Chris Pine Talks (Briefly) About Star Trek Sequel & Upcoming Projects + More Unstoppable Clips

Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk Chris Pine will soon be seen in the new Tony Scott action movie Unstoppable. Pine spoke very briefly about Star Trek and his other upcoming projects at a recent press event promoting the film. Watch that clip below, plus new promotional videos for Unstoppable.


Pine talks about Trek and Welcome To People

Speaking to Collider at the Unstoppable press junket, Chris Pine talked briefly about his other upcoming projects including noting he "knows nothing" about the Star Trek sequel, but expects to be shooting next summer. He also talked about possibly starring in Welcome To People, the directorial debut of Star Trek scribe Alex Kurtzman. Watch it below.

More Pine Unstoppable video

Unstoppable hits theaters on November 12th. Here is some more Unstoppable videos released by 20th Century Fox:

Chris Pine interview

Clip 1

Behind the scenes:

Clip 5

More at Video Jungle.

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Not excited by Unstoppable at all. Sorry Chris.

I’m curious to see the reviews for Unstoppable.


Same here. My dad worked for union pacific so I was around trains a lot growing up. If it wasn’t for that I don’t think I’d care.

As a native Yinzer (Pittsburgher for all you non-natives), I’m going to see this movie for it’s location: Da Burgh! With Zachary Quinto hailing from the ‘burgh (and showing his true logic of being a Steelers fan) – one wonders if he suggested his first officer eat at Primanti Brothers once or twice while there?!?!

Of course, NOW he’s captain but through much of the first movie, he was Spock’s first officer so, no, that wasn’t a typo!

Hiya Chief. I’m from right down the road in Wheeling, WV. I was on set a good bit while they filmed in Bellaire, OH. I’m also excited to see this….if only for the local filming.

i’m not usually a nit-picker on shakey-cam. i think it works well sometimes. but here, in places, its WAY too much. and what makes it even worse is the multiple short SNAP zooms and pulls. I looks like its too much.

Woooh…100 Million budget for this? You gotta be kidding…

Well I’m very curious to see the movie….. I think it will be good entertainment, Denzel and CPseem seem to be very good in it!!!….
What’s more I’ll see any movie that CP does!

Well he will not make “Farragut North” directed by George Clooney….Interestingly he says that he wanted to be like George…. But he did not try hard to work with him….. At the first opportunity he chose StarTrek and now seems to prefer Welcome to People….perhaps by actually scheduling coflict….
Oh CP stop saying this nonsense about wanting to be like George….because this is not a very nice comment about George… since many people think George is a douche…. But I don’t agree with this opinion I must say!…I like George Clooney!

Hey garen – what’s up with yinz?

That’s really cool that you got to be on set. I’m from just north of the burgh and am actually staying in the area now – in fact – I was just over at Heinz Field today! Stopped off for one of the stadium tours and did a little gift shop spending!


So is this a new catch phrase type of line for Pine?

Either he’s saying “Theyre going down or we are” in Star Trek, Or “Were gonna run this bitch down” in this.


WOW… that sounded very deep…wait…I’m thinking…zzzzzz…ok …I thought….

Wait. Is Pine wearing the signature Kirk “City on the Edge of Forever” shirt under his reflector vest? I wonder….

I think there may have been a scheduling conflict with doing Farragut North but Chris described the Kurtzman script for Welcome to People as “beautiful”, “gorgeous”. It seems he really likes the story and since he has already played the Farragut North character, it makes more sense to do something he has not done before.

I think that CP has only mentioned once about him possibly being “the George Clooney” (as in type?). Everyone else has repeated it since. Actually, what I took from the article (are we seeing excerpts, as in the only way you would get to read the entire interview is by buying the Details magazine once it comes on sale in November?) is that he sees himself as having a similar sort of personality or makeup as George Clooney. It may not necessarily be how he would like to be (no offense to Clooney), but this is the reality of the type of person he sees himself as actually being. Of course, Clooney is a lot older and is not the same person.

I don’t think that his comment was particularly bad; he likes Clooney’s work and has respect for him as an actor, writer etc. The fact that other people may think George Clooney is a douche is their problem, not Chris’s or George’s. Personally I was never as enamoured by Clooney as others have been, since his start on ER (just don’t think he is that great looking, only OK), whereas with Chris Pine…

dee where on earth did yo get out of chris saying that he wanted to be like George and take it as bad lol