Reminder: See Star Trek Nemesis Tonight w/ Herman Zimmerman in West LA

The STAR TREK Simply Spectacular Saturdays at the Royal Theater in West LA wraps up the Next Generation era with a showing of Star Trek: Nemesis on the big screen, along with special guest production designer Herman Zimmerman.


See A Generation’s Final Journey with Herman Zimmarman

Saturday night Laemmle Theaters (in conjunction with Ledjer Film & Theater services and presents the fourth (and final) film of the Next Generation era, Star Trek: Nemesis. See Riker and Troi get married, Captain Picard go for a buggy ride and face his own clone, and Data find a long-lost brother. The Enterprise E and crew say goodbye on the big screen Saturday at the Royal Theatre in West L.A.

Star Trek Nemesis trailer

As we do with each film, the screening is proceeded with a Q&A session and tonight I will be talking with Herman Zimmerman, who headed up production design for the six Star Trek films (Star Trek V – Star Trek Nemesis) and four Star Trek series (TNG, DS9, Voyager & Enterprise). Mr. Zimmerman helped define the look for the Star Trek in three centuries.

See Star Trek Nemesis on the big screen with special guest Herman Zimmerman at the Royal Theater in West LA tonight Saturday August 28th


Updated schedule

UPDATE: The guest for the 2009 Star Trek movie will be composer Michael Giacchino .

Date Film Guest
August 28 STAR TREK NEMESIS Herman Zimmerman
(TNG era production designer)
September 4 STAR TREK (2009) Michael Giacchino


What: Star Trek Movie Series

When: Saturdays at midnight in July-September (see above schedule)

Where: Laemmle’s Royal Theatre is located at 11523 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025, (310) 478-3836 

Tickets: $10 for general admission. You can buy tickets at the box office or online at

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I will be there. This is the best of the original series. Great effects, story, acting….what more could you want in a movie!!!

HAHA Bo I was just thinking I wonder how many will actually show up to watch Nemisis on the big screeen again….it was on BBC America last night and i turned the channel…I was expecting an episode of tng….I turned it back to bbc at 11pm when they actually did have an episode of tng on hahaha…

Truthfully the Wedding part wasnt bad and parts are watchable….kinda

but out of the whole movie series this is the one I would least want to go to…oh well hehehe

The nemesis trailer was friggin righteous. I was bummed to find out later that the music wasn’t Jerry’s work for the film, but Danny’s work from Planet of the Apes. Much like the new 2009 movie, I thought the 3rd trailer music set a tone that the film itself didn’t quite live up to. (Although I still enjoyed both films)

Worst production ever. Gross green and purple. The movie overall was just depressing and bloated. Bloated Data. Bloated Worf. Bloated Riker. And a depressed, sullen Picard. The more I watch it, the less I like it.

The first half of the movie is pretty boring, but once Picard and Data escape from Shinzon it’s pretty exciting.

actually i remember the Nemesis buzz was quite good – the trailer looked like a return to First Contact style action and grittiness and the saucer crash at the trailer end was impressive …Berman saying it felt or looked like a Ridley Scott movie…..and the fact it was an even number (although that rule never held any water for me as i always considered III to be great)

when i eventually saw it it was obvious they just ripped off Star Treks II (vengeful villian with a grudge specifically against the captain…shots of the crew prepaing for battle….nebula battle messing up ships systems…countdown to destruction averted by death of science officer who has planted his memories in another – theres even abit of TWOK Horner-esque music where Data says ‘goodbye’ as Picard gets beamed away), Trek III in the last 5 minutes (absent friends…revelation another holds the science officers memories) and VI (supposed final voyage….approaching peace with a sworn enemy…ship that can fire while cloaked…multiple ship battle) the whole film had pretty much the same story structure as Trek II

plus there was riker booting the baddie off into oblivian (“I…have had…enough…of you!”) from III…and the Ent in spacedock at the end as TMP spacedock theme played

i guess you could look at it as a ‘greatest hits’ trek movie homaging the previous ones but its really just a rip on the best films in the hope to produce another great one and hoping the fans dont notice

oh and John ‘Gladiator’ Logan writing it generated a good buzz too – as did getting an ‘outside’ director (like Trek II)

it wasnt all bad though – i still prefer it to Insurrection (but not Trek V)

This movie makes ST5 look like gold.

