ShatWatch: Behind The Scenes On ‘Weird or What’ + Shatner’s ‘Captains’ Update & Honorary Degree

William Shatner is adding another accolade. Star Trek’s original Kirk will be honored with an honorary degree from McGill University next month. In other Shatner news we have exclusive behind the scenes pictures of Bill filming the second season of Weird or What. We also have an update on Shatner’s The Captains documentary.


Exclusive Photos: Shatner shooting Weird or What

William Shatner is back at work this week, the 80 year-old actor has just started work on the second season of Weird or What, Shatner’s documentary series that explores the bizarre and unexplained

TrekMovie has been provided with a couple of behind the scenes images. Here is Bill appearing to be riding a Segway scooter:

…And here is the Hollywood magic behind the shot:

Weird or What with William Shatner airs on History in Canada, SBS One in Australia, and TV3 in New Zealand. A different version airs on Discovery in the USA, which strangely does not include Shatner hosting. 

Shatner’s Captain’s Doc coming this summer

In other Shatner news, TrekMovie has learned that William Shatner’s Star Trek documentary The Captains will be aired by the end of the summer. The documentary, directed by Shatner, features Bill talking to Star Trek’s various captains about their experiences in and out of Trek. Stay tuned to TrekMovie for more updates on this exciting project.

Shatner to be awarded with honorary degree

Next month William Shatner will be returning to his home of Montreal to recieve an honorary degree from his alma mater, McGill University. Shatner graduated from McGill in 1952 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and while studying there he was president of McGill’s radio workshop and active in their drama program.

The honorary degree will be presented during McGill’s Convocation ceremonies for the Faculty of Arts, at 10 a.m., Thursday, June 2. More details at

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The Shat strikes again!!

I’ve been wondering when the doc was gonna come out.

I am pleased that William Shatner is making some more “Weird or What” programmes. Hopefully, we’ll see them on TV3 again.

yah the usa version of weird is kinda lousy–id rather have shatner hosting it anyday–sigh ohwell

Btw I’ll be there, since I’m a former McGill student :p can’t wait

Way to go, Dr. Shatner! Keep ’em coming! :))

What about an honorary degree for the Shat from Taco Bell or In-N-Out Burger?

And what about MJ’s honorary degree from MLSIU (Milking Lame Shatner Insults University)?

I’m surprised it took you to post 7 to wade in with your usual insults at Mr. Shatner.

BTW – the actor certainly seems fit in the pictures above.


I can only say this,I love William Shatner!!!! ;:) :)

i can’t wait for that documentary. Is it going to be straight to DVD or on Cable? Anyone know?

He’s just wonderful.

Hopefully “The Captains” will be like “Mind Meld” and available on DVD after perhaps a showing on TV. It does sound interesting.

Lets see how many pounds you have put on by the time you are hitting 80…

#12 i hope so too!

Considering how the president of the Segway died, the version above is a lot safer!

Is his honorary degree a doctorate?

If so, go Dr. Shat!

There’s only one William Shatner!

I’m curious about The Captains …

:-) :-)

if Pine was in Captains, it would have been mentioned already. too bad.

Shatner’s been working out. He’s looking great. Hmmmmmmmm. Must be getting ready for a film role this fall.
I’m suspecting the degree is the standard honorary Doctor of Letters degree? Jas_montreal, have you heard? McGill’s site doesn’t specify, but when one already had a bachelor’s degree, the D. Litt. is common.

Any news of @#*! my dad says?

Yes, at the William Shatner Weekend a few days ago, the producer of the Captains announced that Chris Pine will be in the documentary. Bill Shatner verified that.

As I have said many times before….and I say to thee again…I love Shatner!

And while I’m getting Shakespearean and all…..Thor was pretty good today.

It will be great if Chris Pine is in The Captains … GREAT!!!

:-) :-) :-)

LOL, sis – the MLSIU must have quite a comprehensive honorary degree aspirants’ shortlist… :)

Yes, great. I am just wondering though if I will ever get to see The Captains, living so far away and all. I hope so.

@13 “Lets see how many pounds you have put on by the time you are hitting 80…Pillock.”

If I am 300 pounds at age 80, you can bet that I won’t be forcing my way into character roles that have long since past me by.”

@ “LOL, sis – the MLSIU must have quite a comprehensive honorary degree aspirants’ shortlist…”

My, how clever! :-))