Cryptic Revamps Star Trek Online Ground Combat With Season 4 “Crossfire” – Live Now

The MMO Star Trek Online has just gone through another big update as today Cryptic launched "Season 4: Crossfire." As the name implies, this latest enhancement focuses on ground combat, with a complete revamp. The Klingon faction has also seen some love from Cryptic. See below for details and videos showing of new features for the game. 


Star Trek Online Season 4: Crossfire Goes Live

Ever since it launched last year, the ground combat Star Trek Online has been seen as not up to the same level as the space combat. For their Season 4 "Crossfire" update, Cryptic is looking to set things right with a totally revamped ground combat system, including a new “Shooter Mode” option which lets you toggle between tab-and-click targeting and point-and-shoot mode. Check out the S4 trailer.

Cyrptic have updated all the weapons with new FX, audio and stats and they have added many new weapons and new kit powers for Season 4: Crossfire. Here is a new tutorial video to show you how all the improvements work in the game.

Cryptic have also made some improvements to the Klingon side of the game. The brand new
Qo’noS hub has been revamped to make navigation much easier with markers and a more intuitive layout. Cryptic are also promising more Sector and Patrol missions for the Klingon faction to be added during Season 4.

There are more enhancements for Season 4, to get all the details visit

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“Snipe your enemies”
Thats not Star Trek !

Naver Drol

Yeah it is. There were phaser rifles as far back as the original series. We didn’t always see red shirts looking through the big goofy sights but they were there.


Whatever you say man.


If you are a fan of Star Trek, you should avoid this game. STO has very little to do with Star Trek.

On the other hand if you are a fan of MMO’s you should avoid this game.


And let the bitching begin…


@ 1

To quote Trek 09 TV trailer…. “This isn’t your fathers star trek”.


hahah i agree with ET,

Byron D.

Honestly this game is fun, and has kept me coming back for more. I’ve played 10+ different MMO’s and this is the only one I’ve ever really enjoyed playing.

This is a great MMO and a great Star Trek game. After the past year of improvements, Star Trek: Online has great combat, with memorable battles, peaceful diplomacy missions to work your way to becoming an Ambassador, and the ability to explore fantastic locations, including the brand new Qo’noS.


That looks great!


lol @ #4 You’re missing out then. STO is far from perfect, but the addition of The Foundry, where players can create their own missions and stories, has given the game a feature I don’t think has ever been seen before.

The space combat has always been great, and now the sub-par ground combat got an overhaul and is finally starting to catch up to the space combat. I will definitely be playing STO during Season 4.

Daniel Stahl has done a great job since he took over the STO team. The game has gotten better in every patch since Zinc got promoted.

Stephen Naples

sto rox!!

Daniel Stahl is a legend!

Kirk, James T.

“Thats not Star Trek” ? Does anyone know what makes Star Trek, Star Trek beyond the vision Gene Roddenberry had – I mean theres got to be something more than just the optimistic future, Optimism is a broad thing not confined to peaceful exploration – optimism often comes naturally to people faced with a huge conflict. There has to be more to Trek than just staying within the Roddenberry vision – a point Rick Berman never really grasped. Star Trek isn’t just a tightly woven mythology dedicated to just remaining within the canon of the established universe. Here we have some dedicated artists producing something new set within the Star Trek universe, Its the same with Abrams, here we have a great director and producer with a talented team dedicated to Star Trek and updating it so that a new audience can enjoy it. The thing I’ve realised since 2009 is that the majority of fans are great and enjoy Star Trek for what it is and was, but there’s an outspoken minority, many of whom roam around the internet picking at every single thread. They are the people that ruin it for everyone by asserting their opinions to a far more detrimental level. The success of the 2009 movie just goes to show that many fans and the mainstream market enjoyed a fresh take on what had become a stale and stagnant franchise and I think perhaps some fans need to lighten up and enjoy every facet of Star Trek whether it be gaming, films, TV series or toys and collectables and just enjoy the fact that Trek isn’t this linear timeline that fits perfectly together, that good Star Trek has always been about telling a fantastic action and adventure story with a social or ethical moral woven, hidden… Read more »


@13 I couldn’t agree more my friend. I hardly go to message boards anymore just because of bitchy fans who hate the new movie. “OMG, Gene would turn in his grave if he saw the Enterprise now!!!” BS, he’d be like, “damn, that looks cool, can we put it on screen more!!”

13 said it best, and as #5, let the bitching begin!!


@ Kirk:

“Trek comes in many shapes and sizes – Star Trek is something that deserves to explore new worlds of opportunity, to seek out a new, younger more open minded audience, to boldly get away from the confines of the tiny box fans have put it in and to step outside, to stretch its legs and to become whatever the guardians of the franchise decide what the next story is going to be about.

Star Trek has been and always will be a tapestry of fantastic stories – simple as that.”

