First look at Star Trek Mr. Potato Head; Kirk/Kor set releasing this summer

PPW Toys will release the first of several planned Star Trek-themed Mr. Potato Head toys this August. The first set will feature Kirk and the Klingon Kor. Click over the jump for more details including a closer look at the set.

For their first set, PPW Toys has opted to start off with Captain James T. Kirk and Kor, the first Klingon to appear on “Star Trek”. The character was introduced in the TOS episode “Errand of Mercy” and was played by John Colicos. Colicos later reprised the role in three episodes of “Deep Space Nine”: “Blood Oath”; “The Sword of Kahless” and “Once More Unto the Breach”.

Star Trek Mr. Potato Head; Kirk and Kor

Kor also appeared in the Animated Series episode “The Time Trap”, although his voice was provided by James Doohan.

As for subsequent sets, says they will include familiar faces such as Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura and that they may also feature “familiar TOS equipment and Enterprise components”:

“Even though it’s taken a lot of time and hard work, this project is like a dream come true for me, speaking personally,” says Dean Gorby, PPW Toys’ business manager. “I grew up in the 70’s and TOS was my favorite show. So to work on a project like this is surreal.”

“One thing we aim for in our design is to represent Mr. Potato Head emulating or paying homage to these Star Trek characters,” Gorby continues. “We don’t look at the figures as ‘hybrids’ of two different brands. We try to capture this lovable Spud imitating his favorite characters. Obviously, he can’t be as cool as Kirk or as intimidating as Kor, but he’s trying, and that’s what makes them so funny and charming.”

According to PPW Toys, the first set will be available “by August 2011”. The site is accepting pre-orders now at $30. Fans will also be able to see the toys in person next month at the annual New York Toy Fair.

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Great!! We wait two weeks for something new on this site and what do we get??

Mr. Potato Head!

A perfect gift……for couch potatoes and folks who just like to “veg” out!

I can think of something better… Star Trek themed ‘Operation’. You play Bones operating on (your pick) a Gorn, Andorian, Klingon, Vulcan, etc.

Sorry, but Mr. Potato Head seems rather lame.

I can think of something better… Star Trek themed ‘Operation’. You play Bones operating on (your pick) a Gorn, Andorian, Klingon, Vulcan, etc.

Sorry, but Mr. Potato Head seems rather lame.

I’m with Harry on this one. Merchandise? Really?
(we were spoiled before – now I know it)

I think we should be grateful for Rosario. If it wasn’t for him (her?),
this site would be nothing but empty space wrapped in darkness and silence.
Or worse, it would be an endless argument about gays in Star Trek, much like the two Lazarus’ predicament.
And besides, I like Mr. Potato Head. He’s cool.

Can’t wait till the 99 cent store get’s the stock

@1 ahhahahahaa too funny

Hey Harry. I thought Mr. Potato Head was right up your Alley. Since you might be one your self. Lol.

Cool, at last a Kirk where we can actually take the toupee off……..

A Kirk Potato Head just seems really, really unimpressive. They should have just skipped him and gone with Spock – at least the ears would’ve made it interesting. Kor looks decent.

The problem with Trek is that pretty much everything will look unimpressive as a Potato Head, except like a Borg, Hirogen, or some alien with armor/headpiece.

Im getting a little tired of the time old tradition of starting a sentance with “the problem with Trek is….”

There is no problem with Star Trek – What Star Trek needs is someone like Hasbro and their broad range of resources such as the Mr Potato Heard character to do exactly what is being done here – take the Star Trek universe and the characters in it and have some fun with it all, making it appeal to a broader market than just the trekkie geek contingent.

I hope come 2012, we see a lot more brands that appeal to the masses such as Lego, Hasbro’s 3 3/4 toy range and much more because although it’s great to see product like this coming out, CBS are being run circles around by the likes of Lucas’ Star Wars merchandise license and BBC Worldwide’s Doctor Who merchandise license – especially in the toy department.

What a striking likeness to later Shat.
Sorry… had to.
Hey, anything that gets the little ones indoctrinated into Trek is good… before they get distracted by Twilight or whatever the next horrible mess is.

Hey, we already have had Star Trek car airfreshener, Star Trek moist towelettes and Star Trek Gourmet coffee…. Mr. Potato Head joins a long tradition of quality commercialism!

As cool as these may seem at first, I’d be willing to bet they’ll end up decorating the clearance shelf at your local toy store rather than become a huge hit.

#1-Funny, man! But, I for one want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Rosario for waking this site up again. I appreciate having a reason to come back to this site (even if it IS Mr. Potato Head). Rosario, you’re the greatest!

I am officially creeped out now. The face on the Kirktato head and the Kortato head is creepy as hell. Then again…. I always were creeped out at Mr potato heads.

#14.Hey, we already have had Star Trek car airfreshener, Star Trek moist towelettes and Star Trek Gourmet coffee…. Mr. Potato Head joins a long tradition of quality commercialism!

One question. Where is Star Trek the Flame Thrower.
Sorry. Had to say it.


Commodore Mike, you should come out with your own brand of toilet paper!

That way I could wipe my………………………….computer screen with you! :>)

What a half-baked idea! (drum taps). No, kind of cute, really. When can we expect Jon and Ponch as potato CHiPs? I will shut up now.

The best likeness of Chris Pine yet!

Speaking of CHiPs, I’m still pretty much pissed at WB for (add colorful metaphor here) us out of DVD releases after telling everyone, or so I’ve heard, “We’re very leased with sales from the first two seasons and will continue to release them on a regular basis.” I know that’s not worked exactly to what they aid, its just what I was told what that said (exaggerated of course). I’d go and buy the nonofficial DVD’s, but I’ve heard all of them are very bad quality. Oh well, at least now you know why I refuse to purchase things from WB. THANKS WB FOR PROMISING HINGS THEN SCREWING FANS! Anyway yeah, sorry for the little rant, but had to vent somewhere, lol.

Kor’s pretty cool. Kirk not so much.

Potatoes, hmm? Perhaps the new TV series is finally on the way! “STARCHREK”


Captain Kirk, Space Spud!

These are the voyages of the spudship Julienne…
Its five-minute mission…
To explore strange new grills…
To seek out new fries, and new condiment toppings…
To boldly grow where no spud has grown before….

@10- hahahahahahahaha perfect!

I think the pair with Kirk and upcoming green orion slave girl will sell much better ! (wink)

# – 1


I agree with #12. It’s time for the likes of Hasbro and Lego to bring us Star Trek merchandise!

Klingon Potato Head from TOS…If this does not upset the Klingons, nothing will. Although a Romulan Potato Head would be interesting… Please spare me the Orion Slave girl version as that would really ruin my day.