Photos & Video of Chris Pine At ‘This Means War’ UK Premiere + Saldana & Bakula At SAG Awards

Chris Pine took some time out from playing Captain Kirk for the currently filming Star Trek sequel to travel to the UK yesterday for the premier of his new action comedy, This Means War. We have photos and videos of Chris and co-star Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis) from the premiere below, plus photos of Zoe Saldana and Scott Bakula from the SAG Awards on Sunday.


Chris Pine and Tom Hardy at This Means War Premire


Chris Pine and Tom Hardy on the red carpet at the This Means War premier in London on Monday (via ITV).

And here is director McG introducing Chris at the premier, thanking him for "beaming" over to the UK during the Star Trek production (via Adamethancrow).


Chris Pine sporting his Kirk sideburns at "This Means War" premier

Chris Pine at UK première of "This Means War"

Chris Pine at UK première of "This Means War"

Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine at UK première of "This Means War"

This Means War comes out Valentine’s Day in the US. Here is the latest trailer.

Zoe Saldana and Scott Bakula at SAG Awards

Speaking of Trek celebrities at gala events, the new Uhura Zoe Saldana and Star Trek: Enterprise’s Scott Bakula attended the SAG Awards on Sunday. Zoe was presenting and her outfit (white silk organza Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown with Tiffany and Co. jewels) got her listed as one of the best dressed by Us Magazine.

Zoe Saldana at SAG Awards on Sunday

Zoe Saldana at SAG Awards on Sunday

Scott Bakula and wife Chelsea Field at SAG Awards on Sunday

Photos: Getty Images

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Now Chris can tell us whether blondes have more fun!

Chris and Scott both know how to wear a suit.

Uh-oh. Bakula mans drop his silver dollar and almost step on.

Wow… Chris looks amazing!

Not too mention Mr Bakula looking suave, and, of course, Miss Zoe looks gorgeous as always!

Lovely stuff! Two more weeks to go till I see my honey again, as FDR…LOL

Gosh, Chris Pine has put on weight. It must be all that gym work that he’s supposed to have been doing. I hope so. Anyway, he can’t put on too much more. He is not William Shatner. He is Chris Pine and needs to be a PINE/Kirk, not a wannabe Shatner/Kirk lookalike, because that is the only way some people can see James Kirk as being and looking. People seem to want Chris to look more like the ACTOR, William Shatner, who is not necessarily physically any more like the fictional CHARACTER James Kirk than Chris is. That is NOT Chris Pine’s problem and it should never become one for him.

Playing the character of James Kirk is not really about the size of the actor’s pecs etc. If the casting team had hunted long enough, it is likely that they could have found somebody who had a much closer Shatner/Kirk’s body shape and look etc, but could he bring out the essence of the Kirk character, as in the body language, the voice, subtlety of expression – that wonderful, beautiful, indefinable quality? Not necessarily, but Chris Pine can and did, even though he does not share the same body shape as William Shatner. He doesn’t need to and nor should he have to.

I want to see Chris Pine being James Kirk. We have already seen William Shatner as Kirk and wonderful he was as well, but now it is Chris’s turn!

Chris Pine can make a badly fitting suit jacket actually look OK. He’s the man. Love him!

Bakula for Star Trek 2013!

Whoa, Teela is aging very gracefully.

Anyway, I’m not sure about the movie “This Means War.” I predict a bomb. Too bad for the three main actors since I really like them.

anyone else think that This Means War trailer screen shot looks like Pine is on the bridge of the Ent with JJ behind in a shirt/tie?

looking good guys. Zoe. looking Hot as ever, Meow!

6. You think the suit doesn’t fit him well? But I guess he looks OK like you said so I would never know.

I’m so bad at that stuff. I was told yesterday while wearing my suit that I look like a little boy wearing his dad’s suit. A little embarrasing, to be sure. I guess I should get it refitted.

@8 if only theyd called it Kirk vs Shinzon eh

12: Right? I’d even like it if they called it Kirk vs Bane. Or Kirk and Bane fight over June Carter.

That suit looks awful on Chris. Hard to tell if he’s beefed up or just over weight.

I wouldnt say he looks awful in the suit lol (then again I’m obsessed with the sexiness that is Chris Pine and he can do no wrong in my eyes) BUT it just looks like the suit is probably a suit he owns and since bulking up it looks like it’s not tailored for his body. He definitely doesnt look like he’s just overweight though, looks more like he’s hit the gym and added muscle. Kinda looks like he could be Channing Tatum’s brother in that second picture.

