Star Trek: TNG Marathons: Thanksgiving on BBC America & Christmas Eve on Syfy

This holiday seasons is also the season for Star Trek: The Next Generation on cable TV. On Thanksgiving BBC America is running a TNG marathon and on Christmas Eve Syfy is running their own TNG marathon. Details below.


Thanksgiving TNG Marathon on BBC America

Earlier this year BBC America added Star Trek: The Next Generation to their schedule and the show has consistently got good ratings for the network. And tomorrow BBC America is celebrating "Treksgiving". A BBC press release states:

When you count the many blessings you’re thankful for this year, be sure to remember Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC AMERICA.  All Thanksgiving Day, we’re giving you episode after episode of the hit-sci-fi series that no doubt helped a certain Patrick Stewart add a “Sir” to his name.  So do as the Pilgrims did and hop on board a ship to faraway worlds – just make sure that ship is called the Enterprise… and not the Mayflower. Treksgiving airs all day Thursday, November 25.

Here is the schedule (Thursday, November 25th):

8:00 AM   Booby Trap
9:00 AM   Allegiance
10:00 AM   Captain’s Holiday
11:00 AM   Tin Man
12:00 PM   Hollow Pursuits
1:00 PM   The Most Toys
2:00 PM    Sarek
3:00 PM    Menage a Troi
4:00 PM   Transfigurations
5:00 PM   The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)
6:00 PM   The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
6:00 PM   The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
7:00 PM   BBC World News America – BBC World News America
8:00 PM   The Enemy


Christmas Eve TNG Marathon on Syfy

The Syfy channel is also bullish on their reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Recently the channel began airing fan favorite episodes at 8PM on Tuesdays in an apparent effort to boost ratings for Stargate Universe (which airs at 9PM). And they just announced their holiday season plans, which includes a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon on Christmas Eve.

Here is the schedule (Friday, December 24th):

08:00 AM   Dark Page
09:00 AM   Attached
10:00 AM   Force Of Nature
11:00 AM   Inheritance
12:00 PM   Parallels
01:00 PM   The Pegasus
02:00 PM   Homeward
03:00 PM   Sub Rosa
04:00 PM   Lower Decks
05:00 PM    Thine Own Self
06:00 PM   Eureka: Christmas Episode
O Little Town
07:00 PM   Warehouse 13: Christmas Episode
Secret Santa
08:00 PM   WWE SmackDown
10:00 PM   Masks
11:00 PM   Eye Of The Beholder
12:00 AM   Genesis
01:00 AM   Journey’s End
02:00 AM   Firstborn
03:00 AM   Bloodlines
04:00 AM   Emergence
05:00 AM   Pre-emptive Strike


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SWEET! I love TNG Marathons!

Hey. Tng all day. Me likes. I also think they should do a Trek Movies Marathon as well.

Ah, many reasons to be thankful! Love TNG, and the episode list looks great! Not a season 1 episode in sight. :D

Now, if only Syfy would bring back its Twilight Zone marathons….

Nice. Always have the TV running in the background on holidays. It will be great to have TNG running….and the icing on the cake is that these are my two favorite seasons (3 and 7).

I’m going to get into soooo much trouble ignoring my in-laws!

5 No worries, they will be please to get a break from you as well :) JK!

Hey. it’s a double blessing. They get a brake from me and I get to have a break from them. Thank you Trek. Oh and to all of us crazy Trek Fans. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy about the marathon, but Sub Rosa is the 2nd worst episode in the series (after Symbiosis.) Sub Rosa is an Anne Rice Witching Hour/Lasher rip-off that features Dr. Crusher pleasuring herself in front of Picard. Actually, that’s its only redeeming part.

As much as I’m a huge Trek fan, I really don’t care since I own the DVD’s and can watch better quality versions of the episodes whenever I want, commercial free. That being said…really SyFy? Instead of running a marthon of your own shows you run a marathon of a show that’s 20 years old?

It’s no secret that Stargate Universe is hurting for ratings, and while I know not everybody here likes SGU, there are probably people like myself who love Stargate and are enjoying Universe, especially in its second season where the quality has improved greatly over the first. Why not take the extra time to air good episodes of Stargate Universe to help attract new viewers, perhaps you could even run an all-day marathon of the first half of season two and maybe some of the back half of season one that day instead of TNG to help drive viewer interest.

This is what you need to do SyFy to properly promote a good series, instead of wasting the time showing re-runs of a series that everybody has seen over and over again, why not show episodes of SGU to help get more people interested?

from what ive seen so far lately syfy needs all the help it can get.notice they always turn to trek to boost the ratings,thank god for that. as i said before the europe sister syfys run all treks with their better original programing ex.warehouse 13 and other classics. makes for good scifi.

I can remember when Christmas on the BBC was a bit special.
No more. Oh for the days of Morecambe and Wise. Picard and Riker doesn’t have the same appeal for me i’m afraid.


Buzz, Happy Thanksgiving from the States!
Just thought I’d let you know that History Channel is now running an American version of Top Gear. I was able to sit through about three minutes of it before turning the channel. Pure rubbish without Clarkson and company. Anyway, I’ve heard the Brit show is planning on a Christmas special where the three of them retrace the the route of the Three Wisemen through the Middle East.

