Sneak Peeks At 2011 Star Trek Ships Of The Line Calendar

The 2011 Star Trek: Ships of the Line Wall Calendar comes out in July, and editor Doug Drexler has just offered a couple more peeks at the coolness within. He is showing off the design diagram for the ‘NX-01.5’ refit, and a new Romulan ship from Andy Probert. Check them out below. 


NX-01.5 refit diagram

On his blog, Doug Drexler has posted the following diagram which he prepared for artist Pierre Drolet to build the secondary hull for the refit NX-01.

Click to see full size at Doug’s Blog

MORE NX-01.5: In January Drexler put up a teaser image of the calendar spread and the centerfold featuring the NX-01.

Click to see full size at Doug’s Blog

NX-01.5 refit diagram

Also on  his blog, Doug Drexler has posted a sneak peek at Andrew Probert’s giant Romulan ship that turns the calendar on its head.

Click to see full size at Doug’s Blog

Pre-order 2011 Ships of the Line calendar

The SOTL 2011 calendar will be released in July. You can pre-order it now from Amazon for around $11.



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Now it all makes sense…

i love the new Enterprise NX-01!!!!! hey guys, Empee here from the Philippines. :)

That. Is. Awesome. If they did that in the 5th season of ENT I would have been very happy… *sigh*

Why do Romulan ships have all that empty space in the middle, anyway?

Wish they would skip the staples in the middle and make each month a one-sheet.

The Romulan Ship looks awesome! There’s a sketch of that in the ‘Art of Star Trek’ book, and how they wanted the Warbird to look originally. Orientation was changed so it would ‘fit in’ with the rest of the Trek universe. I guess it looks more like a bird in the form we saw as well.

NX-01.5 looks great as well. Really would’ve been awesome to have seen that on screen.

Of course, I’ll be ordering my 2011 Ships of the Line calendar when it becomes available :D

The NX-01.5 Looks great. Not too keen on the Romulan ship…

It’s disappointing to know that the refit was actually being planned, as most would suspect, but never made it to the screen. I figure that the Enterprise uniform delta would have made it to the jumpsuits in the same season. Three more seasons would have made for one helluva lot of canonical loose ends being tied up properly.

I would love to see a model kit produced of the NX-01 refit!

NX refit looks ugly.
Romulan ship is not impressive.

I like Mr. Drexler’s design. It would have been nice if on Enterprise the technology from the Andorians and Vulcans were combined to come up with the classic Federation/Starfleet design instead of the design coming mainly from Humans.

This looks even worse than its predecessor.

I enjoy reading his blog and his passion for star trek but this ship and its show should have never happened in the first place.

I always thought NX-01, as seen on TV, was hideous. Truly a ship only a mother could love. NX-01.5 looks halfway respectable, but that basic design is never going to win any beauty contests.

That Romulan ship looks like a cross between the warbird and George and Gracie (the whales, that is).


Andrew Probert’s vertical Warbird is definately a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing. I’m warming up to it, though it does get bonus points for being a Probert design, not to mention an actual painting.

Doug Drexler and John Eaves’ blogs are an absolute must-visit for the discerning Trekkie.


I think that’s what they wanted for Enterprise. Function over look. The ship wasn’t made to win beauty contests, it was there to explore and eventually be used for combat.

” 4. Imrahil – April 28, 2010

Why do Romulan ships have all that empty space in the middle, anyway?”

So that smaller ships (Destroyers & Frigates) can take advantage of it’s cloak and use their weapons.

The vertical Warbird is an interesting concept, although it might have looked funny on screen. The vertical D’deridex Warbird is my favorite Romulan ship alongside the TOS Bird-Of-Prey. I never cared for the “Nemesis” Romulan Warbird since it was too similar to the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey.

I also like the “NX-01.5” concept design. A logical refit for a ship that was to serve in the Romulan Wars.


What could have been…..

#16: “Andrew Probert’s vertical Warbird is definately a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing. I’m warming up to it, though it does get bonus points for being a Probert design, not to mention an actual painting.”

CarlG, you need to look again. The calendar photo is turned sideways to make room to permit showing it in its entirety. The Warbird still has a horizontal spread.

Anthony, have you ever had a thread without one negative, naysayer chiming in?

I’d be cool to see this redesign on the cover of the next Enterprise: Romulan War book…

God, I love the NX-01.5!!!!

Love the new NX, very cool. The Warbird I love because it is different from the ships we see in trek which are mostly horizontal.

20. No, it’s not, and no it doesn’t. Unless they’ve turned the D’deridex shown for comparison purposes on it’s side to counter it. I, too, have the “Art of Star Trek” book, and the vertical design is, indeed, based on an old concept drawing as mentioned by #6. Captain Dan. If it were turned on it’s side, that would mean the “nose” of the ship would be asymmetrical. In the shown orientation, it’s got a down-pointing “beak”, another clue to the fact that it’s shown upright. Why they’ve screwed with the orientation of the actual calendar part of the calendar, though, I’m not really sure.

