New Trailers For Terra Nova Pilot & Fringe Season Finale + Update On Star Trek Vet Pilots

FOX has released new promos for sci-fi shows from Star Trek vets, with a series preview of next fall’s Terra Nova (produced by Brannon Braga) and this Friday’s season finale of Fringe (created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman). There is also an update on the genre pilots from the Star Trek vets.  


New Trailer for Brannon Braga’s Terra Nova – premiering in the Fall

Star Trek TNG – Star Trek: Enterprise vet Brannon Braga is returning to TV and returning to time travel with as the executive producer and show-runner for Terra Nova, a new series also produced by Steven Spielberg. The show about a family traveling back to prehistoric times stars Jason O’Mara (Live on Mars) and Stephen Lang (Avatar) premières this fall, and FOX has released a new trailer.

New Fringe Season Finale Trailer

And FOX has also released a cool movie-style trailer for this Friday’s season finale of Fringe, the sci-fi series created by Star Trek’s JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman. [Spoiler alert] And Fringe is also getting into time-travel business (along with their multiple universes storyline).

New FOX sci-fi pilots from Star Trek team now looking less likely for pickup?

May is the month that all the networks announced their schedule for the next season. Fox has already renewed Fringe for a fourth season and so combined with Terra Nova, it could be that they may not need another genre show for their next season. The Star Trek "supreme court" have two sci-fi shows in contention at FOX with Locke and Key from Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and Alcatraz from Bryan Burk and JJ Abrams. Here is what Deadline Hollywood is reporting this week:

I hear Fox’s new crop of dramas may not include a sci-fi entry this year as both LOCKE & KEY and ALCATRAZ have cooled off, though the time travel-themed mystery Alcatraz still has loyal fans among the higher-ups. With the network recently renewing Fringe for a full season, it has secured the genre’s presence on the network for fall and has protected its good relationship with Fringe executive producer JJ Abrams, who also produces Alcatraz, in case the pilot doesn’t go.

The Trek team seem to be doing better with their non-scifi pilots. Deadline reports Orci and Kurtzman’s Paper Products’ Exit Strategy pilot has "emerged as a frontrunner" at FOX. Also, Abrams and Burk’s Bad Robot has Persons of Interest in contention at CBS, which is reported to be getting "mixed early buzz," noting that it "tested well but plays dark."

As for Ron Moore’s magic-themed procedural 17th Precinct, Deadline reports that it "doesn’t look good" for that pilot to get picked up at NBC, with the net leaning towards another magical show Grimm.



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I for one hope some of these don’t get picked up so that Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman & J.J. Abrams can devote the much needed time to the next Star Trek film which is already lagging behind!!!!!

Umm, Fringe promo? Wow.

Can’t wait, Terra Nova looks promising.

Fringe finale looks very intense. Best writing I’ve seen in years on network television, which I generally ignore because it sucks so much these days (Hello, Dancing With The Stars).

You gentlemen do a great job with this show.

Of course we DVR it, because commercials are no longer tolerated.

#4,Danpaine,i’m with you all the way!! I’ve loved Fringe from the frist episode,and i’ll love it till its last!

So, will we get resolution on what caused the parallel universes in FRINGE? Could it have been the temporal travel of TERRA NOVA? If only they’d do a meta-series linkage like that… that would be fascinating.

If FOX doesn’t take them, you could re-write a few characters in each series as professional wrestlers or NASCAR drivers and sell it to SyFy?

Be prepared to tell your entire story in 13 episodes, as you most likely won’t be renewed.

FRINGE totally rules… love it. So glad FOX is bringing it back for Season 4. Best Sci-Fi (new) show on TV today…

Why more people don’t watch FRINGE, I’ll never know. I agree, though, that it has some of the smartest writing/best acting on TV…and CERTAINLY the best on the major Networks.


The strength of FRINGE has been in the actors. Joshua Jackson would have made a very interesting nuKirk. And Torv has completely matured as an actress in the role of Olivia. Sea change in how she was at the start of the first season.

Fringe is not put on at a prime time slot, so people don’t get a chance to see something of the show. It attracts a “fringe” element (pardon the pun). I think, also, that people don’t want to have to think too much about what they are seeing. This is not about the “lowest common denominator” crap. It is because people are often overworked, overly stimulated by what they are hooked into seeing and doing or by not being able to avoid what others are doing and therefore very tired and there is another long day ahead of them tomorrow. Sad and unfortunate. I am not sure if there has been a tireder generation.

They HAVE to do Locke & Key! They just have to! I’ve been looking forward to it since I got word of it! They can’t just dangle it in front of our faces and pull it back! I will boycott Fox if they don’t go through with Locke & Key! Who’s with me?!

I’ve said it before – Joshua Jackson should have been the new Kirk. He’s a huge fan, and auditioned, and has that same “gravitas” Shatner did. He would have Nailed it.

I think Pine was…..good.

Fringe looks like awesomesauce!


Frakkin hell Terra Nova looks like utter pants!

Not an original thought in its very bones I’ll wager!

Total cheese overload.

Fringe is indeed awesomesauce – to the max.

To the poster that DVRs Fringe-
People who DVR do not count towards the ratings.
This puts shows in danger of cancellation.
Commercials generate revenue for the networks.
Advertisers know that people who DVR these shows do not “tolerate” commercials.
Please watch the show “live” this increases ratings and keeps great shows like Fringe on the air.
If you must DVR it please support the advertisers buy purchasing their products. Let the advertisers know you support their products due to them supporting Fringe.
The season Finale looks great

haha this is so cool! I love Terra Nova lol!

Super Cheese

Terra Nova’s promos are non-inclusive in regard to gender. Why in 2011 is Fox using “mankind” which is a non-inclusive or worse yet, oppressive to women term when there are so many other words? Try PEOPLE or HUMANKIND or HUMAN BEINGS!

You als have “mankind” on your facebook for Terra Nova under the info description of the show. The administrator of the facebook page keeps deleting my comments in a cowardly fashion instead of addressing them.
Next, I will contact and complain to your sponsors. Don’t force me to go there.

That should read, “You also have”