Watch: Sheldon Activates Self Destruct On Big Bang Theory

Another week and another Star Trek reference on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. This time Sheldon takes a lesson from Captain Kirk and activates a self destruct countdown. Watch it below.


Sheldon Activates Self Destruct

In "The Agreement Dissection" Sheldon and comes into conflict with Leonard over his new girlfriend. See how he resolves the situation using a tip from Star Trek’s Captain Kirk (combined with some Star Trek: TNG graphics).

More Trek to come on TBBT

Here is the official description of the May 19th episode of The Big Bang Theory:

THE BIG BANG THEORY ” The Roommate Transmogrification ” Season 4 Episode 24 – When Bernadette receives her Ph.D., the guys take joy in reminding an emasculated Wolowitz that he is the only one in their group who isn’t a doctor. Meanwhile, Koothrappali becomes Sheldon’s new roommate after hearing Leonard and Priya engaging in a “Star Trek” bedroom fantasy, on the fourth season finale of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 19 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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I really have to start watching this show… Every clip Trekmovie posts is amazing.

Great show.

And people wonder why Trek isn’t on network television….

Hilarious! Absolutely Hilarious! This is the best season yet and more and more Trek references.

1…. Rent or buy Season 1 and 2 on DVD. You won’t regret it.

4…. While I think this season has been sub-par (way too many Sheldon-centric episodes, especially early in the season) last night’s was by far the funniest episode of the season.

That was a great episode. Though, did anyone else find it weird that Sheldon used the graphics from TNG, but the command codes from Star Trek 3?

It doesn’t seem like something he’d do. :)

I’m I really the only one on here who finds this show wildly over rated and unfunny?

I’m = Am

Lame pop culture references = lazy writing!

Maybe they don’t need to do any TV series because there are these popular shows already doing spoofs about Star Trek and reminding the public at large about the franchise in a light hearted and positive manner. I keep forgetting to watch The Big Bang Theory – on at a time when I am busy.

@six of nine; agreed, this show is not funny! It’s lame and boring and throwing Trek references in doesn’t help it. I wouldn’t want to watch one episode just to catch this Trek reference…talk about a waste of 30 minutes. Most sitcoms on nowadays are lame and not funny, how this show has gotten the attention it has is beyond me

Another hilarious episode of B.B.T. The actor that plays Sheldon is Brilliant with his character…

LOL … Sheldon … always “rocks” … loved it!

:-) :-)

Hmmm… slightly ironic when a comedy show for the college crowd is considered lazy by using Trek references, but when it’s used within a shiny new Trek movie meant to bring in the youth demographic it’s considered brilliant (yeah, I’m looking at you Supreme Court).


Jim Parsons is the actor! … Great always!

:-) :-)

that is aewsome!!!! love love love!! :) :) i’ve been SFA a few years myself! :)

love that show! That is Awesome

I should have DVR’ed this series as even with 2 TV’s in the house, I am left out because family members watch their shows on them on Thursday nights.

Why didn’t Leonard simply give the abort code?

“Code 1-2-3. Continuity. Abort Destruct Order.”

Of course, this is completely unncessary because self-destruct always stops on 1. (Thank you, GQ!)

9. Then by all means Shakespeare, illuminate us with “non-lazy” writing.

This show is great because, not only does it reference Star Trek (and science fiction in general), it often references science. I hear a science-related joke (or a more obscure scifi reference) on the show and wonder what percentage of the audience “got it.”

#9 – Hey, Dan. Since you’re an expert on writing, why don’t you show us some of YOUR writing? I’m sure it’s ABSOLUTELY brilliant!

@ 20 & 22 your logic is faulty. You don’t need to be a writer in order to tell bad writing, just like you don’t need to be a four star chef to identify bad cooking. I happen to like pop culture references in TV shows, if done well (ie:Family Guy, Robot Chicken, 30 Rock and The Simpsons). The thing is, the handful of times I’ve given this show a chance, the Trek references were . . . cute . . but they in no way make up for the shoddy by-the-numbers sitcom writing. Note: since I’ve written things that have been published, and been paid for them, is my opinion more valid for you guys?) Does that make you see the light of how crappy this sitcom is?

too funny

I enjoy the show, but hate hearing the cued laughter from the audience- It gets annoying at times.

Great use of a Trek meme! Complete with an accurate recitation of an actual self-destruct sequence from Trek. I loved the clip.


You are kidding, of course. No way you are using those shows as “great writing”.

Funny yes, they are all funny shows, very much including BBT.

Comedy is always subject to interpretation for being funny.

None of these shows should be considered as “great writing” though.

Funny writing? They all have it.

Now, as far as a crappy sitcom? Numbers don’t lie there, you can try and bash this show as much as you want, it’s a hit.

We are all going to still enjoy the show AND it’s references no matter how much you hate it.

But, you can keep trying to make us see the light if you want to.

@27. No I was using those shows as examples of much funnier shows that use pop culture references.

re: numbers. Gimmie a break. Sure, ratings and numbers are a true indicator of quality. That’s why a movie blockbuster like Transformers is an example of wonderful film making, right? If TOS has taught us anything it’s that ratings and quality do not go hand and hand.

I never tried to show anyone the light, except sarcastically, I just said I couldn’t understand why the show was so popular when there’s nothing especially great about it.


Otherwise, very funny and nerdy.

Very funny.
I want to be able to do that. I want to tell my computer to blow itself up. And I want it to count down to its own destruction.
Destruct Code 1, Code 2, Code 3, oh damn my computer just starting counting down!!!
Stand back, I don’t know how much corbomite it has in its batteries!

I think BBT has, at times, been as funny a show as I have ever seen. But late last season, and early this season, they did seem to fall back too much on sexually themed jokes that I just find inappropriate, and certainly inappropriate for a (relatively) younger family, so I just opted to stop watching it.

To suggest that the Trek references are evidence of lazy writing is indicative of someone who hasn’t a clue how to judge lazy writing. IMHO, the fallback on sex jokes and toilet humor (as a general practice, not referring to BBT necessarily) is lazy writing. To incorporate a Trek reference in the context of a character like Sheldon takes a great appreciation not only for the kind of person Sheldon is supposed to be, but for the way an audience can be given that person and a Trek reference in a humorous way. That’s *anything* but lazy.

I want to be an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy. *frown*

I also want…Sheldon to play Star Trek Yoostar!

Good heavens, that was funny stuff!!!

@six of nine: THATS YOUR OPINION! Others are entitled to theirs as well.

Very Good, Tiberius III. You seem to be understanding how the Internets work. Thanks for sharing that much unneeded clarification. Yes, it’s MY OPINION! Just like ALL these statements on here are the poster’s opinions.
My original post was asking whether I’m the only one who finds this (moronic) sitcom unfunny. IN MY OPINION it sucks. You, and others are free to wallow in lowest common denominator humor all you want because IN YOUR OPINION it’s piss-your-pants funny.

LOL that was actually funny!!

My opinion is that this is a fun show to watch, not great art but very funny!

Why so bitter, six o’ nine? Having trouble wrapping your mind around the lowest common denominator? Don’t cry, you’ll get it someday, m’kay?

Six of nine, don’t be upset that people like this show and the rest of you guys, don’t get mad at six of nine for his opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own which all of you have expressed, but 98% show they like it, so six of nine your question has been answered. Yes only you and one other person have found this show mornoic and not funny, not move on and stop being an ahole.

you are cool

to those of you who don’t like the big bang theory i find it suspicious you would be on this web page long enough to leave a comment against the big bang theory.