ST5 IS gold!

I watched this on BBC-A last night. It wasn’t quite as bad as remembered it to be. But I agree with philpot that it’s sort of a collection of Star Trek’s greatest hits. Strangely, the only thing I found distracting about it was Michael Dorn’s bloated appearance and the weird thing they did with his voice. But it’s good to see that old Dorney has trimmed down again… perhaps a bit too much (vegan dieting must be torture).

Nemises to me was ok. it had some great action scenes with the Big E fighting the simetar and a few nice scenes with Data and some with Riker and Troi. But overall the story was weak. The Fx was pretty good though. All in all I say Nemises was number 10 of all of the Trek Movies. With Trek 5 being in last. But with any Trek. Even bad Trek is good Trek.

are the videos / interviews from the TNG flicks going to be posted?

I liked Nemesis a lot more after seeing it a few times after its theater run. The Enterprise-E is my favorite Federation vessel and Scimitar is my favorite alien vessel from any series or film. I wish there was a nice model kit of the Scimitar it would look ferocious on my desk next to my Asylum Ent-E!

This crew deserved a better ending than this. For Jonathan Frakes to openly bash it is very telling… Star Trek V is light years better,

Trek 09
Final Frontier
Search for Spock
First Contact
Voyage Home
Motion Picture
Wrath of Khan
Undiscovered Country

I liked this movie. *ducks another hail of bullets*

#16. I will find you and get you in the Agoniser Booth for a peroid of at least 24 Hours for saying such a thing.
I thought Nemises was ok to.

I don’t care what anyone says: This is a great action/sci-fi flick. It might feel a little off, when compared to other Trek installments, but that makes it refreshing to revisit every once in a while.

I thought Nemisis was Ok, they just went overboard with the clone stuff.

One would have been enough but you have Shinzon and B4. All we needed is a clone of Worf and riker and we would have a complete set.

I would have rather seen Sela and Lore return. Sela would have made more sense wanting revenge on Earth for her being half human and Lore just wanting revenge in general. It would have been funny if Lore was just acting like B4 to trick the crew, kind of like the movie “The Usual Suspects”. Oh well, missed opportunities.

@ 15. bo

Thank you! I thought I was the ONLY one who thought that VI was slightly better than II. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Khan was epic in every sense of the word but Country just had that and then a little more. Also, I thought that Nemesis was better than V, but that’s just me. [hoping I don’t get shot when I walk out of my house]

I think “Nemesis” is a better film than “Insurrection” and better than what the box office would tell you. But it is a seriously flawed film, like “The Final Frontier” was. I think with better editing and fewer wtf scenes (mental rape, Riker kicking the Reman guy down into a chasm at the bottom of the ship, yet another Soong type android when Lore would have worked brilliantly) the movie would have worked better as a whole. I think the problem was Stuart Baird. I don’t think he understood Star Trek and I do think he looked down on it with cynicism and thought he knew better than the actors. And as others have noted, “Nemesis” tried to be another “Wrath Of Khan”.

Having said that, the performances were good as usual. I really enjoyed the scenes between Shinzon and Picard. The dune buggy scene, while silly and kind of dumb, was fun. The wedding scene was great, with nice cameos from Wil Wheaton and Whoopi Goldberg. The visual effects featuring the space battles were well done, though a bit dated now. The highlight for me was when the Enterprise E was out of weapons and Captain Picard had to distract Shinzon. He called upon his own experience for tactical advantage over his younger nemesis. The death of Data, for me, made a lot of sense. He always wanted to become human, but knowing that it was impossible for him to physically become one, he did the ulltimate human act: self-sacrifice to save his friends and fellow crewman. And seeing the Enterprise getting repaired in Spacedock was pretty cool. I just wish that we had gotten to see Riker board and take command of the Titan.