You can see the original Probert sketch, plus an orientation comparison with the Enterprise-D at:

The Akiraprise is still dog ugly.

I wish they’d just started with something like the NX-01.5… I like the NX-01 well enough, but the refit design brings in a continuity that was missing in the Enterprise of the show of the same name.

The NX-01.5 looks great, but they should get rid of the now redundant deflector on the saucer.
If only we had been treated to this Enterprise for the whole series!

i wonder what stuff a season 5 of Enterprise wouldve thrown up (or even season 6 and 7 too)

– Shatner as Kirk (Mirror Kirk or some time travel thing or even his grandpop)

– Romulan War

– a flashfoward last ep of Archer and Tpol at the launch of the NCC 1701 (maybe with a young Spock)

@20: If you look closely, you can see the Romulan logo on the nose is oriented correctly. ‘Tis a vertical Warbird.

Ha. I have won an arguement on the internet. My life is validated.

The NX 1.5 doens not look bad but I still think the Bridge Commander variant someone made years ago seems to have a more natural “progression look” than this one (and the author did remove the redundant deflector dish :) ).

Excellent work all around. Been following the 1.5 on Doug’s blog- love it!

The bow deflector is still there because this isn’t a huge major refit, more like an add-on. If the secondary hull had to be removed for whatever reason, the ship would retain a deflector and warp reactor.

The NX-01.5 now looks closer to a constitution class ship, but somehow it takes away from that style by adopting it itself. I’d almost prefer that they never refit the ship to not have it look like the “original” Enterprise if the show went another season. Keep them very distinct. Unless the NX-01 was always considered experimental, then I suppose constant major upgrading would be the point compared to say, the Galaxy class ships that are supposed to last 100+ years with standard refits along the way but mainly guts and systems, not major changes to the hull/


Probert has a “teaser” illo on his site
which clearly (well, sort of clearly) shows the orientation of the verti-bird and the d’deridex bird. Maybe it’s also a size comparison? If so, the verti-bird’s about 2.3 km tall.

i have accepted that there will never be a ds9 television movie or mini-series. my favorite trek series had a proper ending, and that is all there will be. enterprise never had a proper ending. viewing the above refit design has reminded me how much i would love to see a continuation of ent on the small screen. perhaps an earth-romulan war mini-series?

There is a space in the ‘middle’ of Romulan ships like this to allow completion of the warp energy field between the engines.

The calendar numbers were left in a horizontal orientation because… well, write to Pocketbooks for that answer.

Doug’s & John’s sites are the ‘Go-To’ sites for great info of all sorts!

I like the Re-fit of the NX-01 Hope it will be on TV someday!

I like that NX-01 refit and put on Tv old show or new show in someday in future. I seen that romulan ship is not right, it not look like bird or warbird to me. I have seen in art of star trek book. I hate that odd romulan ship design as upsides hull.
The romulan warbird is realy look good and right design.

anyone else getting an error message at Doug’s blog when trying to enlarge the diagram?

Love ships of the line and always have one hung in my bedroom.

I think they should have went with pretty much that design for the NX from the get-go on Enterprise. The one thing that always was in the back of my mind while watching it was that I felt no design connection between Enterprise and TOS.

So they ARE making progress!

I don’t like the idea of changing the design of the NX-01 from what is was, but I do think it should be put back in flight.

The NX-01.5 looks perfect head-on, but terrible from the side. I’m so conflicted!!

I don’t really mind the super sideways warbird, not sure if it’s just me or the “wings” don’t appear symmetrical on either side which is rather off-putting for a beautiful Romulan ship.

Most of the “Enterprise” designs were a mistake, IMHO. This wasn’t the fault of the art department, but that of the Producers. The NX-01 was a poor design–it did not look like it predated TOS. Rather, it looked like it belonged in the present TNG universe. Adding a secondary hull is lipstick on a pig. Berman really screwed things up visually as far as I was concerned.

Hellooooo……toymakers…….I’d like a miniature of this refit.

Refreshing to see some good design work- as an antidote to the JJ-prise!

I’m still not impressed with the NX-01 and the refit. If Gene was alive today, he would have never approved. Like the Enterprise from the ’09 movie, it’s still a hideous design.

I guess I missed something along the way–was the NX-01 refit just something he was messing with, or was that really going to happen if there was a fifth season?

49. The former I imagine. But had the show carried on under Manny Coto & Mike Sussman, I could really see this further step closer to TOS happening. But yeah know, “Wishing never changed a damn thing”.