Watch: Star Trek Reference On Sherlock + Pegg Talks Cumberbatch

Coincidence Alert! The big news of the week was that British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as the villain in the Star Trek sequel. And in a bit of small world, tonight’s episode of Sherlock airing on the BBC contained a small Star Trek reference aimed at Cumberbatch. Watch the clip below, plus see what Simon Pegg has to say about Sherlock and Cumberbatch.


Star Trek reference on Cumberbatch’s Sherlock

This clip is from the Sherlock episode "The Hounds of Baskerville" which aired on the BBC Sunday night and will air in the US in May on PBS. In the scene Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) has just seen the fabled hound and is a bit shaken up, and he is being consoled by Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman).

Obviously this episode was written and shot long before Cumberbatch was even being considered for a role in the Star Trek sequel, so the reference just days after his casting appears to just be a coincidence.

Pegg on Cumberbatch

As we noted earlier in the week, Simon Pegg is a fan of the new Sherlock series and last weekend (before Cumberbatch’s casting) he lamented on how coming to the US to shoot the Star Trek sequel is going to deny him from seeing the rest of the second season airing in the UK.  Well earlier today Pegg send out a couple more tweets about Sherlock and Cumberbatch.


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I hope simon pegg asks benedict what role he got :) and then spills the beans with us on the trekmovie boards.

Spock…and the grit on the lens.

I see two Star Trek references in here. *nudge nudge*

Hey Simon. Try Netflix or Hulu. Or just ask Cumberbatch to bring in a few Eps for you to watch. Lol.

Very nice indeed

Is it just me or is it possible to have a franchise that has regular blockbusting crowd pleasing feature films & a quality tv series at the same time?

Guy Richie’s Shirlock & this apparently great show Co-Exist just fine.
Transformers Prime & the Movies.
Star Wars: clone wars & the movies.

get the hint Paramount?

yea, the sooner they get back to work on tiring people of the Trek franchise- again- the better

I just don’t get why an adult male would do something called twitter.

7. Twitter? I don’t even poker.



Never twittered.
But I once teetered.
Even tottered.
But never twittered.

Get the tenor?

@8. You haven’t met Nazneen Contractor, yet, have you now?

Simon and Benedict. Sounds like a buddy movie waiting to happen!

Glad to hear it, Vults!
It seem’s like something a teenage girl would do. Or an actor who enjoys attention. Ah, I realise I just found the answer there!

And does anybody else get tired of being asked if they are on Facebook?
I’m thinking of joining it just to say i’m not on it!

Nazneen Contractor’s taken…

@ #2: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought there were two jokes in there. Here’s hoping the lens flares are over with.

Spock reference…. isn’t the show supposed to take place in the 1800’s??? They wouldn’t even know who Spock was…

I hope that Benedict’s hair isn’t that big and fluffy in the Star Trek movie!

#14 No.. if you saw the TV series Sherlock, you would see it is a modern day version, set now.

The episode was actually called “The Hound of Baskerville”….

Cool… Leonard Nimoy played Holmes, and I believe it was an adaptation of “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” Also: one expansion of author Philip José Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe said Holmes and Spock were related.

Re: the Wold Newton Family. Spock seems to be referring to being related to Sherlock Holmes in STAR TREK VI when he says, “An ancestor of mine maintained that if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be the truth.”

Twitter. Twit. To twit.
Twit may refer to: A person of lesser intelligence, it is normally used in a humorous way. Idiot, a mentally deficient or self-defeating person…
From Wiki.
Just saying.

That’d be amaze-balls if Simon Pegg showed up on these boards!

Just an observation, but does anyone else notice that this guy would have made a great younger version of Jean-Luc Picard?

#1,jas-montreal,me too!! :) Do I think that’ll happen…………….. Well,you never can tell! :)

# 16: The original Arthur Conan Doyle novel is titled “Hound of the Baskerville”. But they do have the episode title correct here. It is “Hounds of the Baskerville”.

(LGT BBC page)

@#6 Like the way you think Trekboi

Not sure which one lensflared me more, yesterdays Sherlock or Abrams’ Star Trek. Love to see those two come together though!


