Video of the Day: ‘Star Trek: The Future Begins’ Tribute Video

Today we share a video from a Swedish composer who has composed a piece of music and put together a very nice video that is his tribute to the Star Trek saga, tying together the original and the new Star Trek.



"Star Trek: The Future Begins" Tribute Music and Video

This tribute was made by Swedish composer Christian Wolf who notes that this was his first attempt at making a video, but wanted to find a way to showcase his original music. Well done for your first time Christian.

Thanks to Ulf Norlinger of the Star Trek Databas for the tip


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Very heroic! Morphs are cool.

This very well done, thanks!

Did the Enterprise just go to warp in reverse?

Really liked the transition effect from the original cast to the new cast.

I’m sorry after waiting years for the new movie to come out, after seeing it and what they did the the ship, and the franchise, I wish they would let it die! Long live the Origional Star Trek!

That rocked

It’s pretty amazing how little morph it took for Spock and McCoy.

Nice piece, except with all the clips that could have been showcased, why show Sybok?

"The Captain's Neck is Broken"

I still feel the actors from Star Trek 2009 did a fine job with the “acting” part. Unfortunately I also feel the writers and producers have no idea who the characters are and what Star Trek is realy about, as this was painfully evident as I watched a group of characters whom I didn’t seem to know anymore. I wish they hadn’t hijacked these characters and this franchise and just simply called it something else like “Wild Weird Space Adventures” or something.


lame, why do star trek fans always think these kind of videos are so awesome?!?!?! besides the enterprise goes to warp in reverse, music sounded cheesy, and it’s got a lot of pictures. I’m surprised this site posted it at all to be honest.

#11 Agree!

Great use of music and a good basic concept.

But… O Lord, I’m agreeing with Harry. Why Sybok? If the message of the tribute is that the future begins (again, a la new cast) then why not continue the morphing from TOS-movie era action to JJ09 clips? And because I must nitpick, if I could have only one quote from TOS, it wouldn’t be “I’m your friend — arrrgh *dead*” It might be “All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” That’s been used to great effect in a clip sequence before, and with Shatner’s pitch-perfect delivery it really brings on the goosebumps.

#11 there are all kinds of fans, and all are welcome here.

The morphing effect was an interesting show for how well the new actors match the old ones in appearance… I liked that part. The rest.. eh.. lame, yeah.

The voiceover work and the Enterprise in reverse was terrible but the music and scenes were good.

Cheesy?? Man! You don’t have to LIKE it to appreciate the creativity. I wasn’t a big Elvis or Beatles fan but I still recognize and respect their contributions to their art.

I *did* love this! Sue me. AWESOME effects with the character transitions!! Scotty was the only one that didn’t look right. But not due to Mr. Wolf.

I also agree though, why *just* Sybok? Khan!!!

Excellent music and video Mr. Wolf! I wish I could do half as good a one. =)

Happy Trekking all!

@ 11
Too much time on your hands?
Ignored by your family?
Alienated from your friends?
Girls sneer at you?

dude, stop trolling and become a ST fan, with those credentials you will fit right in XD

I really like his music score.

YOU! YOU….anti-Sybok snobs!!!!

The morphing was very cool and I am wondering how he accomplished it. If anyone knows what software might have been involved, please post. I liked the opening credits as well, but at almost 30 seconds that is a bit long.

I really liked the original music and the title credit and morphing of the characters was awesome….the rest was good…..but as others have mentioned with the title of the future begins and the morphing to the new characters the clips should have shown the future beginning with the new crew….

And to those who keep hating trek09—youse guys is entitled to your opinions but quite a few of us long time trek fans thought newtrek was great….and did show a good understanding of the characters, perhaps the best in many movies….star trek is fun again, exciting again….kinda new again….sure the new movie isnt perfect, no movie ever is…I found a lot to like and want to see more of in the near future…much better than NO TREK which is what so many of the haters seem to prefer??? I dunno….

I thank JJ and Orci Prime and all associated for taking on the franchise and picking up the torch for us all—–I only hope the next movie will be even better….and hope the popularity continues…..

Genes own son proclaimed the new trek great and that Gene would have approved….Everybody can quibble all they want but I am glad Trek is back and Anthony and Staff continue to do such a great job on this site! Thanks Guys!

Not bad

Nice job! Very cool! Great morphs! Great music! Kudos to all involved!

WOW it’s really really GOOD !!!!

awesome…that would be a very nice opening music for a new star trek series…

#21 Well said! And I agree. =)

Just one thing, the future or one we’re now seeing didn’t start with the new cast. I think that was Mr. Wolf’s point; it all *started* with TOS and now the future is beginning again because it ended with “The story continues…”

I just hate we’re looking at 2-3 yrs. more before the next movie. =(

Just to defend myself here.
This is the first movie I ever made in Premiere/after effects. so be patient with the enterprise going to wwarp backwards and such. I made this to preset the music and doing so I learned alot of Adobes software. Being a newbie not all is up to standards, but as I said, I am a composer not a director… :)


And for the sequences following, I wanted to show a reverse from the present to the past, using clips form star trek VI to star trek I.
Sybok was an essential part of star trek V so I chose that clip.

