Video of the Day: Phoenix CC Star Wars v Star Trek Commercial + Trek Celebs Celebrate Star Wars Day

Today, May 4th, is also known as "Star Wars Day," which is why you may see all sorts of "May the Fourth Be With You" greetings today on social media. In honor of that we share a new commercial for this month’s Phoenix Comic Con which takes on Star Trek v Star Wars. We also look at how some Trek celebs are with the force today, and more Star Trek/Wars connections.


Phoenix Comic Con  Commercial: Star Trek v Star Wars

This Memorial Day weekend fans of many franchises will descend on Phoenix, AZ for Phoenix Comic Con. Here is a new commercial for the event.

TrekMovie will be at Phoenix Comic Con, along with George Takei, Leonard Nimoy and more guests. Find out more at

Trek Celebs tweet Star Wars greetings

In the spirit of detente and mutual nerd love, many Star Trek celebrities sent out tweets about Star Wars Day today, including Simon Pegg, Damon Lindelof, Jeri Ryan and Bryan Fuller.

Star Trek & Star Wars connections

The Star Wars and Star Trek franchises have intersected and influenced each other since Star Wars began the 70s. There have been many shared cast and crew and a few references, such as a a tiny R2-D2 showing up in Star Trek (2009). For more on the connections see:

R2-D2 makes a flyby in “Star Trek”

POLL: Go To A Galaxy Far Far Away Too?

Do you have dual fandom?





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May the fourth be with you.

Meesa thinks I had dual fandom a lot more before 1999!

Amen to that #2!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that has my interest anymore are the games!

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

I love both shows. But I love Trek More. A Scotty said in the TNG Ep Relics to Capt Picard.
You will always remember your first Love.
Well. Star Trek is my first Love and and as much as I like Star Wars. Trek will always win out.
Oh. May the Schwartz be with you!.

No.’s 1 & 2 – Prequel haters. No offence, but I don’t like when people say things about the trilogy I grew up with. And that doesn’t mean that I hate the original trilogy, my favorite movie ( even thought i have 17 to pick from) is The Empire Strikes Back. and did i mention i love Star Trek also. May the 4th be with you!

For some reason yesterday I felt like watching Episode II: Attack of The Clones — which was the best one in my opinion. Probably the only film I enjoyed in the serious other than The Empire Strikes Back, which of course was a classic.

Amazing I find out it’s Star Wars Day. I had absolutely no idea. So what were the chances of this “coincidence” that I experienced? like 1/365 ?


oooooooooooooooo…………………someone referred to Star TREK as science-fantasy!!

I like Star Wars. I *LOVE* Trek.

Even Lucas himself referred to Star Wars as Science Fantasy.
Star Trek, on the other hand, is Science Fiction.

Bask in the difference.

I was once a Trekkie and a Warsie. Yet, my two favorite TV shows are ‘The Simpsons’ and the ‘Power Rangers,’ and my favorite film series is ‘Superman.’ May we live long and prosper, and may the 4th be with us all!

I luv episodes IV , V and VI but the prequels were clunky in plot, dialog and acting.

Silent Running owns Star Wars and Star Trek.

@10 I think Battlestar Galactica owns Silent Running since those ships ended up in the rag-tag fleet.

Now that the SW blu-ays have been officially announced, there’s a debate with the home theatre crowd (among other places) as to which of the 3 sets sells best.

There definitely is a generation gap with the the two trilogies.

“There definitely is a generation gap with the the two trilogies.”

not with me. i saw the original star wars at the drive in with my family back in ’77, and i enjoyed the prequel trilogy. i’ll be purchasing the entire set on blu-ray.

Pike certainly thought young Kirk was the Chosen One. Probably his high midi-chlorian count.

God, I really hate Star Trek aping Star Wars sometimes…

Nah. I take that back…

Hate simply isn’t a strong enough word to describe how I feel!

The fourth is certainly with me as its my Birthday :). And I not only have dual but tripple fandom as I’m a fan of Stargate too!

#8 Agreed :)
Star Wars is pretty cool… but compared to the Trek it’s NOTHING


Weird. I wrote two posts about how the only “Star Wars” movies which sucked were “The Phantom Menace” and “The Clone Wars” and both times disappeared for some reason.

Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup

Star Trek has SPOCK. What has Star Wars got? A little green guy with pointy ears who talks backwards. So THERE1

Btw, Vegas is going to be my first Trek Con ever. So can you guys please fill me in on what these things are like? I have no idea at all.

Also, the Millenium Falcon did help out in the defense of earth from the Borg….

Star Wars : Star Trek = Harry Potter : Back to the Future.

There probably is a generation gap with the two SW trilogies, but it’s not an impassible chasm. I grew up with the original but also like the PT, even though I acknowledge its flaws (chiefly: why didn’t Lucas get someone else to write the screenplays?)
In general, I can’t stand inter-fandom rivalries. Sometimes they’re expressed with good-natured ribbing, but usually they just get nasty in a hurry. There’s no law that says we nerds have to cling to one series/franchise/creator and forsake all others. Enjoy the rich cornucopia of nerddom, my brothers and sisters!

@24: Do you mean to say that the first of each pair is overtly fantastical while the second of each pair couches everything in sciencey terms even though a lot of the science is made up out of whole cloth? Damned accurate, if so. Kudos to you.

Where is the science wrong in TOS/TNG, the earlier Trek movies or BTTF? ;P

i write this in hopes that someone can help me. i am looking to buy tricorder keychain from the original star trek series . can someone help me to buy one. ? thanks matt

IDIC. Your not a true Trek fan without it. ;)

What’s this Star Wars everyone keeps talking about? Some type of kiddie show? A government space program?

Considering how little real science there is in Star Trek, I’m okay with ST being described as science fantasy, too…

Meesa agree with #2. Jar Jar sucks.

#4 May the Schwartz be with you!

Yeees :-D

30. All Trek? Or just ’09?

I think it’s pretty true of all Trek. Although, just the fact that they constantly talked about being scientists (on TOS) and had a science officer, well, it kind of got me interested in science as a kid. I’d wished TNG had had a science officer…

Loved Star Wars as a kid, but the passion hasn’t followed me through adulthood in the same way. Maybe it’s that Trek idea that we’ll make it to a couple hundred years from now… Maybe it’s that Star Wars is more geared to kids? Maybe I’m mad at George Lucas for lousy prequel writing and not particularly caring what his actors do? Who knows (or cares).

They were still spectacular movies.

And (pull out the dead horse), I still don’t see how Star Trek 09 was anything like Star Wars…

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