Now I am on Facebook, Buzz, but only for the reason you mentioned. It’s really annoying when someone asks you if you’re on there… and they’re standing right in front of you! Like conversing through the computer is the only way they can… um, you know that thing where people talk back and forth… uh—conversation! Yeah….


I’ve enjoyed Sherlock a lot.

As for movies & TV at the same time…. It is a real bummer to get only a 90 minute ST episode every four years. Star Trek was originally episodic.

It would be possible to put on a Trek TV show without spending a lot of money on new sets. Set it in the JJ universe, and redress the existing sets. Those sets just sit around for years at a time. Use them! Hypothetical show would be a sister ship to the Enterprise from the movies, or similar anyway.

You could even have guest appearances from movie cast members! What a concept!


I just want to know if Cumberbatch’s character is going to have pointed ears or not.

@#3: Um, nice suggestion.

Well, except S2 of Sherlock wouldn’t be on Netflix yet, and it’s not on Hulu, either.

But other than that, spot on.

See, told you…

#26 don’t you have your artworks on Facebook or some place or other, Vults?
Cos I would like that link again if possible buddy?


Here you go, Buzz:

Ah thanks mate. Its now in my favourites. ;)
They are spectacular. I wish i had half your talent.

#14 This version of Sherlock Homes is modernized version set in present day England


Thanks. Much appreciated, mate.

When Trek returns to TV it should return to the Prime Universe. keep the alternate universe to the Abrams movies only.

No matter how good the Abrams movies are my heart will always be to the prime universe.

Keep it new, keep it fresh, but keep it original.

-The Original New Series (TONS) ; – )

Hmmmm….Captain Garth of Izar, perhaps? Or a Vulcan homelander, pressuring Spock to quit Starfleet and throw his talent (and genetic makeup) into preserving the Vulcan race and way of life?

I still think Cumberbatch would play an amazing Vulcan (perhaps one hellbent on revenge…). Whatever he plays, he’ll be great. He is the BEST Sherlock Holmes since Jeremy Brett IMO (let’s not even discuss Downey’s Sherlock Stark). Can’t wait until Sherlock series 2 hits the United States (only a few more months; I’ll try to hold on… ;-P).

Cumberbatch’s casting has me excited about the possibilities for this next ST film. Sincerely hope he plays a new villain though, and not some redo of a TOS villain. It’d be a waste of his talents…

38. “The Original New Series (TONS)”

How about……………..Trek Unique Revised Daring (TURD)?

Cumberbatch has the look to play the “Albino” – in DS9 he is old and being hunted by Kor, Koloth, and Kang (who are equally as old). But in this era he would be in his prime.

Chances of the Albino being the villain in Trek 2 are about 0.0001%, but the character could certainly be a compelling and ruthless villain to challenge the crew + it’ll bring the Klingons into the story

Another tiny ‘Trek reference was some of the computer sounds when they were accessing a CIA database :-)

We also got what I believe was the first usage in this version of the “If you eliminate the impossible…” line, which of course has been quoted by Spock twice. A coincidence of course, but it made me smile.

Man, I would love to be an extra in the movie, like an anonymous bridge officer or something!

Just a chance to rub elbows with the likes of Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller, Karl Urban, Bruce Greenwood, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, etc etc.

Maybe I’m biased as a Trek fan but Star Trek 2 is shaping up to have quite the star-studded cast.

#36 Vults, did you ever get around to finishing the Kirk/Enterprise painting you were working on?

#35 It certainly is. When surprised by seeing a naked woman brazenly displaying herself I did laugh at Sherlock saying ‘if I wanted to look at naked women i’d borrow Watson’s laptop’ !.


Sadly, no. Not yet, anyway. Other projects have pushed Kirk to the back burner. Right now I’m working on something of my own creation. I’ll give you a link when the website is done.

#’s 38 and 41.

How about both?

Then you’d have……………TONS of TURD!

Kirk pushed to the back burner, Vults? That sounds like your application to join Bad Robot, young man! lol
I look forward to seeing your latest work though.