Saldana & Quinto Talk Leaked Sequel Photos – Say Abrams Is Upset

The leaked photos from the Star Trek sequel set have flown around the internet and created a lot of buzz, along with proving some spoilers for the film. Over the weekend a couple Star Trek stars attending award shows talked about the leaks and JJ Abrams isn’t too happy. Zoe Saldana also talked about her new co-star Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto talked about the challenges of making the movie. Watch the videos below.


Saldana: JJ Abrams "very upset" about leaked photos

At the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana spoke briefly to MTV about the photos leaked on Friday (ironically, first published by MTV). According to the actress, the notoriously secretive director JJ Abrams isn’t happy.

Quinto: Sequel is "bigger" and "more challenging" as an actor

And at the Academy Awards on Sunday, Saldana’s Trek co-star Zachary Quinto also weighed in, but he took a lighter tone, joking that the "cameras weren’t even rolling" when he was fighting Benedict Cumberbatch . He also talked about how much "bigger" the new film is going to be.


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I knew he wouldn’t be happy. The mystery box needs a tighter lid.

I had to leak those photos. I owed it to the fans.

I keeeeeeed!

Hahaha thanks Bob!

boborci — We love your keeeding. Can you keed us up some shots of the new engineering section?

JJ will put you in the agonizer booth. :)


Sorry that JJ is ticked off. So am I. I prefer to see a surprise and experience everything when I am in the theatre with popcorm in hand.

But, for heavens sake… Can’t you guys release a real honest working title for the film? Are we true fans asking for too much at this point?

could have been worse.

quinto couldve been fighting Shatner as Patrick Stewart dressed in Admirals uniform looks on

I. Must. Know. Who. The. Villain. Isssss. Heh. Shatnarian.

Seriously. I wont have a good B.M. until I do. Who is the villain?

Oh come now, JJ.
Any press is good press!

Whet the collective ST appetite now and we Trek geeks will be properly salivating by May of 2013.

I’m sure JJ is really ‘upset.’ ;-)

Lol, good times.

I wonder if this will inspire any rewrites, like what happened in 1982 when news of Spock’s death leaked. I believe they put in the fake death at the beginning of TWOK in the Kobayashi Maru sequence to get that off the table, for another 100 minutes or so :)

Bob, JJ may limit your internet privileges from here on out.

My first thought when seeing the leaked photos was – “oh, well, that’s a blocking rehearsal. Note Cumberbatch is not wearing any Klingon make-up yet” – but then it struck me. Cumberbatch is not going to be a Klingon. Along with Cumberbatch the new film has Peter Weller in it. Weller is no stranger to the Trek franchise. He has a connection to Colonel Greene in the ST:Enterprise TV series. That got me to rethinking. Colonel Greene was likely a genetic ‘superman’ from the WWIII era. Greene was first introduced in the Classic Star Trek TV series episode titled The Savage Curtain. Many fans believe the producers are rebooting Khan. Rather they might be pulling a ‘bait-and-switch’ instead. Yes they intend to use a genetic ‘superman’, but it’s not Khan. It’s Colonel Greene that will ‘haunt’ the rebooted 23rd century.

Well somebody’s camera was certainly rolling!

JJ Abrams is aware that banging on an IMAX camera is a federal offense, right?

I know people complain Trek fans are too demanding, but I think we were owed the photos after nothing new in the Star Trek universe for 2 years. The 2009 movie was meant to restart the franchise and ended on a cliffhanger and left fans wondering what would happen with Kirk now in command of the Enterprise. This new film was green lit when the previous one was STILL IN THEATERS, and originally given a release date of June 29, 2012. Yet throughout all of 2011, the only “updates” we got was “we’re working on it”. The planned Star Trek: The Experience was never reopened, the 4 novels set in the alternate reality universe were canceled, no new video games, no new television series, no miniseries, not even any fan films!

It would different if Trek was still dead and buried like 2005, but with the rebirth of Trek we want to see how this baby’s gonna turn out. About time we had NEW photos when the last movie wrapped 4 years ago!

Any chance that those photos were staged and planted by JJ himself, just to throw us off?

I hope many Bothans died to bring us this information….

Sad to see Star Trek being hijacked by hipster MTV fools. Bring back patrick stewart!

Y’know, Bob jokes a lot, but I bet these leaked pics would cause JJ to not allow Bob to show us any pics.
JJ would be like “forget it now, Bob. You’re not even showing craft services table now”


Star Trek: The Wrath of JJ

– Torch lamps all over the bridge. More lens flares, more.

– The engineering section will have actual kegstands

– Enterprise refit has warp nacelles twice the size than before.

– Phasers are now officially renamed as blasters.

