Video & Photos Of Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson At MTV VMAs + Rosario ‘Dreams’ Of Role In Trek Sequel

On Sunday Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk Chris Pine appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards, introducing Taylor Swift. Chris was joined by his Unstoppable co-star (and big time Trekkie) Rosario Dawson. If you can’t get enough Chris, check out the video and photos below. Plus Rosario Dawson tweets to @trekmovie about wanting into Star Trek.


VIDEO – Chris and Rosario

PHOTOS – Chris and Rosario

Rosario Dawson and Chris Pine on stage at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Rosario Dawson and Chris Pine backstage at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
(Twitter: Alberto Buzz)

Rosario Dreams to be in Trek sequel

Although Chris was paired up with Rosario because they are co-stars in Unstoppable, there is a Trek connection as well. Dawson is an avowed Trekkie who can even speak some Klingon. Last month she sent out a tweet about an article on Star Trek science at NPR and I replied back asking her if she has been lobbying to get into the Star Trek sequel, she replied back "that would be a dream".



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Other than the thick eyebrows, Pine is maturing into the same “look” Shatner had in the early episodes of TOS. This bodes well for the next movie!

Dawson is super-hot & really cool!

I love her work in Sin City & Clerks 2, she would have been a fine choice for Uhura.

I hope the supreme court are wise enough to give her a role in Trek 2; maybe a female Klingon for Uhura to fight?

That would make for a good scene!


He’s starting look more Kirk like

I used to get her mixed up with roxanne dawson all the time. (cause of the extremely similar names)

Rosario Dawson is a good actress and crazy-hot. Get her in the movie, pronto. Maybe a wacky romantic triange with Gaila and Rosario as Number 1.

Isn’t this the gal that played in SEVEN POUNDS, and will smith give her his heart (both literally and figurativly). I give her two thumbs up for a role in the next trek film.

Ya know, Pine would have been a cool son in Indiana Jones four if Shia wasn’t around to do it.

Rosario is beautiful, smart and a Trekker. Don’t just put her in the next film, give Capt. Dawson her own ship to command in the sequel. I understand you may not make those decisions, Bob Orci, but please lean on JJ to make it so!

Anthony time to make a poll about KIRK’s Hair and how we would like it better ;-)

The “avowed Trekkie” link does not seem to work. It says: You do not have permission to preview drafts.

Why isn’t Chris Pine smiling?? He has Rosario Dawson hanging on his arm! :)

@8: RD would be really badass as a butt-kicking Klingon babe! :) Captain Mara, maybe?

I have to agree with previous posts. Chris Pine is starting to look more like Shatner in the early TOS episodes.

I was going to say the same thing re: Pine. It’s getting more and more uncanny every day. He actually impressed me a lot more than Quinto in the ST09 movie (no disrespect to Quinto – he was excellent too). I’m glad it’s not just me going crazy to think Pine is looking more and more like Kirk too.

As for Rosario Dawson, I’m not terribly familiar with her, but her geek credentials are up to spec if she was in Clerks 2, and that’s fine by me. Putting her as a Klingon would be a great idea, both in terms of giving the fans what they want (Klingons, and Rosario Dawson in the next movie, since it’s gone down well as an idea on this forum), and giving something different. We haven’t had a female antagonist in any of the Star Trek movies to date (the Borg Queen doesn’t really count since she’s a mouthpiece for ALL Borg). It’d be a fresh perspective.

YEAH!!!….CP looks GREAT!!!!….absolutely CAPTAIN FINE in these pics!!!…. perhaps this haircut is for his next film This Means War…..but would be great for Captain Kirk, too!!!……loved it!!!!!

And Rosario in Star Trek Sequel, Why not?

i agree on casting her as a Klingon. She’s beautiful, but at the same time her face is very intense and exotic. Perfect for a Klingon

Mara most definitely!!

And as commander of a Klingon cruiser that’s en route to be part of their Incursion force set to attack the Federation in response to the Narada Incidents. As Garth launches his unauthorized pre-emptive strike, Kirk encounters and manages to convince Mara not to retaliate against Enterprise, thus saving the Empire and the Federation. Her reward at the end is promotion to first officer of the Klingon flagship captained by Kang.

