UPDATED: Karl Urban On Star Trek Sequel + Confirms Judge Dredd Talks + First Look At Urban As ‘Priest’ Vampire

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, was at San Diego Comic Con today attending the Panel for RED, when he made news confirming the rumors from yesterday about Judge Dredd. See below for video, pictures and details of Karl’s day at Comic Con, plus a first look of Urban as the vampire villain in Priest. [UPDATE: Urban talks about Star Trek sequel start and Abrams directing.

UPDATE: Urban on Abrams directing Star Trek sequel

Collider interviewed Karl Urban about all his upcoming projects. Regarding the Star Trek sequel, Urban confirmed TrekMovie’s earlier reporting that (unlike what Bruce Greenwood says) shooting will begin in May or June  of 2011. Urban also opined on if JJ Abrams would return to the directors chair.

I haven’t heard anything. I certainly hope so. Knowing J.J. I think he will have a pretty tough time handing this baby off to someone off. He was such an instrumental force of nature in delivering that film and creating those characters and ensuring that the Star Trek that was released was not some vacuous special effects extravaganza and that it was a character driven film. My hopes are that he will come back to the director’s chair

Urban "looking good" to be next Judge Dredd

So the rumor was true, Karl Urban is in talks and he tells MTV that it is "looking good" he will be the next Dredd, noting he has been a fan and it would be an "honor"

Urban spoke in more detail about Judge Dredd to Collider.

Urban gives Vulcan shoutout at RED Panel + trailer

MTV also has a panel report, which notes that at one point Karl yelled out to the crowd "Are you out of your Vulcan minds?!" Here are a couple of photos of Karl today at Comic Con.

Karl Urban arriving for his "RED" panel

Urban with his "RED" co-stars Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis

RED opens October 15th, 2010. Summit also released a new trailer for RED today, here it is on YouTube;

First look of Karl in Priest

Following RED, Karl will next be another comic book adaptation, Priest. Karl plays the villain, a vampire named "Black Hat". Priest opens May 13, 2011. Here is the first look of Karl as "Black Hat" from a poster on display at Comic Con.

Photos: WireImage

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Gotta be better than the Stallone version. It was…dare I say…dreadful.

He is the LAW!

Karl is… quite terrifying as a vampire. But at least he’s a real vampire(it appears right now, at least)

Wow, Urban’s getting to be a real big time actor now!

Let me guess… life? *shot* Death. Court is adjourned. CLASSICALLY AWFUL. Karl Urban, if you can make a whole movie that comically cheesy and yet awesome, I’ll have another reason to love your movies.

#5 You do know DREDD is more then just one awful movie right?

I liked the first one, and I’m looking forward to the new one. As much as I enjoyed Karl Urban as McCoy, I think he’s a bit small to play Dredd. Unless they have him bulk up some for the part.

I think I may have said it already but can we please get Dame Helen Mirren in the next Trek movie as T’Pau? There is no way it wouldn’t be awesome.

@ 8

I bet T’Pau got killed when Vulcan was destroyed.

Wow Karl looks mighty fine in those comic con pics anyway I think it is cool a big time actor now

Ah, Karl did the ‘V for Victory’ salute.


I’m sorry I cannot agree, as bad as the Stallone version of Dredd is, it’s still a great fun movie. Rob Schnider was the worst part of the movie for me. Sly Stallone did a great job in the movie and I don’t think anyone can match his intensity and authority when exclaiming those immortal words, “I am The Law!”


T’Pau died during the destruction of Vulan? Really, how depressing… was she holding any ‘China in her Hands’?

When did it actually start that Bruce Willis sleepwalks his way through the movies? The 6th Sense?

Stallone was the perfect choice for Dredd. But they ruined the movie with giving him that friggin sidekick.


I’ll add my voice to the chorus that the Stallone Judge Dredd movie wasn’t badd at all and it would have been oh so much better if they’d just cut out Rob Schneider’s scenes. His endless attempts at comic relief really fell flat and got annoying very quickly. I’m surprised no one has done a rip of that movie and trimmed out the Fergie scenes, I think it would flow a lot better.

As for Urban, he seems like a genuiely nice guy and I’m glad more roles are coming his way. On a selfish note, I just hope all these projects he’s attached to don’t get in the way of his participation in the next Trek movie.

Personally i think the Stallone version of dread was not just crap it was mega crap.

The acting, the cinematography, Rob Schneider all just so so wrong.

But if you did enjoy it then you will love Santa Clause Conquers The Martians, a much better sci fi.

What on earth is Karl doing playing a vampire? He’s so much better than that kind of nonsense.

“‘Star Trek’ … was not some vacuous special effects extravaganza[;] …it was a character driven film.”

Um … did he see the same cut I did?

Honestly, I thought Sylvester Stallone did a GREAT Judge Dredd… I didn’t think the VFX for the movie were half bad either… yes the movie had its campy plot elements and gratuitous over-the-top, i’m trying way too hard to be hardcore violence scenes… but that made the movie fun!

In hindsight, the plot really could have done w/o Rob Schneider… (UGH) who has played the same idiot in every movie… but I thought the First Judge Dredd was decent…. why not bring back Stallone to play in a sequel? It’s just not the same to me w/o him.

Please PLEASE PLEASE Bring JJ back to the star trek sequel.

Keep the douch-ey “look at me, i’m get to make a movie about and ruin a popular scifi franchise” directors like McG (genious behind the spectacle known as Terminator 4) and Robert Rodriguez (who ruined the Predators sequel) FAR AWAY from Trek!!!

Bring me JJ or James Cameron, PLEASE! :-)

Nice to see a little bit of kudos for Sly Stallone, who is an extremely underrated actor, terrific writer and great director as well.

I read the Dredd comics during the Reagan years.

It seemed weird to me that Brits would put him in NYC & still use Britspeak.

I always figured MC1 was London until certain issues showed NYC.

No touchy feel parts, ok?

Yeah what’s the deal with Rob S? Does every SNL washout deserve to be in movies? Why not cast Jon Lovitz? much the same either way. The only SNL for me was the first cast, with John Belushi.

Stallone is really a great guy. People who watch movies but dont make them dont really understand that the Actor has to put up with the Director and the Producers and the Studio Heads.

Ragging on Judge Dredd is like ragging on Final Frontier. It is what it is.

Come to think of it, Tropic Thunder is exactly what happens when movies are made…

what Judge Dredd rated R when it came out? It maybe have been simply NOT ENOUGH KILLING… because i still think the casting was good, just not the laughs…

Was…. Was… Was…

#26 Yes it was rated R.
Personally I’d be just fine if they could get a PG-13 in the vain of ”The Dark Knight” And then release a unrated Directors cut for Blu-Ray.

Yes, Dredd was R rated, just like any big budget action movie back in the normal days. Today it’s all dumbed down PG-13 crap.

I must say that Stallone’s Judge Dredd was nearly as accurate a portrayal of law enforcement as Starsky & Hutch (either the TV series or the comedy movie). Of course, the ultimate in versimilitude in this respect is Super Troopers, in the same sense that Austin Power is an accurate representation of international men of mystery.