Check Out 3D Renders For First Ships From Star Trek: Infinite Space Browser Game

This summer Gameforge will release their free-to-play online game "Star Trek – Infinite Space", set in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine universe. Today they revealed details on the first two ships for the game, the Federation Galaxy Class and the Klingon Bird of Prey. Check out the 3-D previews below.


Star Trek: Infinite Space ships

Today Gameforge released a first look at what two of the most well-known starships will look like in the game. To see the ships you need to download the Unity 3D browswer plugin (which is what is also used to run the game).

Federation Galaxy Class

Klingon Bird of Prey


If you missed the last update on Star Trek: Infinite Space, here is a breakdown on the game, and the game trailer released late last year.

  • The release date is scheduled for Summer 2011
  • The game uses Unity3D (browser plugin), no additional download is necessary
  • Developed by keen games in Frankfurt
  • To ensure that a full Star Trek feeling is achieved, Star Trek experts Mike and Denise Okuda are assisting us
  • Lee Sheldon, the experienced game designer, author, producer and script writer will be writing the storyline and game missions
  • Choose between two playable factions: Join the Federation or become a Klingon
  • The game is set in the Deep Space Nine timeline
  • The game will be a free-to-play casual browser game, meaning that there will be no subscription fee and that the game will be playable without payment
  • Alpha testing will begin in late 2010

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Looks interesting….

What’s a good, trusted site to play the game?

Can’t wait! That opening BoP torpedo is slow mo was real nice.

So much for ‘exploring strange new worlds’, more like ‘exploding strange new worlds’.

Interesting trailer, but why are all those ships apparently running without shields?

It looks interesting, I’m still not a fan of the whole online gaming. I’ve had a go of them but I think you can achieve the same kind of effect and not sacrifice a storyline by using something like the Mass Effect engine.

I just hate it when they explode Galaxy-class ships like that. They would never just explode from a single hit like that in real life.

Yes, I just said, “In real life.”

(‘Cause video games aren’t real.)


Trek Wars. As in ‘so sick of’.

Also, I would like to see something new in terms of massed battles. Trek ships are large, yes, but they’re also maneuverable. We saw the Cardassian ships move in from warp — that’s new. Why not more of that from Federation ships?

Come to think of it, the Feds must have the technology by now to teleport entire fighter squadrons. Why not show that? If they can’t at least show that kind of thing on a rendered advertisement, that’s pretty sad, if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong — I love these Trek video games. It’s just that if I — lil’ ole me — can think of these things, why not video game developers?

I just saw, in passing, at Best Buy, a really great advertisement for the newest Star Wars video game, involving some Jedi taking on some giant machine and eventually slicing it in two. Shades of Obi-Wan versus General Grievous, yes, albeit on a much larger scale, but it did catch my attention. And I watched it for its full three or four minutes — not bad for an ad.

We need that kind of creativity when it comes to Trek games. Something really eye-catching and amazing.

Wheee! I can spin 3D models, around and around and around…!

Whoa, had an 8-year-old moment there…..


Most of what Lucasarts does with its game property (both in terms of story and presentation) is far better than anything George ever put on the silver screen. Check out some of the rendered game trailers on youtube.

As for this, well, it doesn’t look worse that the boxed stuff that came from Activision. ST:Legacy was nothing more that a crappy free2play browser-game, they just boxed it and sold it on amazon. I feel sorry for everyone who actually bought one.

“Friends become foes, enemies become allies…”

Can we please have a game actually based in the Trek universe? This is a spaceship wargame with Starfleet vessels where they’ve changed canon to suit the bogus storyline.

And again with the ‘Dominion War’ obsession, Trek’s low-point and the jumping-off point for its demise as a TV show. “Courtmartial” and “Measure of a Man” are why Trek is still around. $5 bottle-shows brilliantly written about universally important issues for humanity, and not exploding metal….

Yup. I think LucasArts is pretty good with its video gaming products.

I can’t believe that in a country of more than 300 million we can’t come up with developers as good as those at LucasArts who can do Trek right — VG rendering, storyline, the whole schmear.

It’s not as if Trek doesn’t have the right ingredients. We have everything and everyone from tribbles to Q. Surely someone can come up with an uber-compelling basis for the Next Hot Thing in video gaming, Trek style?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m still bitter about “The Secret of Vulcan Fury”. Could have been great. They have the entire voice recordings of the whole dialogue, with all original cast members, including De Kelley and Jimmy Doohan, and they are rotting away in some archive.