Is it me, or does the beginning of Nemesis look & sound EXACTLY like Transformers: The Movie (1986)

I really enjoyed this film. The battle scenes were great (I know, here come the flames about ST is not really about such shallow brutality) and it was just plain fun. The most fun I’d had since First Contact.

This movie is certainly better than Insurrection. Like Picard ramming the Scimatar with the Enterprise? That was total gold.

Tom Hardy, as evidenced by his work in, and since, “Nemesis,” is a major up-and-comer with bags of talent.

I believe the ‘Kool-Aid’ that competition stole some of the fire of this film, but I also think that Trek on TV, rapidly dropping in popularity due to Voyager’s perceived mediocrity, also doomed this one to its low ratings.

The story itself is reasonable at start, regardless of DATA clone number 2 and dune buggies, and the overall arc of our characters is faithfully moved along, with some nice moments thrown in (and nicer ones edited out). But somehow, it’s the story that ultimately disappoints in the end.

Always good for a lazy weekend re-viewing, however. I hope with the master of Bermanverse production design on board for the show, we get some more insight into the ‘evil’ Stuart Baird and his flawed film.

Please re-release this one with those deleted scenes put back in.

Nemesis was bland in the extreme. It’s unbearable to watch, even on TV. Picard is so far out of character I’m surprised Stewart even agreed to it. And it’s the second TNG film in a row that just pretends Data’s emotion chip never existed. Why bother developing a character when you can just hit the reset button? Ugh.

Well, since no one has mentioned it yet—I think something should be said about Herman Zimmerman’s wonderful work in the Trek universe. I mean, Deep Space 9—it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Can’t believe how that menacing Cardie architecture grew on me over the years, but it did.

I am surprised none of the people behind these star trek screenings has thought to ask Bob Orci about attending, seeing as how he is a frequent poster on here.
Definately would be a great guest to have for the Star trek 09 screening.

ST Nemesis is one of my favorite movies, and one of the reasons is the music.

Nemesis…bad taste…mouth…

#22 , hey it does look and sound eerily similar, but don’t worry, Transformers: The movie (1986) is much better.

They couldn’t pay me to watch that trash ever again

@30 Ah come on, remember these great moments:
– Picard and Data in stellar cartography, Data realizes what’s going on moments after Picard.
– Enterprise uses multiple blue quantum torpedoes
– The Romulan bird helps Picard, he is all surprised as he was expecting a gang up against him.
-“Shinzon, I am a mirror for you as well” meaning it is never too late to be good, and he has it in him.
– Picard/Data escape the scimitar, Riker beams them mid flight and warps away just in time.
– B4 learning to sing, referring to Ep1 is TNG when Data met Riker in the holodeck and was learning to whistle. All meaning that B4 was going to be the rebirth of Data.
– When Data jumps through space, grabs onto the Scimitar and saves Picard, says “Goodbye”. The sounds were hypnotic.
– The Romulan senate in the beginning and the cool music while the movie zooms in on the Senate.

Excellent movie. How that only made like 42$ mil is beyond me.
I suspect it was franchise fatigue and fans taking things for granted.

And by the way, the Blu ray of Nemesis is far more spectacular than the DVD, so if you guys don’t have it, I strongly recommend it.

Actually I just checked, Nemesis made wordwide: $67,312,826

I loved Nemesis!

My top 5 Trek Films
1.Trek 09 (Nothing will top the excitment nor the fact I felt like a kid again for some time)
2. Nemesis
3. The Undiscovered Country
4. Wrath of Khan
5. First Contact

Some good moments but, as #4 said, it was overall depressing, contrived, bloated and tired. The actors didn’t believe in what they were doing. No shine, no freshness. Out of the theather, I thought that Star Trek was in serious need of a long resting period and a totally new crew at the helm.

