Roberto Orci: Star Trek Sequel Ready For “Soft Prep”

As we have been reporting, the first draft of the script for the Star Trek sequel isn’t quite done yet, but Paramount is still planning to get production started in the fall to meet that June 29, 2012 release date. Co-writer/producer Bob Orci now explains that they do have enough material to get a "soft prep" of the film going.


Star Trek sequel’s "soft prep"

One more straggler interview from Wondercon two weeks ago comes from HitFix, who spoke to Orci about various things, including Star Trek. Regarding the status of Trek, Bob talked about how even though the script draft isn’t totally complete, they can still do some prep work:

We are still working on [script] iterations. We have enough stuff that we are able to start a little bit of a soft prep. We can have designers working on stuff. There are things we know for sure we want to do. But in terms of the script and the dialog, that is something we continue to hammer out.

TrekMovie has confirmed that this "soft prep" has already started, but that the film is still technically not in official pre-production. Obviously that won’t happen until script draft is deemed completed and JJ Abrams makes an announcement on if he will direct the sequel (and if not, then who will).

Here is the video of the HitFix interview (Trek bit at the end):


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A-ha the next step!!

Wow its taking them a while, at least it seems like it. Hope they make the deadline for the movie release.

Shaking and crying!

And so it …begins?


Slow and steady wins the race… I’m about a quality sequel – if the movie gets pushed back a bit so be it. It needs to be great – and I am sure it will be.

Like all contractors who try to do too much at once, I fear the finished products will suffer. The greed factor.

Mr. Orci,
At this point with Kurtzman filming ‘People’ is he writing at all or are you and Mr. Lindelof ‘finishing up’?

“Soft Prep” includes getting the Botany Bay set Design Blue Prints ready…

I really hope this film doesn’t wind up being rushed or even released without being completely finished. Another TMP fiasco at this tender stage in Treks resurgence would be a disaster.

more inaccuracies from the team that thought Spock and Uhura making out in the transporter room was proper and blowing up Vulcan would make the fans happy.
Give me Star Trek Phase II.

My fears as well. I hope the guys don’t multi-task to the point that the result of all the work is more mechanical and less artful and imaginative. I loved ST’09, flawed though it was. I want the next one to be as good as the best of ’09 -the Kelvin scene- with none of the bad parts *cough*brewery*cough*

Better occasional Trek done right than “Good enough” Trek done often.

Soft prep…someone has ordered a water cooler, and a pallet of plywood. Wardrobe is dry cleaning some costumes. The cleaning crew is scrubbing the Budweiser factory. Interesting.

Well … ” prep soft “… two weeks ago, right? … and now? … ah.. they are already more advanced than they will admit! … PATIENCE IS REQUIRED! …. hmmmmm… LOL

WHERE’S boborci??? … I miss him here!

or “soft prep” …. +LOL

:-) :-)

#13 – Phil

Yeah …. LOL

:-) :-)

Gentlemen…may the wind be at your backs! :)

#7 – jkimgant

“Mr. Orci,
At this point with Kurtzman filming ‘People’ is he writing at all or are you and Mr. Lindelof ‘finishing up’?”

Believe me… I asked a question similar to this for Mr. Bob Orci… I’m waiting the answer so far… I wish you better luck! …LOL

And it seems that the film Welcome to People is in post-production now!

:-) :-)

Please!!!! A Real Engine Room. Scotty needs to work on his Poor Barrins.
Please!!!! A Real Engine Room. Scotty needs to work on his Poor Barrins.
Please!!!! A Real Engine Room. Scotty needs to work on his Poor Barrins.
Please!!!! A Real Engine Room. Scotty needs to work on his Poor Barrins.

Come on Bob Orci. Blow us away with your Script. Blow us away with a fantastic Movie. Blow us away with the best Star Trek movie ever.
No pressure Bob. No Pressure.

I sometimes have the impression Orci is the only one writing this thing. Then I have this mental image of him reading plot points he’s working on to Lindelof over the phone and Damon being all, “LOL, YEAH YEAH, LET’S DO THAT. But now listen to this really stupid reply I got on twitter about the LOST finale – hilarious!!”

BOOM! inspire inspire inspire.

439 days

20.”Come on Bob Orci. Blow us away with your Script. Blow us away with a fantastic Movie. Blow us away with the best Star Trek movie ever.”