I believe Chris did some bulking up at the gym before the Star Trek shoot. Perhaps this suit was pre-bulking

And you know, everytime I go back and watch movies that Tom Hardy has been in, I cringe at how wrongly he was used in Nemesis. You have a guy who is an incredible actor, someone who gets inside of his characters and really transforms them into something great…and then you see him as Shinzon and you just wonder why it wasnt a better concept of a character. Even go back and watch him in the small part he had in Band of Brothers and he brings that character to life even without being part of the main ensenble.

Oh Captain Fine looks GORGEOUS always……. KIRK/PINE!!!!!

Zoe was stunning at the SAG Awards….

Note Chris Pines hair cut and pointy side burns…

Bane is a dwarf LOL

Wow, the men of Star Trek are looking fine in their suits! However, I’m not too sure about Tom Hardy’s beard yet…

#16 – In some ways, I wish that was the case but I don’t think it is. It is called bad tailoring – by a top Hollywood men’s clothes designer, Ralph Lauren. Chris Pine’s name has been associated with Ralph Lauren. Chris has been seen wearing Ralph Lauren accessories like scarves, caps, jewellery – no problem with those.

Remember the thread posted here last year showing some of the Trek actors at a GQ Mens Magazine event. Chris was wearing a brown suit then, yet the suit jacket still did not look like it fitted him properly and this was before he bulked up. The same design apparel was worn by the other male actors and similar problem. It is the cut of the suit jacket, man, the cut of suit jacket – bloody awful!!! It looks like they ran out of material. How *cheap* can they get? Seriously? WTF?

Everyone looks nice, but Zoe is looking especially elegant and poised.

Seems like she’s ready to slip into Uhura mode at any time now. :-)

#17 PEB

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nemesis was the train wreck that it was for one reason and one reason only: a director who knew nothing about Star Trek. I like to think about the “what-if’s” if Jonathan Frakes had been allowed to direct again.

Tom Hardy should be gearing up for Mad Max: Fury Road about now. Wonder if the beard’s all about that.

I have no idea what is going on here. Maybe Chris is under contract to Ralph Lauren to model their latest menswear, which he does. He is not able to have anything altered, nor perhaps able to wear another designer’s outfit while under contract to Ralph Lauren. If that is the case, it won’t be too soon before that contract expires. Chris – do NOT renew it.

Chris can make a well tailored, formal apparel look magnificent, so why this stuff? It didn’t help that the tie was not sitting straight.

Of course, the tie (strangle bangle) is another one of those fashion atrocities that won’t go away. Perhaps it is this insistence on the tie – preventing proper blood flow between head and heart, hence all the dipstick/deranged/callous decision making among the powerful “suits” of this world…perhaps, possibly, probably, maybe?…;) Just musing.

In the This Means War movie outtakes, Chris wore a lovely brown three piece suit with an unusually coloured shirt – some sort of burgundy/violet colour, and NO TIE. He looked magnificent – very smart. I’m not sure if he was ever shown wearing it with the suit jacket buttoned up or not, but since he was wearing a waistcoat, there would have been not much need to button up the jacket.

Chris Pine ALWAYS looks better when he is NOT wearing a tie!

@7 I agree Ben ! Star Trek XII NEEDS The Admiral Archer, I mean OUR Admiral Archer!

#27. Keachick… yes as far as I know CP has an agreement with the brand Ralph Lauren…

I saw people praising the CP’s outfit … were not only criticisms, some liked it, by the way…

;-) :-)

About building some muscle… according to my sources until January 10, Chris Pine had already put on over 15 pounds of lean muscle… now he must have exceeded this, I guess…. I guess…. ;-) :-)

Cool, looks like Pine has the shorter, early-TOS Kirk hair now.

Pine is sporting the Kirk sideburns, that’s encouraging.

Dee – I liked the colour and the fine stripes in the suit. He looked very nice in those muted colours. It was just the fit of the jacket that doesn’t seem right. I think if he had left it unbuttoned, the strange fit would not have been seen/noticed. I guess he either wanted to button it up or was told to.

Re – CP weight gain
I can’t think in terms of pounds. Metrics happened here in the late sixties, early seventies so it’s really all I know.

