Orci & Kurtzman To Bring “Locke & Key” Comics To TV + JJ Abrams To Begin Shooting Super 8 Next Month

Today there are a couple updates on what members of the Star Trek team are doing outside Star Trek (with Steven Spielberg). Trek co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are working with Steven Spielberg to bring Joe Hill’s "Locke & Key" IDW comic series to the small screen. Plus we have an update on JJ Abrams Super 8, including video of creature artist Neville Page talked Super 8 (and Star Trek).


Orci & Kurtzman to bring Lock & Key to TV

Previously, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had been reported to be looking IDW’s"Locke and Key" comic book series by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) and Gabriel Rodriguez to translate it to the big screen. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Spielberg is now working with Orci and Kurtzman on bringing the series to the small screen through 20th Century Fox TV. Vulture also reports that Josh Friendman from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will also be a producer on the project.

The "Locke & Key" comic book series began in 2008, and tells the story of a family who, after the brutal killing of their father, retreat to their family estate in a small village in Massachusetts named Lovecraft. The estate is a large house with many locked doors that can access different worlds and present special powers. At the same time, the killer is being influenced by a supernatural force urging him to head to Lovecraft to finish the job.

Here is a trailer about IDW’s Locke & Key to give you a better idea what it is all about:


Abrams starts shooting ‘Super 8’ next month + Neville Page talks Trek & Super 8

Orci and Kurtzman aren’t the only members of the Trek team who are working with Steven Spielberg. JJ Abrams is about to direct his first feature film since Star Trek. According to Production Weekly, Abrams will begin filming his mysterious Super 8 film (which he is co-producing with Spielberg) in late September 2010 in Weirton, West Virginia. It has also been confirmed that the codename for the film is "Darlings" and WV Gazette reports on a message sent to residents of Weirton:.

Residents in Weirton Heights got letters informing them Paramount Pictures plans to shoot a movie called “Darlings” in their neighborhood. It revolves around a 14-year-old boy and is set in a steel town in 1979.

Filming is expected to go until the end of the year (which is just about when Abrams will be getting that script for the Star Trek sequel from his writing team).

In other Super 8 news, Star Trek (and Avatar and Tron) designer Neville Page has confirmed he has joined the project. Wired has video of the designer talking about the project (and a bit about Star Trek as well).

The Abrams/Spielberg co-produced Super 8 is slated to be released in the summer of 2011.


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OK now I know the next ST will flop.
The writers, the producer, the actors, everybody is doing every project they can grab and not working on ST.
Mark my words, they will rush the script and hand in a crappy panicked draft by the end of this year to Paramount.

How much money do all these guys need?

And all this despite having an insane amount of time (3 years!) to prepare before ST 2. Shatner has time to die of old age before the script is even finished.

1. It’s true! As you can see, I make no room for Star Trek in my life;)

Can somene at Paramount please have a talk with Orci and Kurtzman and tell them:
“Look guys, we know you are popular these days in the artistic community, in demand and everyone wants to work with you. We understand you want to beat the iron while its hot and work with giants like Spielberg, but… umm you know, great scripts are very hard to come by, and we know you hit big with Star Trek but experience has shown us that genius alone is not enough to lay a good script, hard work is still a pre-requisite. So, we love you an all, and we trust you, and for forbid we would ever want to offend 2 of the most in demand writers in Hollywood, but we have a lot riding on our limited summer movies and we can’t afford you guys procrastinating and possible jeopardizing one of our franchise movies. So you please get to work, pretty please?”

oh crap, and Boborci is here to read my rant. Ignore this thread for today please. This is between the fans and your employer.

Ok post 1 and 2. You guys are wrong. Bob Orci and the court will not rush the Trek script just to get it in on time. They have already been working on it and Bob is a true Trek fan like we are. So let’s all remain calm and let them do there job and in the end we all all will be happy.

4. LOL! Will do;)

Looking forward to lock and key. Sounds interesting. Super 8 looks like could be as good as cloverfield. Looks like Orci and the court have there work cut out for them.

See, now I feel bad.
I take it all back.

