TrekDeals: Star Trek Blu-ray Movies For $9.99 + TOS Blu-ray Seasons 50% Off

Right now you can save some money on Star Trek movies on Blu-ray. All five of the individually released Star Trek Blu-ray titles are on sale for $9.99 (at either Best Buy or Amazon). In addition, Amazon has all three seasons of the original Star Trek on Blu-ray for 50%+. See below for details and links for the discounts.



Star Trek movies on Blu-ray for $9.99

Best Buy is currently running a sale the four individual Star Trek Blu-ray releases (the ‘even numbered’ films), Star Trek II, IV, VI and First Contact. Each is discounted 50% to $9.99. You can pick these up at your local Best Buy or order online buy clicking the links below.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Widescreen Dubbed

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Widescreen Dubbed Subtitle

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Widescreen Dubbed

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek: First Contact - Widescreen Dubbed Subtitle

Star Trek: First Contact

As for the 3-disk Blu-ray set for the new Star Trek movie, Best Buy is selling that for 50% off to $19.99, but And Amazon has it discounted 75%, down to $9.99, (and you get free shipping if your total order adds up to $25+) .

Star Trek TOS-R Blu-rays 50%+

Amazon also has the three seasons of the digitally remastered Star Trek available for 50% or more, with season 1 for $64.49, season 2 for $65.49 and season 3 for $49.99. Shipping is free for all three. 


NOTE: Prices change regularly. Above prices are based on those available May 3, 2010.


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Yet again, buying things quick and getting fleeced is NOT the way to do it….

Great deals!

I got the movies collection (1-6) for a good price when it went on sale, so I don’t mind this. I also waited on the TOS blus. Patience pays off.

Any deal regarding TOS sounds good to me. I was holding off the movies til any directors cuts come along. It will come along,eventually and I will buy them then.

I wonder how long the sale is for. I have seasons 1 and 2 but still need 3. I got 2 at only $40 at Best Buy but 3 went back up to $80 before I could purchase it.

3: I know what you mean about director’s cuts, but I like the original edition of TMP just as well, so I like that I have that.

#3 – I have them all already as I want the theatricals in my collection as well as any alterante cuts. For me the “Director’s Edition” of TWOK is inferior to the original cut.

no kidding me! i need that blu-ray soon!

Also, for UK fans, has some really cheap DVD boxsets for Voyager and DS9, amongst others…

Ahh, I got so excited when I saw “50% off” that I forgot what the final price still is. $65 is still way beyond my means, lol. Nice of them to discount them, though- if I could, I’d pick them all up in a heartbeat. The remastered episodes look so nice but are a pain in the butt to stream on my computer.

should i wait for the director’s cuts of a few?? i don’t know, i love the cuts of my dvd’s…

I’d say this is all a move to clear stock. Let’s hope the Directors cuts and extended editions are forthcoming.

AMAZON originally listed the TOS Blu-rays at 40% off at around $79 so this discount is not that much more.

#6 – Me too. I bought both DVD releases of TWOK and I mostly just watch the original. The pacing and flow just isn’t right in the directors cut.

I think it gives the story a little extra “punch” to know that Peter Preston is Scotty’s nephew, but other than that the extra scenes just aren’t needed. (And, you can “know” that without the movie having to spell it out.)

Does anyone know what they used for the Blu-Ray? Did they use the original theatrical release (I hope) and not the directors cut?

I am super tempted to buy ST:II, even though I already own both DVDs. TWOK is my favorite Star Trek movie. :) I don’t normally rebuy stuff I already have on DVD (because its “good enough”) but I am tempted to make an exception just this once. And it’s only 10 bucks!

Looking at the Amazon reviews, it must be the original.

A lot of people gave it poor reviews for NOT being the Director’s Cut. :-)

#12 – It *is* the original, newly restored.

The movies are only marginally bargins. I paid just over $100 for all 10 older movies. The season prices for 1 and 2 are about what i paid, but season 3 is a steal at that price. I don’t feel ripped off or like a paid a premium on anything except possibly season 3 with that bargain price. however, since season 3 had the bonus of the original pilot episode, i don’t really feel ripped off at all. That was the first time i’ve ever seen it. I would be willing to pay money again for star trek 1 if they bring out the remastered version.

Hmm..also Nemesis got top reviews for sound and image quality..I may pick it up..just for that fact..other than that, the story is horrible!

a tip to Trekkers / Trekkies
CBS / Paramount release a new MMO game or video bundle.

become a Vulcan and PURGE your natural emotion to buy right away.
induct yourself into the rites of Kolinar or Pon-far like frak for 6 months and the Surak will bless you with a product that is 50% less latinum than that of the original price

tbh theres a price tag to being a fan and the bosses over at CBS, Paramount and Cryptic know that.
In the current economic climate, I. for one, have been forced to think more pragmatically about future Trek merchandise.

Can anyone tell me why is my hand shaking on this Trek ebay auction? :P

Peace y’all :)

17 – Good call, but I think the Ferengi might have more wisdom than the Vulcans on this matter.

Remember the one hundred and eleventh rule.

Treat your loyal fanbase like family … exploit them!

I think I’ll pick up First Contact on Bluray because I rented it through Netflix and it looked incredible. TWOK, however, hardly looked better than the normal DVD in HD so I’ll pass on the older movies. Same for TOS on Bluray. I think when something’s that old being in HD hurts more than it helps because it highlights all of the flaws. TOS was never meant to be in HD, it was made when only some TVs were in color and most were blurry and scratchy by today’s standards.

#19 – Do you have a Vizio or something?

The discs, especially TOS, are quite an upgrade over the DVDs.

TOS was still shot on FILM, and so it has around 4k of resolution, double that of HDTV.

The Cover on TWOK has the error with the Kirk image being from TSFS.

I thought that the original reviews of the BluRay discs for all the TOS-era movies were generally negative, from no original transfers to uneven technical quality…and that “surely” a second run to BluRay would be in the offing….??

Or am I just remembering sideways?

My special edition DVDs are good for now. I am not buying the blu-ray versions until they are the director’s cuts.

22 – I read the TWOK reviews, and they were mixed. The majority of people seemed to think the HD was better, but a few said it was a poor transfer.

It was hard to know who to believe, as the ones who said it was good said “those other people must just have crappy tvs or blu-ray players.” And the ones who said it was poor said “The people who can’t tell that this is poor must have crappy tvs or blu-ray players.” So, completely not helpful.

Sort of like the exchange between 19 and 20 above. :) Hard to tell because its subjective and different people have different equipment.

Anyone else here own (or have rented) the blu-rays and care to comment on picture quality? Any disc, tho I am most interested in TWOK obvously. :)

Hats off to TrekMovie for the heads up on these great Trek deals!

I was able to pick up TOS Seasons 1-3 blu-ray at $40 each from my local Best Buy earlier this year because of the superb job Anthony and team do here!

Yeah, I got the season for $40 at BestBuy as well. What I am curious about though is that in UT where I live, some of the seasons come with an outer cardboard slipcase and others do not. I’ve seen it both ways for all 3 seasons. On the copies without the slipcase though, the clear window that holds the artwork to the case is all wrinkled and warped almost like it had been left out in the sun on a hot day. Has anyone else seen that?

Patiently waiting for the Directors Editions…

Im broke…but ill find a way!!!

I’m waiting for the director’s editions too. I’m not dumb enough to fall for that crap!

I was not impressed at all with the remastered CGI effects by CBS. Most of it looked like cartoon anamation. I think they should let James Cawley’s people go at the CGI work and re-do all 3 seasons. The work they do has more substance and makes it at least believable.