Space strategy just isn’t the thing for Trek (even though I admit with all the mods Armada 1 and 2 were extremely enjoyable). Bridge Commander was on the right track, but they drifted away into a Starfleet Academy ripoff. All of that ‘in control of the bridge’-stuff from BC and SF Academy goes out of the window if its easier to fly that thing fighter-plane-style with your keyboard.

Away Team could have been interesting, again the execution turned a promising role-play into a dull, ugly and uninspired adventure thing. STO is trying to merge them with little success. It’s embarrassing to even say it, but the good old Elite Force shooters had more Star Trek feeling in them than all the attempts at a more intelligent gameplay combined.

What we need is a Knights of the Old Republic, Trek-style. Until then, I’ll continue playing Mass Effect. Closest we’ll ever come to a true Trek game.

There was an old TNG game. I think it was called “Final Unity.” Away teams, etc…I really enjoyed it. Kind of like ‘Zork’ with graphics, sound and real voices (yes I’m 46. So sue me.)

Get me a game like that again…

Very nice.

…also, #14, to add insult to injury, the whole story of Secret of Vulcan Fury was written by DC Fontana! Truly the “lost ” episode.

Star Trek Judgement Rights, best Trek video game ever made.

as far as this game goes, not interested in this era any more….where are the tie- ins to the new movie?

8# you can also zoom in using the mouse wheel

I’d like to point out that the Klingon BOP is missing it’s cloaking tech.

“Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?”

What happened to These are the Voyages. Now we have. These are the Wars.

Still play starfleet command from time to time…

Also, I don’t want to seem inordinately negative. This new video game, despite some possible improvements that could be made, looks awesome and I hope gamers love it. (I’m not a gamer, and even I love it, blemishes and all.)

Whine whine whine… Yeesh. Are you all 5?

Galaxy Class render sucks. Where is the Ten Forward, it’s even not visible…

It may be “Trek Wars”, but is at least from the classic universe with traditional design. What more can I want in this reboot time? For me, it looks great.

Boy, what a tough audience. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. I appreciate any attempt to make Trek available to me.

#15: FYI: those are “adventure games.” Whenever a new genre of game is created or first popularized, people tend to refer to immediate successors as “x clones,” like calling all first-person shooters for a while “Doom clones.” We’re really pretty far past that point in the adventure genre.

I hate allmost every star trek game its always space combat games such as star trek armarda,star trek legacy and star trek online.
My favorite star trek games ever are star trek voyager elite force 1 and 2 plus deep space nine the fallen was good as well, why can we not have a game like call of duty star trek style.



The first Trek PC game I played was in 1979, based somewhat on “Battleship.”

There are a lot of us who would like to get back to Trek gaming, but Trek is as much about guys walking around on planets and dealing with stuff as it is about ships beating the crap out of each other in space. Even more, in my opinion.

Aww..Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars
Give Me those Star Wars
Don’t let them end

Oh Star Wars
If they should bar wars
Please let these Star wars stay

And hey!
How bout that nutty star wars bar
Can you forget all the creatures in there

And Hey!
Darth Vader in that black and evil mask
Did he scare you as much as he scared me

Star Wars those here in Bar wars
My 7th Winter up here!!
Star Wars!

Wasn’t there once something called Star TREK that had to do with exploration and learning and… *sob*

playstation 2 graphics from internet explorer…
I guess that’s something, right?

Well it’s a decent attempt and if it’s a good enough game for you, then so be it!

All I can say is that MY Galaxy class in STO, on max graphic settings, easily looks 15 times better than that :D

I think that Star Trek gamers have a legitimate gripe here on this one. The gripe really has nothing to do with the game, but instead with the onslaught of games that have all focused on fighting, and blowing things up and the like. I am also tired of it.

I have championed for a long time games that would really be adventure based, and rely on some sci-fi mixed with a who-done-it kinda mystery plot. There have been highly successful mystery games that require you to scoure the scene, look for clues, and decide what to do next. I think a Star Trek game could take this premise, attach a sci-fi idea (lost civilization, or the death of a high ranking starfleet official that the crew of the enterprise gets involved in.) The second Idea would have loads of “gun fights” and everything else. If you found out that the Romulans were involved and you had to infiltrate the homeworld, and you had to do certain moves or had a certain time to finish missions on the homeworld before you get caught. That would be cool.