#23. Yes Bob Orci. AGAIN!!! Blow us AWAY!!!!!!!

Hey Bob. A Couple of weeks ago you told us that you were 75% done. What would that be now.

@23 HELL YES!!!! Its time for star trek to get going!!! RAMP IT UP!!

25. I’m sure it will be good enough….for me to poop on!

26: “Hey Bob. A Couple of weeks ago you told us that you were 75% done. What would that be now.”


#23 – boborci

Wow… Hello Mr. Bob Orci!… I suspect you ‘ve been watching us in silence! … right? … ok, no need to answer! … LOL

:-) :-)

No Bob, don’t “blow us away”… at least not in the way that people tend to think that means (read: Transformers and Trek ’09)

I want to think, care, laugh, cry, and be scared and exhilirated. I want to think “wow, Kirk is cool”, and “go Enterprise, go!”

What i don’t want is the feeling of being “blown away”… the feeling of disorientation, confusion, frustration, crossed-eyes and exhaustion I get from so many of today’s movies.

PLEASE don’t make this movie like, frankly, so many of your others. Don’t make it an assault on the senses. Make it an assault on the emotions.

C’mon JJ!


Oh, and I echo everything #31 said…

I don’t whether to tell him to relax or to keep the pressure on, with all these projects.

So, I guess I should wish him mucho inspiration and enough time to really rest after everything is a hit. :)

Because he does look like he needs it.

Mr. Orci,

I’d like the echo the sentiments expressed in one of the posts about movies today being disorienting, confusing, and frustrating. I’m not a frequent movie-goer specifically because it bores me when a plotline gets lost amid extended battles and scenes that are designed especially to show off CGI work.

That being said, I actually saw ST-2009 in the theatre 3 times and have watched my DVD so many times it’s rather embarrassing. I really felt like it had the right balance of fighting, effects, and plot so I guess I’m throwing my two cents in to say I hope you guys don’t try to “top” yourselves in that regard when it comes to the next movie. All in all, though, I feel you guys did a fantastic job with the last movie and I look forward to the next. And I don’t even care if engineering is still a brewery. ;) (Also, thumbs up to the Spock/Uhura relationship.)

# 24

Well Anthony Pascale … until now boborci not denied nor explained otherwise the subject of the article, right? … so … indeed something is already being done in Star Trek Sequel… somehow already begun… whatever … soft … LOL

:-) :-)

@19 – what are you talking about??!!! The Engine Room in ST’09 was great!!

#37. Sure. But Beer in the Engine Room. Not so much.

#10. So which one of the actors from Phase II are you?

If you didn’t like ST09, why are you here? This is a site started to promote that film! BTW. Destroying Vulcan was used to give Spock an element of tragedy. Just as Kirk’s father dying gives a new audience a reason to give a damn about these characters.

39 – So they weren’t interesting before?

soft is the word.

I can’t wait for this freakin movie! We we we so excited. We so excited…

Brent Spiner deserves a role as the Soong between Arik and Noonian. Just my opinion. lol.

#10 – The writers never said those things.

If one is going to accuse the writers of doing things, at least tell the truth.

So does “soft prep” mean that if someone asks a designer what they’re working on they just shoot them an angry glance and go “SHHHHSSSSHHH!!!”

When a guy is about to make love to a woman and says he is in “soft prep”, he really should be HARD…………………………………ER ON HIMSELF!

45. sigh. ;)

I think people who think just because they’re taking their time that it will be a quality sequel are nuts. It’s to the opposite extreme…

It’s clear these guys have put this project on the bottom of their list of things to do….And if I was the head of Paramount, I probably would have hired new writers to have gotten this thing ready to shoot 6 months ago.

Let some other creative minds take a stab at Trek. Orci and Kurtzman did a great job of making it relevant again!


The world is not going to slow down for you, and neither are movies. Make an effort to catch up and you won’t hate “today’s movies” anymore.

I agree with you.
I truly respect Orci and Kurtzman for ST1 and their involvment with fans. That being said, if I was the head of Paramount I would be worried.
The procrastination was and is obvious. Now they will rush things out with unpredictable results.

and to be fair, Paramount is partly to blame as they have not properly supported the writers financials over the last couple of year while DreamWorks has.