15 pounds = 6.82 kilos. I read that Chris WAS about 180 pounds plus those 15 pounds means that he could be about 195 pounds in weight – making him about 88 kilos. His height is supposed to be 6ft and a half inch tall or about 184 cms. He always looks one of the taller individuals at any gatherings I have seen him at. Chris’s BMI (according to these figures) is 25.59 which tips him into the category of being overweight, although because most of this increased weight is lean muscle, it is not really a health risk. However, my initial intuition I had when looking at the pictures of him from the This Means War promotion was correct. He should not put on any more weight, lean muscle or otherwise. He just won’t look right nor, very likely, feel right either. He is not William Shatner. He is Chris Pine – bless him.

You take care, Chris. And to his personal trainer, Bad Robot team etc – you take care of him too. Ease up, please.

BTW, I am not his mother. He is not my son. I just care about him. Who knows why, but there it is.

Good to see pointy sideburns on Pine…

One thing’s sure, the guy’s better-looking than Shatner.

Wow, Chris Pine’s hair is getting out of control.

#33. Keachick … a lot of pics at The Chris Pine Network… great pics!

:-) :-)

His eyes are really, really blue.

Yes, Dee, I see! A lot of them are the same, but there are ones with him smiling. I can’t find it but there was a photocopy of an Empire magazine (UK) with a transcription of an interview with Chris, Tom, Reese and McG. Chris and Tom said the most. I read it last night (print was really fine even when magnified) and it was hilarious, esp. Chris and Tom and what they said to each other…:)

Perhaps it was removed for copyright reasons or something. I hope not – just been looking in the wrong place. See MJ – I have my late night moments too… I tried Chris Pine tumblr but they are off at the moment. I think they can’t handle the number of hits since the TMW promotional material went internet. I think the magazine article may have been there. I think Tom Hardy sites may be just as busy.

Hardly unexpected really. They don’t just cast one deliciously handsome dude, but two, in the same movie. Of course, everyone knows my preference, but Tom is interesting as well… OMG! Wicked casting!

Oh Yes, N. Chris Pine has blue eyes. IMDb describes those gorgeous Pine blue eyes as his most distinguishing feature.

Pine’s hair out of control? Yeah, at the front and on top – cool. For it to be out of control, he has to actually have some at the sides and back but he’s got it really short back and sides. Oh dear… this haircut is for Captain Kirk of the next sequel. Should I be worried?

I’m really surprised the studios decided to back another movie by this lame McG director. Three strikes (Charlies Angles, Terminator 4 and now this) and your out, and I suspect that this movie is going to be Strike 3.

Nothing wrong with Charlies Angels – a good fun movie. One of our favourites. Not so sure about Terminator 4 though – a bit too dark and messy for me.

I think McG is good at making over-the-top spoof action movies with lots of fun and humour, but not so good with the darker, more serious action movie. From the This Means War trailers, I think that this movie will be an enjoyable, fun action film and from the little shown, the humour of the two leading men is really quite palpable.

I plan to see it on 15 February – two weeks today. I will give my verdict then, but it is already getting one or two stars just for Chris Pine being there.

Maybe it’s the bleach blonde bangs, maybe it’s the goofball expression, but Reese Witherspoon looks kind of like a meth-addict in that picture.

Terminator Salvation is “too dark” for you? I didn’t think it was dark enough.

Pine looks shatnerized :-)

I thought “Terminator Salvation” was pretty good. I wish it was darker as well though.

You know what this means… New-Kirk versus Clone-Picard!

T4 was good, and gritty and had major potential but it was too messy in the plot department and I’m just not a fan of Bale in the role of Conner.

Dark in terms of too many night scenes and seemed messy story wise sometimes. I am not a big fan of a lot of violence…

I kept getting the two main characters played by Christian Bale and Sam Worthington mixed up. For some reasons, the two actors looked too much alike in this film. I guess I need to watch it again sometime to “fill in the bits” as it were…

One of the few things that really bothered me in Star Trek (2009) was Chris Pine’s hair, but it looks sooo much better here. <3 Hope it looks like that in the sequel!

I really dislike the square looking short back and sides look. It has a rigidity to the look which screams to me “rigid in heart and mind”. The only saving grace in Chris’s hair cut is the nicely combed “mess” on top.