I live in Wheeling WV. Im about 1/2 an hour from Weirton! I will be getting some behind the scenes stuff for sure.

Here’s a behind the scenes shot I got last year when “Unstoppable” was shooting 15 minutes away in Bellaire OH.


I want my classical music back!

When you think about it, XI wasn’t all that great. It;s better than all the TNG films and V, but it was no Wrath of Khan or Undiscovered Country. At this point it will be cool to see when we see it, but I’m jumping on the series train. Star Trek can be made for films, but overall it’s about exploration and possibility, which I did appreciate the time travel alternate universe used in the new film. However after playing extensive STO, I want a new show.

I so agree with you on the TV series need.

As for the best movie, wow… I can’t decide. I found in EVERY st movie something amazing. What I can say for sure, is that I went 9 times to IMAX to see ST 2009 throughout the whole summer and I felt a movie entertainment spark like I haven’t felt since I was a boy discovering the big screen for the first time.

You know, I think ST 2009 was the catalyst to the great box office for the all movies that year. Notice how the box office has somewhat collapsed in 2010. The momentum started and ended with ST.

hmm now that I think back, I felt the same way at ST 2009 as I did when I saw my first movie, E.T. by Spielberg.

Uhmmm … The final frontier… GOTHAN CITY?….PANDORA?…or everybody LOST ?…hahahah!

Ok!… I’m optimist and waiting for a GREAT SEQUEL!!!!

People like Bob and Damion can work on more then one thing!


I am with Dee, and also Bob and Co need to make money inbetween Star Trek Movies this is how they do it.

Hey BobOrci,

I just read on movieweb that an extensive backstory was written for Christopher Pike for Star Trek XI and that his backstory is tied to Robert April. Can you confirm or deny this? Here is the article:

The film has only been out for a week, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on what they will see in the next chapter of JJ Abrams recently rebooted and refurbished Star Trek series. Our friend Devin over at Chud recently published a list of the five things Star Trek 2 should avoid. (You can read that list here.) Not mentioned is more Captain Pike. Which should bode well for Bruce Greenwood, since the film seems to be heading in that direction.

We just got off the phone with Greenwood after chatting with him about the great weekend Star Trek had at the box office. In speaking with the actor, he revealed that he has created quite a backstory for Captain Pike, which JJ Abrams hopes to utilize in the upcoming sequel. Unlike the original Pike, Greenwood’s interpretation of the character will eventually rise from his wheelchair to one-day walk again. While this isn’t exactly news, Greenwood hinted that Pike’s personal story, as it pertains to this version of the new Star Trek timeline, would be tied directly into Captain Robert April, who, according to the Star Trek animated series, was the original Captain of the Starship Enterprise. April was only seen in one episode of the animated series. His voice was supplied by James Doohan, otherwise known as Scotty, and in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, his profile is accompanied by a picture of series creator Gene Roddenberry in a Starfleet uniform. Neither Paramount nor Roddenberry ever considered the animated series part of the official Star Trek cannon, which has led to debate about April’s place as the first captain of the Enterprise. The character is certainly up for interpretation, as a human actor has never before portrayed him on screen. Who do you think would be perfect for the role?

Bob, that was classic. Thanks again for taking on Trek and taking it seriously :)

17. John from Cincinnati – August 25, 2010

Certainly, a possible back story was discussed with Bruce Greenwood, but it’s not canon if it’s not on film!


Any chance we see any of that in the sequel?

Bob, you have an opportunity here! You roped a bunch of people in with STXI, now can we get a good deep story for the next one instead of all out action? If it’s going to be action can it at least be about the war with the Klingons? I mean the Flagship of the United Federation of Planets wouldn’t sit idly by while a war was going on.

wait a minute!! SUPER 8 has not even begun to film yet and there’s already a trailer for it???!!!

leave bob alone and let him write

@boborci Buenas noches.


That makes it a real TEASER trailer, out before a single frame of film is shot at all !

This means not 1 frame of that TEASER will be in the actual film, it’s bloody brilliant marketing strategy !

SUMMER 2010 – SUPER 8 – None of this footage has anything to do with actual film itself, enjoy – J.J.A.