Also if you alternated a strike team bit with some of the crew that your working with, and a B story on the ship, looking for a trator, or dealing with ship to ship combat. I think this could be done well, and be a lot of fun.

Who’s with me?

and to the guy with his galaxy class on Max settings. The online game has ten times the recourses this little game does. I don’t think it’s meant to look super duper fantastic. At least my experience with these modes of gaming, lead me to think that.

@32 – Shame that it is the terrible “All Good Things” version.

TJ Trek — I’m sorry. You think like you lived in the 60’s or something.


I consider myself big Star Trek fan, but to shell out for a game where all i would get to do is explore, i’d probably fall into a coma playing it…

Space exploration is just not viable as a primary game mechanic with current game engines. Spore tried it and it got old FAST, star trek online has tried it and it it turns out you will face anyone of 16 random encounters which let me tell you, gets old….fast.

That crazy game we are all waiting for where we want to fly forever in one direction and find crazy aliens is just not going to happen in the near future so forgive me for saying i’d rather have my Star Trek pretending to be Star Wars than no Trek at all.

Combat has always been a massive part of Star Trek and coincidentally it also happens to be the most exciting parts of Trek. Seriously, some people need to just accept that the 60’s ain’t coming back round again.

#5 “but why are all those ships apparently running without shields?”

That’s more or less how it looked on DS9 during the Dominion War. I think they made some passing comment about how Dominion technology was able to penetrate Federation shields, though it made every ship in each fight scene look a lot less powerful. As Harry Pinknett put it, the dreaded Bird of Prey became as expendable as a TIE Fighter.

I can’t seem to install “Unity 3D browswer”, I just see “No suitable plugins were found”. Tried googling it and I installed something from the first result I saw but the thing in the page still doesn’t load =\ This doesn’t speak well of my ability to play the game, IMO


Try here:

Works for me.

They have done that, although it’s been a long time. ST: 25th Anniversary and ST: Judgment Rites, both published by Interplay (and developed in-house, I think) came out in 1992 and ’93 respectively, and they’re pretty much the first part of what you describe. Probably not all that easy to find today, and you’d likely have to use DOSBox to get ’em to run, but they stand as my favorite Trek games. I haven’t played TNG: A Final Unity, but it’s along similar lines.

I still lament the fact that Bethesda never put their in-house team on a big, single-player Star Trek RPG, as they had once planned.

Really looking forward to this one!

To be honest I’m a little sick of the mass battles too….that said, in looking at the trailer for a purely “space action game” its pretty impressive!

The bottom line people, is that if we want Trek to survive so our kids can enjoy strange NEW worlds then we have to swallow the bitter pill of starships with no shields and exploding all over the place. It’s time to move on guys….now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit and watch ST: The Motion Picture with a glass of port :D

To those bemoaning the lack of Trek exploration games—they haven’t been able to even give us an exploration story in recent Trek films (and there’s nothing on television right now!) What makes you think we’re going to get one in a free online game?


The game you’re looking for is Star Trek Insurrection. Has nothing to do with the film. It centers on the Romulans, and some ancient civilization. It’s sort of a prequel to Insurrection. Has lots of adventure and scouting the scene and some phaser fights. Actually, now that I mention it, maybe I should play that again sometime…

Until BioWare makes a Star Trek game, we’ll have to make do!

Cryptic is soon going to overhaul the “exploration” in STO, but don’t expect a huge leap there.

Other than that, nobody should realistically expect much from a free-to-play browser game, seriously.

Hey, it’s free. Sure, I’ll play it, and so will my son. I just hope that there will be a cool movie tie-in game for the next movie.

#37 Glargon –

I think you’re overlooking the point and click adventure games. Star Trek made a couple, 25th Anniversary I think and Judgment Rites, which have been mentioned here. My favorite Trek games were Elite Force 1 and 2. But anyone ever placed Space Quest?? Space Quest 5: The Final Mutation ? THAT is what a trek game needs to be.


41. Try to find “A Final Unity”, it´s the best Star Trek ever game.

It´s really that good, a real masterpiece that hasn´t aged a day.
It´s story is worth of entire seasons of TNG, but with an unlimited budget.

About this “Star Trek – Infinite Space”, come on, give these guys a break, it´s FREE-to-play online game set on the timeline that we know.

Even “FINAL FANTASY XIII”, the most beautiful game ever made couldn´t please the old, cranky, impossible to please fans of the SuperNES series.