Watch Patrick Stewart’s Family Guy Cat Cameo + New Car Rental Commercial V.O.

Last night the 9th season of the animated FOX comedy Family Guy premiered, and the special 1-hour episode "And Then There Were Fewer" contained a cameo from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart, as a cat. Watch it below, plus the new National Car Rental commercial featuring Stewart’s voice over.


Patrick Stewart voices Cat Cameo + National Ad Campaign

Patrick Stewart has been working with Family Guy creator (and big time Star Trek fan) Seth Mac Farlane for years, most notably appearing in 35 episodes of American Dad as Avery Bullock, the head of the CIA. But Stewart has also provided his voice in a few previous Family Guy episodes, including playing himself and once reprising his role as Jean Luc Picard. And in Sunday’s season premiere – an homage to classic murder mysteries – Stewart showed up again, this time voicing a mysterious black cat. [via Hulu – USA only…sorry]

And if you are one of those people that doesn’t fast forward over commercials, you may have noticed Patrick Stewart’s distinctive voice in a new ad campaign for National Car Rental, where he doesn’t say "make it so" but does implore business travelers to "go like a pro".


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Missed it…

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Seen it and I almost missed his voice as the cat. Yes. I did fast forward the commerical as I always do. But Sir Patrick Stewart is a great Actor and a great Spoksman. But wouldn’t it be great if Sir Patrick and the Shat did a Commerical together.

Captain Conrad

“Sovereign of the security line”

Almost a Trek reference almost

That would be too awesome for TV

Great episode. Great music on that show. Very well done. The end credits alone were super.


I must be one of the minority who doesn’t have the option to fast forward through commercials.

Didn’t realize that was Patrick Stewart when I saw the commercial on TV. Now that I know…it still barely sounds like him.


I laughed my ass off when I heard him voice the cat, just because its pointless but awesome. I love how Family Guy has so many easter eggs for us Trekkies.


My wife caught it before I did… scary that she’s starting to eclipse me in Trekkie-ness

Grr….Can’t view the Family Guy clip. I don’t understand why Hulu won’t allow people outside the US access to their wares.

Jim Nightshade

yeh the national ad I saw before but i never even thought that was patrick stewarts voice..its not his usual tones and inflections its more….loud and boisterous than he normally is hmmm

loved the cat stewart voice haha

Red Dead Ryan

It would have been more appropriate for Patrick Stewart to do voice-overs for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. :-)


#9 – It could be *other contries regulations* preventing HULU from streaming to you.


That should be ***countries***. Damned spell check (or lack of).


the funny things is the family guy is blooked ok i get it but the add is not

Remington Steele

Years ago, Patrick Stewart did V.O. for ads for a bank in Ireland.

It was pretty cool listening to his voice on Iirish TV all the time.

Niall Johnson

#11, well, National is owned by Enterprise holdings, so, meh, close enough I guess.

Dennis R

Hulu Haters: Hulu is ad supported. The contracts with their content providers prohibit them from from streaming outside the US. (No Taco Bell’s in Europe). Frustrated me at first too (in Thailand). Do some Google searches and you should be able to see want though!


I love to see trek vets doing great!


Yuck… the National ad is horrible, brimming over with smugness & over confidence, something like that would be laughed off the screen in the UK. Much as I admire Patrick Stewart’s acting in Trek & his screen and theatre work he really is selling out now just like Mr Shatner and doing anything for cash. In the UK it now seems like every third ad is voiced by Patrick Stewart. What a waste of his great talents.


This would be an interisting commercial, the diet Pepsi/Coke spot with the two truck drivers, except insert Shatner and Stewart in the roles. Not sure the old guys could make it through the window, though…


That man’s voice needs to be Knighted.

Kirk's Flying Wig

His socialist vocal tones keep emploring me to join the NFU Mutual too.


Enterprise rental should have gotten Sir Patrick..just to hear him say Enterprise again would be awesome!


at least they didnt have him beam in, do a vanna white hand sweep guiding the guy to the car, then beam out again.

come to think of it, if i was directing it…hmmm, not a bad idea


oh, and havent watch family guy in ages..i think theyve met their run. just not as funny as the first few seasons. rumor has it that ever since mike henry introduced seth macfarland to pot, they just dont care anymore


That looks like the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon in the basement in the cat clip. Could it be???


Sorry, make that attic, not basement…


I can’t believe it’s Stewart in those car rental commercials… I always thought it sounded a bit like him… but whenever I heard a word with “o” in it, I thought it sounded nothing like Patrick.

I guess it sounds less like him because he seems to have subdued his English accent for the ad.

Hat Rick

NOT having Stewart on Family Guy would be a “cat”-astrophe.



“Did somebody order…. a LARGE HAM?!”

Seriously, though, I love the commercial voiceover — it’s clear Sir Patrick is taking it as seriously as the situation merits!

Patrick Stewart could easily do the voice over for the Budweiser “Mr. such-n-such guy” commercials!

Porthos Archer

seems like yesterday Patrick Stewart did the Porsche commerical voice overs


I agree the voice on the car rental ad sounds like someone imitating Patrick Stewart and doing a mediocre job.

He was around when we were in the middle of the muck of Vietnam. He would like to think that humanity would be better than that, but we made the same mistakes over and over again and until we learned from history I suspect we are going to keep on doing it.”
Thats not really it at all, thats not what happened.
You can be good and decent and proper as you like – but once you encounter The Dominion you sorta have to make a decision about what your response will be, and they do not compromise.


Hulu’s out-of-country is very easy to circumvent by using a USA IP address proxy. Takes seconds. But a tad slow. Look it up. Hotshield Pro I think it’s called.


i thought it was him. but it sounded like someone trying to sound like him. the bravado was not something i identified with him as a classical british actor.

Barak Obama

Poor Mr. Stewart. This economic debacle has lowered him to doing trashy car rental ads. Beam me up Scotty, to a new planet where awesome actors don’t have to do stupid commercials!


Now lets all get drunk and play ping-pong!

Brian H

Is he also the voice of the new Chester Cheetah?


You would think if he were to do a car rental ad it would be for Enterprise…