I love enemy-is-my-friend type stories. The relationship Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander suggested he and Kirk would have had in another life. The relationship Spock and the Female Romulan Commander could have had, etc. Mara, catching the eye of Kirk, but certainly not going that route… ending up with Kang. Who’d be Kang?

Rosario could be Uhura’s sister…

I’m thinking that means Pine got a piece…

Rosario Dawson, a trekker and gorgeous!

There is heaven on Earth.

Rosario Dawson for Lt. Marla McGivers!! I LOVE ROSARIO!!! =D

Kirk: Kor, my devestatingly thick and lush eyebrows will end your occupation of Organia!

Kor: Kirk, your eyebrows are no match for my paste-on Fu Manchu!

Rosario: (wearing a Baldric n’ bikini number) Boys, you mustn’t fight. Besides, I need someone to spread on my suntan lotion.

Kor/Kirk: We weren’t fighting…fighting?…which way to the beach??

If anyone failed to see that video here……. try to see at THE CHRIS PINE NETWORK!!!

he is looking great and looking more and more like Kirk

I would LOVE to see Rosario in the ST09 sequel. My first thought was a Klingon but what if she played one of the few surviving Vulcans? Perhaps a little love triangle between with her, Spock, and Uhura. Spock could be paired with her for ‘species repopulation’ reasons creating some jealously with Uhura or even ‘killing’ their relationship, steering them towards the flirty sexual tension we saw in early TOS episodes.

9 “time to make a poll about KIRK’s Hair”

Hey, at least new Kirk HAS hair!

@26 for now… have you seen his dad?

PINE: (whispering to Rosario) Hey, babe, my Kelvin Klein suit is specially tailored for me to make a swift appearance of little Kirk for you.

DAWSON: Uhhhhhhh… I don’t want to be in the Star Trek sequel that badly.

PINE: What? No- my Pez Dispenser pops out of this secret pocket in my pants pocket- look! Don’t you want some sugar pellets from the plastic throat of New Kirk?

BND: I’ll try some! I recall when New Coke came oot’ and how much I wuz’ excited! Now, wit’ New Kirk, I cans drink it up!

SHATNER: Yeah, but Classic Kirk outsells New Kirk all the time.

BND: Awwwwwk! Give him a chance fur’ his taste ta’ catch on! Asides, Classic Kirk can’t beat up Australians anymores. It be a young man’s universe ta’ be tha’ soda jerk.

PINE: Doesn’t MTV have security? Someone get that pantsless sailor who… who… is wearing a wig designed after my hair! How’d he do that?

BND: Oh, it wuz’ no tribble at all. First I found me a beaver wit’ just tha’ right pelt… then I lured yon beaver inta’ me shack wit’ some sweet pine wood… it wuz’ then just a matter o’ shavin’ it whilst it munched on me piece o’ timber. Oh, these be not double entendres… just a man shavin’ a toothy mammal snackin’ on some lumber…

SHATNER: I think I was once in a movie like that.

BND: I named tha’ dambuilder “Kor” fur’ his thick water rep’ellant eyebrows… tasted more like “Kang” when I cooked him, though… nothin’ like a nice hot bea…

TAYLOR SWIFT: Can I sing now?


Chris Pine certainly has more of the classic-Kirk look about him. It would be good if he sported this style for the next film, as it would show the passage of time and maturity since the last time we saw him.


Rosario…. m-m-m-m good! Would love to see her in next trek…

Yes to Rosario Dawson if possible. Would love to see her in Trek.

@1 …if Chris keeps maturing Shatner style, thick will describe more then the eyebrows…

Wait, I got it people: Rosario Dawson for T’Pring and Keri Russell as Number One! C’mon, we were right about Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Sh** yeah!

This was deleted off of YouTube but I think it bears repeating in this thread:

Rosario is soooo beautiful. Even moreso than Zoe IMHO. I’d have cast her as Uhura in a second!

I fell in love with Rosario in The 25th Hour, an often overlooked Ed Norton film. Actually, my favorite Ed Norton film behind only American History X. Highly recommend.