Nice job liked !!!

Wow! Great video work & music. I’ve always called
the ’09 movie “The Future Begins”, anyway. It always
seemed fitting (to me), and was obviously a continuation
after Nemesis.

This morphing effect nicely shows that Orci and Kurtzman did a very good job with casting, with the exception of Scotty. Scotty was probably a wrong character for their movie. Yes, Scotty was a funny character, but he was also clearly brave and authoritative, if needed. Simon Pegg was a great comedian in the film, but I can not seriously imagine him as an acting captain in the Enterprise’s command chair during a critical situation.

I think that Kurtzman and Orci have recreated only those parts of Star Trek, which were popular and important for them. The new movie is fun, exciting,… – that’s good. But something very important in this new ST is missing. The new movie is too one-dimensional. Roddenberry would have certainly approved this fun and exciting ST but certainly not this one-dimensionality of the new ST.

#27 and #28 Chris Wolf

You don’t *have* to defend yourself. Some people just don’t know how to be opposing or say they dislike something in a polite manner!! Overlook them.

I’m glad you knew about this post here. I tried to post my comments and this link on YouTube where you have it to let you know and it wouldn’t take my post for whatever reason.

FANTASTIC job! As I’ve already said! =)


Good video. What a thrill! Woohoo!

I just watched it again in fullscreen this time.
I like that someone has finally re-spoke the full ST intro “Space, the final frontier…etc”

I notice they used a little echo effect, something like the effects when Spock prime mind melded with Kirk.

Excellent work.

#31 Lukas CZ Really? The original Scotty was exactly the same. Definitely had his comic moments and could still kick butt! Recall especially the TOS ep “The Trouble With Tribbles” where a group of Koloth’s Klingons beam down to the space station and all end up in a bar with Scotty, Chekov, and another guy, and they all start drinking. If you recall the Tribbles didn’t like the Klingons when they get close to them. One Klingon starts mouthing about how “earth people” are like tribbles and how he doesn’t like them because they’re softlike some kind of blood worms. Chekov gets offended but Scotty says something like “Easy lad. you should be more forgiving.” Then the Klingon says something like “Wait! There is one man who isn’t soft. Kirk.” He may be a swaggering overbearing arrogant something something with delusions of godhood, but he’s not soft.” Chekov stands up and again, Scotty grabs his arm and say “Easy lad. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion.” And on it continues with the Klingon blasting Kirk, the crew, etc. and each time Chekov is ready to up and pop him one but Scotty keeps saying things like “Sit down. That’s an order.” Or “Were big enough to take a few insults. It’s not worth fighting over.” However…it wasn’t until the Klingon said they liked the Enterprise “A rust bucket of bolts…and that it should haul garbage, Scotty asked him “Son, don’t you want to rephrase that?” And of course the Klingon obliges… Read more »

By the way, I got a gift of the captain gold shirt.
What I found interesting is that all the yellow is actually a mosaic of thousands of tiny starfleet logos.

Does anyone know if that is true to the shows/movies or just consumer product bonus artwork?

In honor of this video, and the unduly trashed Sybok (by some fans, not this video) I am watching ST 5 on blu ray right now.

That quote by Ghandi, sounds like exactly like what happened on 9/11. The knife cuts two ways.

It’s canon now. The Big E can enter warp backwards!

The voiceover at the opening was poorly done –it sounded as though he was just talking into a PC microphone over what was already recorded …and the Gandhi quote was corny, otherwise, nice morphing of the characters/actors from old to new, although it also served to highlight just how different some of the newer actors are compared to their original counterparts in terms of appearance.

Overall grade appraisal: B

8. Harry Ballz
“Nice piece, except with all the clips that could have been showcased, why show Sybok?”

Good point –but it was one of the cooler Sybok Clips at least . . .

Well, I gave it a look at but wouldn’t mark anything that I saw or heard very highly. Except the morphing, that was good.
But keep at it, Christian. You learn by doing. ;-)

Nice first effort.

BTW, the Enterprise *has* gone into warp in reverse before – see “The Corbomite Maneuver”. Warp 4 in reverse, before they blew up Balok’s probe.

Kinda cool. I have seen better on YouTube before though.

Pull Your Chute! Olson!

Utterly wretched

From Kirk’s appearance I would have love to see the characters grow old – i.e. morph the other way round.

However nice work. Thanks.

Yes sir, I like it!

32 – In full agreement with you!

Nice work, Mr. Wolf.

And for those of you knocking it — do better! ‘Nuff said.

The CGI: aside from the E warping in reverse, they were amazing:) this goes up there on par with that fanmade Smallville Season 10 opening credits sequence that went viral on youtube:)

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