In the words of Kirk, “Sounds like fun!”

“…retrace the the route…”

Oh, sorry for the stutter. ;)

No. 9 – Jonathan – you need to relax a bit. Chill…

LOVE Episode:Genesis.

So Syfy is running tng eps to boost ratings for sgu? what other proof does syfy need to start a new trek series?

Been boycotting syfy since the insulting name change. And you know what, I don’t find myself missing it at all now that their programming has become even more abysmal than before.


HGTV does an American version of Cash In The Attic. Can’t even watch it. Some shows are better left to the Brits.



A couple of people mentioned how Sy Fy should create a new Star Trek series. First, Sy Fy is owned by NBC, a hated rival of CBS, which owns the Trek television rights. Second, judging by the complaints about Sy Fy’s lack of quality programming, I have to say DON’T ALLOW SY FY TO PRODUCE A NEW TREK SERIES AT ALL COSTS. I’d rather wait another ten or twenty years for CBS to do it.


Agreed completely. I remember when BBC America was this backdoor channel into the television of another country. Now it’s all reality programming and (inexplicably) TNG.


On that same note, I was FLABBERGASTED to see SyFy running a Bond marathon. Really? That’s what rebranding to Syfy was all about? Raslin’ and Bond?

I have always wondered what a mashup edit of “Pegasus” and “These are the Voyages” would look like.

I got way too much time on my hands

#20… wow.. Do you not know BBC America shows TNG because Sir Patrick Stewart is from Britain? And quite probably one of their most notable exports in a long while?

And #21… why not put that too much time on your hands to work MAKING that mashup edit? LOL

I Love the TNG Marathons, and I Can’t wait for these to Start.

That 7th season marathon looks abysmal. I count five episodes I’m remotely interested in seeing.

#21, 22 – there is a fan edit out there of those two episodes – its pretty good. i’ll see if i can locate it, i cant remember where i got it.


Did you not know that BBC America was originally a peek into the BBC for American audiences, not yet another channel to watch American programming?

Just goes to show that STNG is still the king of the ST universe


The great majority of their programming is still Brit produced—Top Gear, Being Human, Doctor Who, Law & Order: UK, Torchwood, Primeval, etc., etc…

I suppose to make it a completely Brit network they could replace TNG with “Tea Time with the Queen” or “Nigella Lawson’s Fish & Chips” or “James May’s Guide to Stiff Upper Lips” or something along those lines, eh? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more….


Actually, I remember the good old days when BBC America actually showed Monty Python. And Fawlty Towers, and a half dozen other brilliant comedies that ran on — wait for it —


I just think its sad that BBC America is slowly losing the focus that made it a classic channel, just like TV Land, the Sci Fi (SCI-FI, btw, not SYFY) Channel, and a half dozen other channels that just indulge in reality tripe and useless garbage.


Well… I agree with you about TV Land and Sci-Fi—I’m still in denial that they did away with their annual New Year’s and 4th of July Twilight Zone marathons!

But as for BBC America, isn’t it just reflecting what is mainly shown in the UK on BBC these days? Trash TV, I know… just like the US. Perhaps it would be best if there was a BBC-Classic channel, just as VH1 and HBO have multiple channels.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing Monty Python now, check out the IFC channel, which regularly shows old Python episodes and movies throughout the year (and is ironically owned by a US company).

Thanks Vultan. When BBC America stopped airing it, I went out and bought the DVD boxed set. Perhaps their intention.


Oh, it’s definitely their intention. I remember in the late 90’s local stations used to show old reruns of the Simpsons (back when the show was clever) on a daily basis, sometimes several episodes in a row. Then suddenly they’re releasing boxed sets of the early seasons on DVD… and not an old episode can be found on TV. Hmmm… quite the coincedence, don’t you think?

Ever wonder what Beverly Crusher’s private life is like? Ever notice how when she’s in her quarters, she always seems to have a glass of some alcoholic beverage not far away?

Find out for yourself:



I don’t know where you live, but a few channels that I recieve in my area (I live in Victoria, British Columbia) from Seattle and Vancouver air reruns of “The Simpsons” several times a day.

Another example of a “quality eroding” network is TLC. It used to be similar to the Discovery Channel, where you actually learned about thing relevent and interesting. Now, TLC, which stood for “The Learning Channel” has become the “Trash Loving Channel”. And don’t get me started about MTV, or “Moron’s Television”.


Oh, you lucky Canadian. I live in Oklahoma and there’s only new Simpsons episodes to be found on the tube. I had to buy a boxed set of the 4th season to get my old Simpsons fix, but I don’t regret it; the special features made it well worth the moo-lah! Some of the commentaries were funnier than the episodes. I also have the 1st season of Futurama—another good purchase!

I’m having my own TOS marathon December 24th:

Corbomite Maneuver, Mudd’s Women, Enemy Within, Charlie X, The Man Trap, Naked Time, What Are Little Girls Made Of, Dagger of the Mind, Court Martial, Conscience of the King, Galileo Seven, and The Ultimate Computer.

BluRay remastered editions.