Viral Video: Robert Picardo & Tim Russ in “Chad and the Alien Toupee” + Picardo Talks Voyager

Following in the footsteps of Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana, Star Trek Voyager stars Robert Picardo and Tim Russ have a new Funny or Die video – a sci-fi spy spoof called "Chad and the Alien Toupee". Check that out below, plus some excerpts from an interview where Picardo talks about the Voyager finale and the notion of a Voyager reunion.


Picardo and Russ in "Chad and the Alien Toupee"

Picardo on Voyager Finale and what if on a Voyager movie

The official Star Trek site has a new fan Q&A with Robert Picardo where he talks about recent projects (like guest starring on Stargate Universe) and more. He also talks about his time on Star Trek Voyager as the doctor, including make some interesting comments

Picardo on the Voyager finale:

I would not have just substituted Jeri Ryan with a different leggy blond as the Doctor’s payoff. I thought it was a little cheesy that the Doctor sort of nurtured and encouraged and tutored Seven of Nine for three or four years and then Chakotay swooped in at the last minute and married her. I didn’t think that was at all fair. He had the more impressive hairline, but the Doctor had other qualities. But, all kidding aside, I thought it was strange that they gave me kind of a substitute wife, so that the Doctor wouldn’t feel bad or the fans wouldn’t feel too bad for me. I know it’s impossible in a one-hour finale to wrap up all the plotline and character questions that have been developed over seven years. I think the fact that they made it a great show for Kate was great, because she was our leader and Janeway was the first female captain in Star Trek. I thought that was a good choice and Kate certainly delivered. I know how hard it is to do those kinds of scenes, where you’re acting with yourself and you have to respond to your other performance, which is not happening in real time. You have to remember it, and there are timing issues and you have to be careful of your physical movements, so that you don’t ruin a shot by encroaching on your other character’s image, which you can’t see. All of that is very tough to do and Kate did an extraordinary job. Having said all that, I agree with a lot of the fan criticisms that, after seven years of build-up, it’s suddenly, “Whoop, we’re home. There we are. We’re here. Good-bye.” The arrival moment to the end of the credit roll was extraordinarily – what’s the word? – compressed.

Picardo on the Voyager finale:

The only talk of a Voyager reunion project that I hear about is when the guys from Voyager get together. We get together twice a year to have dinner, and we’ve done that since the show ended.

Much more from Picardo in the Fan Q&A: Part 1 & Part 2

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lol @ Robert Picardo in the toupe .

Now That IS Funny !!!!!!

Well…there’s 5 and half minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

That was mildly amusing.

Bob Picardo’s interview had 2 flaws: In the filmed show, Chakotay didn’t marry Seven, he merely started going out with her. And 2: the Voyager finale was 2 hours, not one. That being said, ‘fascinating’(does Vulcan eyebrow raising) video.

That’s it. I’m buying a de-pixilator!

I actually liked Voyager’s finale. I thought the welcome home was shown earlier in the ep, so you didn’t need that at the end… though, they could have had a few more crew character moments, saying good-bye and all.

If the wig was named Roger Moore, why did it do a cheesy Sean… oh, never mind. I’ll spend my brainpower de-pixilating.

The ending of Voyager should have had nothing to do with the Borg or half-a**ed time travel. It should have been the episode where they find that planet that has a faster existence than the rest of the universe. They could have waited like maybe a week until the planet developed Turbo Warp and they would have been back home within the blink of an eye.

I too thought the ending of Voyager was a bit rushed. My wife and I were watching and when it showed the ships approaching Earth and then the credits started playing, we were like What? There’s gotta be more. It could have easily been a two hour episode. But, what’s done is done.

I actually watched Voyager a few years after it first aired. It was the last show to grab my attention and while I learned to love Voyager too, it does rank as my 5th favorite live action Star Trek show. My impression of the last episode was that I was glad they made it home. We all knew the show would be 7 years, so something extraordinary would have to happen to get them home. And we all knew they would get home (otherwise what would have been the point of the whole series). So, yes, things were a bit compressed, but a lot of that was out of necessity. All the threads had to be wrapped up because Voyager would not be coming back to the screen. I actually liked the last scene of Voyager joining the other Starfleet ships going home, and the credits rolling. What more needed to be said at that point. They were home, goal achieved.

That video was hilarious!!!

#8 The beginning of the episode shows them at home in the alternate timeline.

#5 Seven and Chakotay were married, both of them had died when the episode began. When Janeway traveled back in time, their courtship had just begun.

I agree completely about the end being extremely compressed. They built up to that moment for seven years, and then when it finally happened it was so quick that you barely see it. They should have done something more satisfying than that.

I guess if the choice were funny or die they should have picked funny. Because that was some dead stuff.

I will give it much praise for it’s use of pixelated naked woman, though.

When is the uncensored version available?

That was awful. Not in a good way!

Video = Die

Please tell me that these two guys didn’t actually have to do this for pay……………I guess Tuvak and The Doc gotta eat.

That’s not Chad – that’s The Cowboy!

I love Picardo. I have seen some of the convention stuff that is on you tube, and of course as the Doctor, I think he’s… swell. Anyways, I also think that it’s supper cool these guys still get together. Even though its only twice a year. That is the power of star trek though. The fact that the show can have such a powerful impact on audience, cast, crew, and even those who don’t watch at all…. is totally the s**t.

It is to bad what I hear about certain actors poopooing the their time on the show. I don’t want to go and bash anybody, but it is too bad.

well, that’s all I got


13-good point
and 19
I agree

17 — yes