 22nd on Playstation 3, Wii, XBox 360 and PC. Here is a trailer

More info at

You can pre-order the game at Amazon (for PS3, Xbox 360, PC & Wii).




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Spock lives in many forms and in many places.


He’s a genius. That’s the way to retire from acting. Show up in the sound room in your robe and underwear, haven’t showered for a week. Bark out a few lines and collect the checks.

Didn’t the recent movies establish that the Transformers have their own natural, biological forms back at home — and it wasn’t until they arrived on Earth that they began to mimic human cars and trucks? So why would they have those earthly appearances back at their home planet in this videogame?

Zeta Prime is “the” Optimus Prime’s predecessor? He voiced “the” Galvatron? ha ha!

No need for “the” before their names.

@4 Because, as with the movies, they make no logical sense.

That’s awesome…even though I couldn’t care less about Transformers. I’d listen to Leonard Nimoy voice anything, even a documentary about paint drying or the color beige.

For those who don’t understand: This game is the officially endorsed prequel to G1 timeline (1980s cartoon). Thus the game is the cannon background to the original characters. They will have Cybertronian forms with similarities to the 80s cartoon look. Some design aspects of the game intentionally echo the new movie aesthetics. The movie takes place in its on alternate reality…. much like another movie from last summer… ;)

In the opening shot, Cybertron looks kinda dinky.
“Must be a mile in diameter. Over 5,000 meters away, and it [barely] fills the screen.”

I would prefer a CG animated movie, not to dissimilar to Beast Wars.

Man hes all over place go Nimoy ! Still young at 79

Nimoy’s a very good actor and it’s always fun to watch his work whether it’s on stage, in a movie or television program or voice acting. A personally he is a class act!

I love the revamped old school look of the Transformers in this game. The Transformers in the new movies are “robotted” and mechanized into unrecognizability.

Nice to hear Leonard is in the game. Game fails my test though, as they chose the horrible Hugo Weaving Megatron voice over THE Megatron voice of Frank Welker, who had done the previous two TF games.

Retired my ass.

You go Galvatron.

I like it!!


I don’t see any mention of Nimoy or Zeta Prime in the linked source article. Has it changed since this trekmovie page was created?

Another strange thing in the article: “Starscream sounded spot on, however, it’s not confirmed if he’s being voiced by any of the original Starscream voice actors (such as Chris Latta or Christopher Collins), but we’re being told we’ll know soon enough.”

Chris Latta and Christopher Collins are both the same person, who died in 1994. Unless there’s some sort of séance involved, I don’t think he’s going to be involved with this game.

It sounded like Megatron’s voice actor was going for an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Interesting, then, that his last voice role will be that of The Zarn.