PHXCC: Watch Wil Wheaton’s Hilarious A/V Recap Of Star Trek TNG’s “Justice”

Phoenix Comic Con kicked off in earnest on Friday and a highlight of the day was "story time with Wil Wheaton." Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton read some of his recent stories, and TrekMovie has video of Wheaton’s hilarious A/V presentation of his recap of the TNG episode "Justice." 


Will Wheaton Does "Justice"

The following is the raw video of Wil’s A/V presentation where he gave his recap of the episode "Justice," read from his book "Memories of the Future, Vol. 1." The added bonus was that he created a special slide show to go along with his reading. Watch that below.

Note this is raw video and I wasn’t really planning on taking full panel videos so please forgive the shaky cam (or perhaps that was an artistic choice).

WARNING: Adult language

You can listen or download MP3 for Wil’s entire "Storytime" event, which also includes a reading of his short story in }Clash of the Geeks," and some previews of his upcoming volume 2 of "Memories of the Future."

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TrekMovie will post updates on Friday’s other two Star Trek related panels (Sherry Jackson and Morgan Grendel), and more from Phoenix Comicon, so stay tuned.


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Brilliant. Wil Wheaton has really redeemed Wesley :p

Man Will Wheaton is one funny mofo. Really enjoyed that.

F*CKIN’ HILARIOUS!! “Justice” was a F*CKIN’ $HITTY episode, but Wil Wheaton gave us a F*CKIN’ hilarious commentary!

It’s a great read! Can’t wait until he finishes Vol.2!

Nice. I knew those first season TNG episodes were good for something!

The power point screwed up cause you broke up Leonerd and Penny.

I loved the Sheldon Cooper parts, especially the powerpoint joke :D

It was real funny, a little to crude for me, but hilarious none the less :D

Spectacular. Thanks for getting that posted, Anthony!

This was freaking hysterical. Loved it.
Nice going SHELDON!

Thanks for posting. I laughed my ass off that night.

Apologies for posting off thread.

Vultan, are you ok mister? I haven’t noticed any posts from you and what with the storms ripping up your home State I just wanted to check that you are safe and well?


Required viewing for the Supremes. Don’t ever let Star Trek be like that again, and you’ll be fine. Hire Wil Wheaton, while you’re at it as a script reviewer….

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Some of those early episodes were definitely pretty bad. Of all the seasons of TNG, season 1 definitely has not aged well at all.

Prediction — 10 years from now Will Wheaton will come out of the closet and then have a very public feud with Patrick Stewart.

(just kidding…LOL)


If TNG was starting out today and season 1 was the same as before, I doubt if it would have been renewed for a second season.

#14 LOL Nice one, MJ.

Absolutely amazing to see any Trek cast member have such amazing knowledge of internet memes, not to mention the ability to use them so hilariously in a ripping of his own show. Wil Wheaton is awesome!

“When they don’t know what a bat is, he describes Worf’s penis” epic.
That was thoroughly enjoyable and funny. Still amazes me that someone as awesome as Wheaton could play someone as lame as Wesley.

O! M! G! That was good.

brillaint i have been thinking of buying the first volume after watching this i am now
#15 i so agree with you & i dont think it would of been pick up for its back 9 or in this case back 12(tv networks take note it takes time for a show to bed give it that time)

Will Wheaton my hats off to you dear boy, your finally getting your revenge on bad early TNG after all of these years

More Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory!

says the video is set to private – not playing

Wil Wheaton is a great guy, and I think most Trek fans realize the Wesley thing was not his fault; it was the writers who apparently had no idea how to write a proper 15 yr old boy.

His book “Just a Geek” is great. I met him a couple of times at various conventions and he is very generous with his time to the fans.

@21. Kav “Will Wheaton my hats off to you dear boy…”

Carefull with the hat there!

See. I just can’t see a SG:U castmember doing this. That’s why Trek rules.

JJ, put Wheaton in a herpes-monster suit and get him in the movie!!

The video appears to have gone private. Now you’re just being a tease. :-/

I think it’s cool how Will Wheaton manages it all … Great!

:-) :-)

That was too funny, Wil has done some great comedy. Loved him in The Guild (!

There are klingons off the starboard bow…

srsly, wheaton is nsfw… smh…

I sure hope when you get to a W00tstock that Will does, he does this again. If you haven’t been to a W00tstock event, you’ve gotta do it.


I’ve been trying for a couple days. The video still doesn’t work.

It says, “Oops! Something broke. Please try again later!”

He has a torrent app. Naughty naughty…

You’ve really got to know the 4Chan & Reddit memes for this.


I’m alive and well, Buzz! No storm damage here, but a gopher did chew my internet line in two. Now I’ll have to call Bill Murray. ;)

Thanks for checking, buddy.

I can forgive the camerawork.

I can’t forgive spelling shaky “shakey”!

Oh hi Vults!
A big relief to see you are ok.

Just for you….

Are you serious about the gopher chewing your cable? Its a dangerous old place, OK, isn’t it! lol

TNG missed a great opportunity to have viable villain in Wesly Crusher!


That was freakin’ funny

go Wil go

I vote for Wesley Crusher to be captain of the Enterprise “F”

Best trek recap ever!


You need to do this for every episode – Mystery Science Star Trek 3000!


Aye, a dangerous place indeed. We have lightning storms, tornadoes, strait-line winds, hail the size of softballs, packs of crazy coyotes roaming the prairie at night, mosquitoes the size of Supermarine Spitfires, black bears, black widow spiders, a variety of venomous snakes, but the most deadly would have to be… the gopher! Deadly to internet access, anyway.


15:35 = Sabotaged by Sheldon!!

We have the Loch Ness Monster, Vults. lol Beat that matey. ;-)

Interesting that you mention the Supermarine Spitfire. Just a mile or two up the road there was a factory that turned them out. Its a Honda plant now!

You may, or may not, be interested

if you get a chance, read Wil Wheaton’s blog and buy his books. He is a VERY talented writer and “memories of the future” and “just a geek” are required writing. I admire Wil greatly. he ROCKS.

And yes, VERY clever of Sheldon to mess up the powerpoint! if you’ve ever seen Wil on “Big Bang Theory” he’s hilarious.

#34 Doesn’t work in Safari, try Firefox instead.

Wicked funny! :D