– Kirk-prime (as played by Shatner) is officially erased from the prime timeline.


I wouldn’t have called the leaked photos much of a spoiler. It certainly tells us a lot less than 3 seconds of a trailer would have.

#17, I beg to differ. We are owed nothing of the sort.

Those pictures made me want a teaser trailer like you wouldn’t believe. I renounce whoever betrayed Mr. Abrams, but as the deed is done I can only rejoice in the pictures themselves. Alleluia.

Considering that MTV and Paramount are both owned by Viacom, I wonder just how “secret” the photos really are.

thanks bob! and good luck with the new job. it was great while it lasted ;)

I’ve got it! Cumberbatch is playing v’ger! Imagine how cool that fight scene will look between Spock and a big CGI satellite dish! But he will be rebooted v’ger so he will transform and stuff…. Yeah YEAH…!!!!!! Photon torpedo launchers for eyes!!!!! So epic!!!!

IMO this “leak” smacks of the trilateral Commission… possible even a Bilderberger psi ops.

Bob Orci disappeared from TrekMovie. Was it deliberated to know our reaction?

This may sound crass, but I don’t really care if JJ Abrams is pissed that the photos were released. Personally, I have been going out of my mind waiting to see SOMETHING about the movie, to give me a LITTLE sense of that it’s actually happening and not a lot of people saying it is and no proof. And since I’ve seen the pics, my excitement level has gone through the roof! In my opinion, the release of these pics is nothing but a good thing.

JJ shouldnt be to mad.

Honestly I know nothing more than I did before the photos came out except the obvious, Spocks in it, Uhura is to, and the bad guy is Cumberbatch.

Sorry Bob, I didn´t read your comment above

I guess I don’t fully understand the complete blanket of secrecy since many more details will be released long before opening day in form of trailers, commercials, different forms of advertisements and comments in order to sell the film. It’s all part of the process, …as long as it doesn’t give away important plot twists and surprises.

I’m confused. How could they be leaked when they are sourced?

One of the first sites to publish the photos sourced them to a photographer and a company called something like “On Location Photos” or similar.

So, how can the photographer and the company he works for get credited for the pictures if they were unauthorized?

So these pictures were allowed to J. J.. Bob said he would talk with J. J. to try to get some photos. Thanks Bob.

Also, these are not your typical spy pics taken with someone’s camera phone. The person taking the pictures is on set, close to the action, so I’m sure he was authorized to be there. It’s not like he is hiding and snapping pics from a distance.

Also, looking back at the pics, Zack’s comment about the camera’s not rolling makes sense. The stand-in’s, or stunt doubles, are right next to the actors. So all of these pics are probably from rehersals before they starting shooting the actual scene.

Bob Orci – Please tell JJ not to stress too much over this. He has enough pressure trying to make a good film as it is. From our perspective, not much was spilled at all. No serious damage was done. However, it’s always going to be a bit difficult controlling certain random elements. Namely human beings.

see jj the fans want something now if you had release some pictures pictures that would not give anything away

for me i am glad i have seen them not whats in the pictures move to see something happening i.e they are making it and its not a April foul day joke(OK it only February however jj is good at setting things up)

The only thing I can imagine is that JJ didn’t want these released at this time. He surely knew the guy was there taking pictures. It’s clear he is on set waling amongst the crew and cast taking pictures.

The fact that these pictures were being taken is surely not a surprise to anyone involved with the movie. Maybe they had an agreement to release them at a later date and that is what JJ is upset about.

40. Good point, Jay. Maybe that’s why they look so staged.

Loved the photos! I was very happy and excited to see them.

Sounds like BS to me. If you’re going to make a big deal out of shrouding the entire thing in mystery then you have to expect leaks. Nobody’s really pissed about this. It’s free advertizing that is keeping Trek in the minds of the public more than a year before the film will be released. That’s nothing but a good thing.

Smoke and Mirrors folks. The art of misdirection.

And I have to wonder if these pics weren’t leaked on purpose. And that’s fine with me. Just pretend by getting out your angry eyes.

It might be an idea to only run authorised stuff.

Let other sites do what they want, but perhaps keep Trekmovie on the straight and narrow. Its how JJ wants it, so i really think we should respect that.

Looking forward to more “leaked” photos! Keep `em coming, JJ!

My take is, Cumberbach’s a lackey, not the prime villain. Where’s Kirk in any of theses scenes? Kirk always faces off with the villain in the final showdown, so these scenes are not anything to do with the final showdown.

Considering how long we have had to wait on this flick JJ’s rage can take a back seat on my “care list”

Why is JJ upset? All we can see from these is that he has been bulked up with some padding. Nothing else is for sure.