Well said, good sir. Well said.

It’s funny that this “vocal minority”, fails to grasp the concept of IDIC (Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations). Or as your namesake once said, “Young minds, fresh ideas, be tolerant!”


Dan Stahl is a glorified use car salesman.

Pensive's Wetness

#16 is a over blown troll. but what ever. guess ill have to spend some time updating again…

Stahl Rocks!

Stahl reminds me of Shatner. And his direction of STO since Craig Z. originally left has been phenomenal!

Btw, the others in the video could use some media training. (hint, hint)


Like the more rapid pacing of combat. Like the new camera angles. All in all, it looks good.

BUT….it needs to go to a different revenue model to get me back.


Impressive! This game just became far more coolio. Damn it, I’m on a Mac. :(

Aside from the ‘not very Trek’ argument, as a WoW player I’m impressed at this games development and I was impressed by the producer, Daniel Stahl. They sold Cryptic to China??? O’Rly? Well, China has far more WoW players than the US or Europe (notice that is never blocked by the China Gov. lol!). But I’m amazed such an established US franchise wouldn’t cause Paramount, someone, to pony up some development cash. *shrug*


Well, here come the Crypyic Shill’s, or even worse the blind/fanboy/sheep.

Go to the official STO forums and see for yourself ( if the GM’s haven’t locked or closed all the negative threads by now. ) One player said it best ” Season 4 = Season fail.


Until STO is free, im not playing it. I won’t pay montly to play a game.


Stahl reminds me of Shatner. And his direction of Star Trek V, The Final Frontier.

Btw, the others in the video could use some media training. (hint, hint)

I fixed it for you, no thanks necessary.


Been playing STO for over a year now. Some of the best gaming fun I’ve had.


I’m not blind, I can see fine. I can see the bugs and issues in STO, yet I can see past those and enjoy the game for what it is: Entertainment.

I’m not a fanboy. Heck, didn’t know who Cryptic was before they came with STO. Played some Champions Online to try it out. Got bored quickly. but STO… I keep on coming back with STO.

I’m not a sheep. I am an individual with my own, broad tastes and my own opinions. I like what I like, and I dislike what I dislike.

STFs? Meh, not really interested in them.

PvP? Kinda stale when not playing with my fellow Trek Radio listeners.

Deep Space Encounters? Freaking annoying when the NPC enemies turn Vice Admiral level when you’re a wee Lt. and you’re suddenly helped by a random VA.

Those are some things that need improvement.

Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the rest of the game.


My only thing is that this game doesn’t make me feel like i’m LIVING in the star trek universe. So if it fails at that, it fails at me investing my time in this mmo.

I’m not a big FPS player either but Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2 made me feel like I was experiencing Star Trek.

I don’t think Star Trek games should adhere and fit the mold of existing game genre’s.



ah…but are you a shill?


@26 Nah, not at all.

To be completely honest, your snide remarks are getting, well, boring. :|

Pensive's Wetness

perhaps, Val. but @16/26’s comments are, in a word… predictable. yes, yes, yes we know you hate STO with passion, PariahTerra. yes, yes, yes we know you like to bash the (IYHO) fanbase of STO.

yes, yes, yes you’re a complete troll but we still are uh… waiting to exhale… i think… what where we talking about?

and about the ESC’s variable agro setting? yeah i hated it when i’d be playing as a mid rank and suddenly everything turned to RED +31 and i get cored in one shot. usually its a retard just trolling for Flag ships during the cool-down and not caring about the results around him… helpful? hardly…


I saw no mention of my biggest issue (aside from the obvious issues of bugs and such.) By biggest issue was the mass spawn of ships/NPCs.

For instance: Happily running along *pew pew pew* Got you! You’re dead, I win. I’m the best….the be (Spawn 10+ships/NPCs) WHAT THE FU–! *dead*

Seconded by the I’m not strong enough to kill these NPCs faster than the NPCs respawn leaving me in a never ending battle.

I’ve even been in groups that couldn’t kill the mass number of NPCs quick enough.


This might actually make me reconsider going back to STO. The ground combat was one of my biggest pet peeves. Towards the end of my subscription, I’d avoid ground missions at all cost.


14. Snugglepuff:

“,,,I hardly go to message boards anymore just because of bitchy fans who hate…

I agree completely. These days, all I seem to be interested in are just keeping up-to-date with news but definitely not the comments. This may be the last comment I make on a Trek message board.

Red Dead Ryan


“This may be the last comment I make on a Trek message board.”

So, we’ll see you tomorrow then, shall we? :-)

The TOS Purist aka The Purolator

All I want is a proper TOS game. That is all.

Ryan Gromm

speaking of Voyager.. does anyone know of any way to find an online copy of elite force 1, the game, anywhere?? I’m about ten years too late in trying it out..

Help please– write at email below if you have any suggestions!