I saw a 45 minute youtube review of this movie that was ten times better than the movie.

Things that sucked for me in nemesis

b-4 – more embarrassing than Data after he inserted the emotion chip.

The buggy chase – Captain Picard becomes captain Kirk

The mind rape – Picard ask Troi to suck it up some more just like Picard never would.

The fight scene between Riker and Shinzons mentor, where the heck did that come from and it was lame.

The wedding scene, cold and unromantic, why not have a nice garden wedding or church wedding via the holodeck.

Data’s death scene – no emotional resonance whatsoever, and this from the team that gave us the death of Kirk.

B-4 whistling a tune that Data used to letting us know Data was not really dead. Dear Lord so much set up for such a lammo payoff. Hey guys data did not really die. Given he was a machine surely he would have a backup of himself at anytime.

And overall the film was boring. So bad.

I remember them boasting that they had the screen writer from gladiator and thinking does anyone remember that the gladiator script had to be rewritten as it was not usable?

Nemesis was a dog of a film not just a dog of a star trek film.


I totally disagree. It was very good.
By the way, Data did copy over all his memory engrams in B4. They did not seem to assert themsellves but that could be easily done in any future movie.

As great as ST: Future Begins was, the only strong bad feeling I have against it is that it may have sabotaged all future projects with the TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT actors. I am sure most of those actors are starting to realize that now.

That being said, in my ST FB prequel comic, it explains that Georgi was one of the maker’s of Spock Prime’s jellyfish ship; and Data was at the helm of the Enterprise and had a battle with Nero before he crippled the Ent while its shields were down then entered the black hole. And then the movie starts there. So THERE IS a possible link that could be reopened there should Paramount decide to.

My point is not that he would upload to b-4 but that he would have long had a system in place and that would not be some hard to get around technology.

It was a bad film but even bad films have their fans. For most of us it was mega bad and two hours of our life we would prefer back.

The film wasn’t a little bit bad, it was absolute rubbish and painful to sit through and that opinion is consistent with most who have seen it. The worst star trek film of all.

And that is saying something after the final frontier.

But i respect your right to enjoy it.

Thank you for respecting my right to enjoy it.
And, right now, I am inserting the Nemesis DVD into my laptop to watch. Senators!… *music*…

I loved the opening sequence of Star Trek 09 but i would have loved to have seen a tie in with the comic and seen Nero have a fight with the next gen crew where he completely wipes them all out.

This would have established the power of Nero’s ship when up against other current technology and added weight to Kirks abilities when they brought the Narada down.

But they would never take the risk with characters like that.

I know it would have taken away from the excellent way Kirk was introduced into the universe but it would also have just felt so right to see TNG crew go up in flames after the lame way they killed off kirk.

The lawns of the Romulan empire senate grounds in the intro are impeccable, and everything is so clean. lol

@43. I know, I know, it would have been a great sign of respect to the TNG team. I agree with you.

wait a sec… I dont agree with the part “wiping them all out”. I would have liked something more along the lines of “disable the Enterprise, but Data saves the ship”.

I just counted them. After Diana was able to give Worf the exact position of the Scimitar, the Enterprise fired and landed 9 quantum torpedoes (blue, most powerful ones) and then 2 aft regular red torpedoes. And even at close range the Scimitar only lost its cloak momentarily and was shook up.

In comparison, in First Contact, the Borg sphere was destroyed with 4 quantums (if I recall correctly).

Conclusion: The scimitar is one badass ship :)

Wiping them all out as some form of punishment for killing off Kirk in Generations may seem harsh but i share with you some Klingon wisdom.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

“And it is VERY cold in space…” (Khan)

Herman Zimmerman is my neighbor. Lol.