Chris Pine you lucky dog!;)

@25, 34: T’Pring absolutely! Resolves the Spock-Uhura relationship in a weird way: Uhura will note that she resembles T’Pring, “Did you allow yourself to be involved with me because I reminded you of your betrothment to her? Was I your make-do-until?”

I want Klingons though! :) j Enough with the pointy Vulcans and Romulans!

Chris Pine looks great, as always. I love it that he is well dressed but NOT wearing any tie (strangle bangles I call them). Ties are neither that practical nor sexy imo. I also like him with longer hair. I hope he keeps it longer.

Chris and Rosario look good together, but he just looks good with anyone, because he just looks so good. CP’s the man! Sigh…

I agree that his hairstyle and length make him look more like Shatner/Kirk, but I don’t want him to be any Shatner look-alike. He is not Shatner. This new Kirk is Pine/Kirk and Chris Pine looks lovely as himself and as Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

I do think that Rosario Dawson looks beautiful, certainly in those pictures. It is a shame that she didn’t get cast as Uhura, but c’est la vie. Yes, it would be good to see her in the next film. I’m not sure about her playing a Klingon, but if she already knows the language, I guess casting her as Klingon commander could be a good call. Perhaps she could be someone Kirk might fall for which becomes mutual, but for fairly obvious reasons, nothing can come of it. Wrong time and place. Eventually he does meet his love though.

There you go, Bob and co, just another idea you may care to use, if you wish.

i say cast Rosario Dawson as Marla McGivers ( Kahn’s Wife )????. What do you all think ?????????

How about a female version of doctor M’ Benga, the Vulcan specialist ?

Love Rosario and I definitely hope she’s cast in the next movie. Geeks of color Unite!

I vote for her playing a Klingon.

I think her bone-structure would take Klingon prosthetics very well. Her beauty would shine through in the same way Alice Krige’s did when she wore the Borg Queen prosthetics.

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised by how much positivity there is in this thread, but she would have been predictable casting for Uhura today, as she is much lighter-skinned than Nichelle.

For some reason, despite the progress, the media is more likely to only embrace a mixed-looking actress as “black” today, than back then. A sort of acceptable blackness for African-American women has taken hold in today’s pop culture.

Google Maddox’s stock-photo list for a funny interpretation of this phenomenon. Check #2. :)

Sadly, I think even Nichelle Nichols would have had less of chance of making it today as a darker-skinned black actress, than she did back in the 60’s.

The dawning of the”black pride movement” coinciding with Trek’s debut might have had something to do with that. And so we ended up with an archeotypal “sister’ from the heart of the African continent.

You just don’t see attractive darker-skinned black women held up for their beauty in pop culture anymore. I think the last might have been Grace Jones.

So, in that way, I’m glad Zoe was cast. It’s unusual these days to see a brown skinned girl (as opposed to beige or caramel) with a non-aquiline nose get to play “black” these days. And she is one of the darker actresses to have “crossed-over”.

Shout-out to Rutina Wesley (Tara on True Blood), the only dark-skinned young actress to currently have a big visible role somewhere in Hollywood, that I know of.

I can’t see any difference between Rosario’s colouring and Zoe’s. And yes, Nichelle Nichols does appear to be darker. No matter, they are all beautiful women.


“I can’t see any difference between Rosario’s colouring and Zoe’s.”

“No matter, they are all beautiful women.”

It very much matters to those dark-skinned actresses in Hollywood who can’t get work because of it.

According to what reveals of Miss Nichols’ ancestry,I would say that we ended up with an archetypal “sister” from the heart of the African continent with a soupçon of American continent and a je ne sais quoi of European continent.


Technically, yes. She is an Black American, that’s pretty much all of us.

But looks-wise, her coloring and features don’t fit with the standard of young black actresses today, which is my point.

I was referring to a point you made earlier : to me, Miss Nichols always looked “mixed”.


If Nichols had been cast as the lead in JULIA, then I’d say you had a point about the past casting preferences being different.

As it is, I think you are comparing the apples of a 2009 prominent starring role with the oranges of what P Technobabble wouldn’t hestitiate to describe as the casting of a less prominent secondary role that Roddenberry was probably only able to slide past the NBC brass by disguising as that of a “telephone operator.”

Rosario Dawson = hottie yumminess.