Video of the Day: Fan Sings Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Song

A Star Trek-themed video is going viral today featuring a Trek fan who decided to add lyrics to the theme for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Check out the TNG song below.


TNG Theme song

This opus comes from Professor Q (aka Qcotms on YouTube), and it is actually one of many songs he has created. Check out his songs for: Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine plus his songs for Syfy shows: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Eureka.  

TNG episodes song

The TNG theme song is fun, but the TNG episodes song by ‘metnalist’ is still the reigning king of TNG sons.

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Phaser Guy



I love star trek, and i love the fans but seriously i hope this guy chokes. No wonder star trek fans are ridiculed.


I want to hurt him

seo nogueira

ow… the shame!!! FACEPALM

I Grok Spock

I couldn’t agee more with Calb. What an embarassment, not just to Star Trek fans, but to the whole human race. That TNG Episodes video though is pure genius!!

Harry Seldom

No love (or is it hate) for Riker?

– Harry


I could only watch about 10 seconds.

Deary me. Deary deary me.

Barry Muntington

Really scraping the barrel with this one aren’t we?

Just awful.


Lighten up, was kind of entertaining, especially the NCC-1701 D, D, D , D at the end.


Couldn’t get past his first few bars of singing. Sorry.

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Who ever taught him how to sing needs to be Shot. Or put in the Agoniser booth. Good Try but bad Delievery.


There is a fifth level of fandom beyond that which is known to man. It is the fan who would never wear a costume, who rarely goes to a convention, watches Star Trek critically along with countless other shows, yet still understands even the most minute detail of the fictional universe when presented with it. This is probably as good an opportunity as any to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with many such fans over the last fifteen years, thanks in no small part to the internet.

Phaser Guy

Take that times 100 and you have a badly run Trek con.

Allen Williams

thats 2 mins i’ll never get back.

Chuck Watters

You gotta admit…..He’s got balls !

Allen Williams

the 2nd one is actually entertaining.

bill hiro

Was it Nigel Tufnel or David St. Hubbins who once suggested there is a very fine line between clever and stupid …?

Red Dead Ryan

Oh god….that was just terrible, absolutely terrible. It would have been funny if he had been drunk, but since he wasn’t, it was pathetic. He forgot about Riker for the first part of his “song”, then realized it near the end and tried to cram the commander’s name in. It was poorly thought out, and poorly executed.

Instead of the Playmates Enterprise D, he should have went with the AA/DS version. Yeah, I’m nitpicking, but since I just endured almost two minutes of auditory torture, I think I’m entitled!

I just read a tweet where the guy killed himself after reading all your posts. You should all be ashamed!

Well, not really, but he probably feels like it now. Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves?

(However, Roddenberry’s effort at adding lyrics to the original series theme music was much better.)

Don’t do it, man! Life is more than this!


Hate to say this, but he looks and acts like a typical Star Trek fan (at least how the general public would describe a Star Trek Fan)


That was painful to listen to.

“Well, not really, but he probably feels like it now. Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves?”

Why? He freely uploaded that video of himself to the internet. If I uploaded that video I would’ve expected a lot of negative comments…


19 – Isn’t he ashamed of furthering the stereotype that Star Trek fans must be costumed?

One should learn and be able to sing before he tried too. Well that’s all I can say. As Mike says …the Agony booth


Is this his audition for American Idol? Oh yeah, I agree with all of you. After listening to the Star Wars Celebration on Sirius all weekend, I must admit, Star Wars fans seem to have more fun. I think their the BLONDES (Blondes have more fun) of the SY FY Universe. It should be against the law for this guy to ever upload anything on YouTube again.

Pensive's Wetness

he has balls, you to admit (have YOU tried that?)

ok, that was stupid…


This guy needs a Darwin Award!

Chris Archer

I had to hit stop when he started singing, I tried but I just couldn’t take it. :(


Awful, just awful. Had to listen to MentalistX’s awesome song just to wipe it from my memory.

Red Dead Ryan

On the plus side, since he is wearing a red shirt, there’s a good chance that he won’t be around to post another video. :-)

Ethan Tudor w

Set phasers to kill, quick please!


this guy needs a life


Tenacious D (Jack Black) sings the words written by Roddenberry for Star Trek (TOS)


I prefer this one to his any day.

This rendtitionwas done by Doug Walker, aka The Nostalgia Critic, a few years back as part of his Theme Lyrics series. He also has done one for Voyager as well.


oh….my….god…i couldn’t finish, i just feel so bad for this person…

denny cranium

(shaking my head) and some people slam Shatner for his “Get a life” saturday night live gag.
This drivel is just fodder for it.
I don’t know if I would have posted it here Anthony.

John in Canada, eh?

that was brutal.
But the second one by Mentalist: brilliant. Always love listening to that one. Makes me want to re-watch the whole series again.


I had to gouge my eyes out with a spoon!
Guys like this bring down the fan curve the rest of the world grades us on!

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Ok. I seen it again. Now i am going to havt to put my self in the Agoniser Booth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naver Drol

Project: Pimento shows us how it’s done…

Oh Christ. That kinda stuff went out when I was a little kid. Although my dad and I did come up with lyrics to Voyager.

We’re in space, and we’re having space adven-tures
and now we’re lost,
we’re really lost
for sure.

Backwards and forwards and back-wards and forth
Forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards!

We’re in space, and I lost my favorite sweat-er
now I guess, I’ll get one that’s bet-ter

We’re in space and we’re lost…


Rocket Scientist

I bet the guy knows he’s not the 2nd coming of Pavarotti. Or even Russell Watson for that matter. Just having a little fun. The charm is in the cheeze!


roflmfao the toy enterprise-d going by!!!


This guy’s more of a charismatic goofball rather then a TOTAL looser, and probably manages to make hot chicks laugh… (but still not get anywhere near their pants though!)

I prefer the Adam & Joe Show take on things:

They’re genuine Star Trek fans that liked to take pot-shots at genuine Star Trek fans… they also came up with this: (there’s some unsavoury language in this one).

A Man who Has Kissed a Woman

I can’t believe this guy. Why do you guys post Lame mess like this. Trek fans are ridiculed because of no life never kissed a girl in my life can tell the parsecs between home and the comic shop morons like this dude. He had nothing else better to do. He got tired of feeling up his Uhura doll. He is still waiting for Orion Slave Girl to give him Some. Nuts. Its as painful as watching middle aged people playing Klingon war games. Pathetic. Tell him to call James Cawley for a job in one of his lame trek productions.

A Man who Has Kissed a Woman

Do I see Tellarite Man boobs in his uniform. Tell him to hit the gym. Lame.

Phaser Guy

Anyone besides me getting tired of lame Trek Youtube videos?

Pan Always Bored Me

That’s sad. It’s also me as a kid even though I grew up on TOS and not Next Gen. I laugh at the guy while having a communicator and phaser replica within arms reach of my keyboard.

Basically, I’m the same guy without guts and a webcam.

Rock on brother!

Pan Always Bored Me

Give the guy a break. He’s just goofing around and keeping the spirit alive.

A Man Who Has Kissed A Lot of Women

#45, I know that you’re joking but I have to defend this guy. You reference Orion slave girls AND James Cawley and you’re busting on him? Please. You’re a geek just like us. Accept it. It’s okay. Have fun. Geeez!


Since this guy added lyrics, does Jerry Goldsmith’s estate have to split the music royalties with him?