Orci & Kurtzman Exploring Possibilities For New Animated Star Trek + Say Sequel Delay Time Not Wasted

In a new interview Star Trek co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have given an update on a possible new animated Star Trek series, saying they would love to do it if they could. They also talked about how all the time waiting for JJ Abrams to finish Super 8 wasn’t wasted. Details below.


Orci & Kurtzman looking in to doing Animated Star Trek

Back in May TrekMovie asked Bob Orci about the possibility of producing a new animated Star Trek series, like he and Alex Kurtzman had done with Transformers: Prime (which recently picked up two Daytime Emmy Awards). At the time Orci responded by saying they had "talked about it." Now in a SDCC radio interview with the My Geek Time radio show the pair gave an animated update:

Orci: We have asked about [an animated Star Trek series]. We have asked what the rights are and who owns it and what are the possibilities. It is a very early – kind of "is this a possibility?" and we are waiting to hear back. But we would love to do it.

Kurtzman: We just had the experience of doing Transformers: Prime on The Hub. We learned a lot from that experience and it would be cool to do something like that from Trek.

So while it is extremely early, it is encouraging news. With the myriad of Star Trek rights between CBS and Paramount, it will likely be complicated to get such a show off the ground. Hopefully Orci and Kurtzman’s experiences on Star Trek and developing new series such as Hawaii Five-O and Transformers: Prime can be leveraged into a new Star Trek animated series, something TrekMovie.com has been advocating for years. A new live-action Star Trek series could possibly conflict with ongoing Star Trek sequels being product by JJ Abrams over the next few years, however an animated series could compliment what the team are doing and help build a new (younger) like LucasFilm has done with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Tongue-in-cheek behind the scenes video for "Transformers: Prime" featuring Kurtzman and Orci

Sequel delay time not wasted + been thinking sequels since 2006/7

In the same SDCC interview Orci and Kurtzman also talked about the delay of the Star Trek movie and how all the time they were waiting for JJ Abrams to finish Super 8 wasn’t wasted:

Kurtzman: One thing that was really good is that even though there was this pressure of a deadline, I think we all felt so strongly that we had to protect Trek. And so we had the luxury while JJ was making [Super 8] and while we were doing other things to take real time to break the story. And for us story is 90% of it. It was great and we felt the confidence that now to move forward. 

Orci: And some of the ideas for the second one came from when we were talking about the first movie. We never do this because we think it is bad luck to think of the next movie and counting your chips…Every movie needs to stand on its own. Part of the reason we went the Nimoy way and made it an alternate universe is because we knew it would free us and free the franchise from what came before so we couldn’t help ourselves from thinking about sequels.

Of course this new universe also creates possibilities for a new animated series as well. Star Trek hasn’t gone animated since the 1970s, even though many other modern film franchises have animated series.

Clip from Star Trek: The Animated Series "The Time Trap" (1973)



POLL: Want Animated Star Trek from Orci and Kurtzman?

What do you think? Orci and Kurtzman are already working on a new comic book series and assisting with the upcoming Star Trek video game, all expanding their new Star Trek universe. Are you ready to see an animated TV show added to that mix?




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