STO Update: Tax Weekend Sale + Foundry Release + Bajoran Uniforms + New Interviews

Time again to catch up on what’s going on with Star Trek Online. Firstly this weekend Cryptic is offering a tax relief sale on all C-Store items and lifetime subscriptions. In addition, Cryptic has also launched their Foundry player generated content function and new added Bajoran militia uniforms. We have video promos for both of those plus more of the latest on Star Trek Online. 



Tax Relief Weekend

This weekend Cryptic Studios is offering a tax relief weekend sale for Star Trek Online. Everything in the C-Store is 20% off until April 18 at 10 a.m. PDT. They are also offering 20% off lifetime subscriptions (discounted to $239.99 for this weekend).

STO launches Foundry

Last week Cryptic finally launched their new "Foundry" system of user created content. There is a whole new Foundry section of the website where you can learn how you can make your own missions and it also spotlights some of the best player-created content. Cryptic also released a video all about the Foundry.

New Bajoran uniform packs

The latest addition to the C-Store are Bajoran Militia uniform packs, which includes two jackets, pants, a belt, two boot styles, a Bajoran combadge and a full range of rank insignia.

Stahl interviews & Ask Cryptic Q&A

The STOked podcast goes over much of the above news and has an interview with STO executive producer Daniel Stahl.

Stahl also has a new interview at

There is also a new ask Cryptic Q&A + a new Engineering Report.

STO Podcast Summit

This Sunday, April 17th, the STO podcasting community will come together for the first  STO Podcast Summit which includes  Red Shirt Army, STOked, Priority One, Podcast UGC and Hailing Frequency, all broadcasting live from 6 p.m. EDT to 8 p.m. EDT. Some Cryptic people will also be participating. If you miss the event you will be able to download it from the linked sites.

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I have accepted the change, I am a Bajorian Security officer now. The uniform is simply uncomfortable.


sorry for you … LOL

:-) :-)

Endless content now the The Foundry is live…and the search/rating system is working great. The players have put together some really cool missions.

When are they going to offer free to play content? It has been rumored that they were going to do that.

Their Champions Online did recently go to free to play but the health of STO is only growing stronger. They may hold on free to play for a long time, perhaps a year or more.

The quality of the content and the game in general is improving.

But it is the same bad business/marketing as it has been :(

I’m never buying another Cryptic product again, C-Store or otherwise.

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undestrandalbe.