Michael Dorn Lands Recurring Role On Castle

Another Star Trek alumni has landed a TV guest staring role, and this time it is Star Trek: The Next Generation’s (and Star Trek: DS9’s) Michael Dorn who will have a recurring role in the upcoming season of Castle. Details below.


Dorn to Castle

The hit ABC comedy-drama Castle, about a mystery writer who helps the NYPD solve crimes, is adding some Klingon to the mix. TV Guide is reporting that Michael Dorn will be appearing in the season 4 premiere and at least one additional episode.

Dorn will be playing a therapist who is counseling Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) who is dealing with the aftermath of being shot (in the season 3 finale). TV Guide offers some details on Dorn’s role:

Executive producer Laurie Zaks says Beckett’s time on the shrink’s couch may also hold some key answers about the evolution of Beckett’s relationship with Castle (Nathan Fillion).

"It’s going to dredge up a whole bunch of stuff," Zaks says. "Her conversations will enlighten how the relationship will move forward to whatever that next level is."

Hopefully on Castle we will also get to see Dorn have a scene with Richard Castle himself (Nathan Fillion) for an imaginary Star Trek/Firefly cross-over moment.

This will be Dorn’s first time back on live-action TV since his recurring role as the US  President on Heroes in 2008 and 2009. The actor has also been doing a lot of voice work recently for both animated TV shows and video games.

Dorn will be joining Penny Johnson who is also joining Castle for the upcoming season as a regular, playing the new captain of the 12th Precinct and boss to Detective Beckett. Trek fans will recognize Johnson for her recurring role as Kasidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


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I hope his role pans out to become a recurring character.

Awesome! I love Castle, and it’ll get even better with Mr. Woof on board, even if only temporarily.

I love Castle. I can’t wait to see Michael Dorn on the show.

Thank you Trekmovie, for spoiling that Beckett survived her gunshot at the end of season3 . Of course, we all knew they would retcon it and she would ANWYAY but still…thanks.

Dorn deserves so much more career. He’s very good. He should have his own whodunnit show a la The Closer (um, only a little more masculine), Bones, or Castle.

I don’t watch Castle, it just didn’t happen but if Michael Dorn is in I ‘ll definately check it.


I’ve always thought that Dorn works best as spice added. I dunno if he’d be the best lead character–of course, it would really depend on the writing–but he seems to be able to do a lot with very little when he gets supporting roles. There frankly aren’t a lot of actors that can do that.

Always thought Dorn was an under-rated actor. He did great work with Worf, but he was absolutely outstanding as the baseball player in DS9’s “Far Beyond the Stars”.

I find it somewhat amusing that a character who almost didn’t make the cut in the TNG pilot has ended up being in more Trek episodes than any other person.

It’s about time somebody gave this guy more high profile work! He needs more! Dorn’s too good of an actor to not be working more. WHAT IS HOLLYWOOD’S PROBLEM!?!?!?!?!?!

I’m sure at some point Castle’s habit of clinging on to Beckett will be addressed…

Terrific! I hope he keeps working, either on Castle or something else.

Nathan Fillion was in my German class in university, 20 years ago or so. Nice guy.

Awesome, love Castle & seeing Dornie (as Marina Sirtis calls him) from time to time will be a nice treat.

Some Dude on the Internet

Cool, happy to see him on this great show.

I was worried about his health awhile back, he had lost a lot of weight and looked sickly in some photos at a convention; then I heard he had gone Vegan- no not exposed as an alien from Vega, just stopped eating animal products…. anyone know if this is true?

That is a healthy lifestyle if done correctly, but it is not a natural lifestyle regardless of any literature or beliefs to the contrary. Man can live by meat alone- vegetables not so much…

Eating a balanced diet does not bother me; I can detach the hamburger from what they must do to the cow in order to get it to me; I take solace in the fact that man, apes [primates] and certain sea mammals are the only self-aware beings on the planet and I eat none of those.

10, if you they’re actually going to address anything like that, you don’t watch this show. I won’t be the least bit surprised if Beckett doesn’t remember what Castle says to her after she’s been shot.

Michael Dorn is a very talented actor and deserves the best. I can’t wait to see him on Castle.

Congrats, Michael. It’ll be great seeing you on the tube again.

It is great for Michael Dorn and I am happy for him! :)

Keachick (rose pinenut)

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Given that these regions of the world have been and are the most heavily populated, it seems that the predominately vegetarian diet maintained by a good many has done nothing to decrease their success at procreation.

Penny Johnson was also in TNG in season 7, episode 13 “Homeward”.

“Worf’s adopted brother, Nicolai, became a scientist and was assigned to the cultural observation post on the planet Boraal II. He broke the Prime Directive by becoming much more involved with the Boraalans than necessary.”

Penny Johnson played Dobara, the Boraalan woman that Nicolai fell in love with. The Prime Directive required that they just watch while the Boraalans perish as their world become uninhabitable but Nicolai refused to do it and asked the Enterprise to help him save them. Interesting episode.


@Browncoat1984 – you’re kidding, right? First of all, there’s a giant “SPOILER WARNING” before any spoilers. Second, they tell you beforehand he’s appearing in the upcoming season of Castle; did you not then think they might talk about the upcoming season of Castle? Finally, as you said, Like They Would Really Do It.

We wanna see more!!!!!!!!!

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