Cumberbatch ‘Privileged’ To Be On Star Trek Sequel + Talks Working With Pine & Quinto

While attending an Oscar party on Sunday, Star Trek sequel actor Benedict Cumberbatch took a moment to talk about what it has been like being the new guy on set. He also discussed working with Star Trek stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Details and video below [no spoilers].


Cumberbatch: It's a 'privilege' to be on 'Star Trek' + talks working with Pine & Quinto

Benedict Cumberbatch talked to MTV about shooting the Star Trek sequel while attending Elton John's Oscar party on Sunday. The actor responded to Chris Pine's recent compliment about how he stood out due to his training, saying that he actually only had a year of training. Benedict also said he is learning a lot from his cast mates, noting he has been working especially closely with Quinto:

"I think they are brilliant on that show, and it's a real privilege to be on that set. There's a patter and a kind of knowledge of who they're playing and the other main characters, which I'm learning a lot from. It's just good fun. It's great to work with Chris. He's very professional. So is Zach [Quinto], who I've been working a lot with this week; I adore him, he's a brilliant, brilliant guy."

The Batch (trying out a new nickname for him) said that his work is now starting on the Star Trek project, which began filming January 12th. He also talked about what it is like jumping into sequel where everyone knows each other, saying:

"It's a great thing to come into something that everybody's familiar with and knows each other very well. So it's [in] a weird way a very easy thing to get up to speed with, because everybody is so welcoming and gets along with one another."

Watch the video:


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“The Batch?” I like the nickname “Cumby” instead.

I like how he mentioned that he’s working a lot with ZQ. That is some interesting info.


Yeah, they were working together for days to do the “leak” scene….LOL

He’s working a lot with Zach. Is Kirk even in this movie?

I like it. The Batch. Catchey. he seems like a real good person and a great actor. can’t wait to see him on the big screen and see what he brings. I know it will be fantastic.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a superb actor. Abrams did the right thing in casting him.

A batch is also a small holiday home or beach house in New Zealand. It is also equivalent to what Americans would refer to as a cabin in the forest/woods. Sometimes people give their batches names. Obviously my batch (if/when I ever get one) will need to be named Benny Batch or Cumber-batch.

Please note – I hope nobody takes what I am saying the wrong way. I mean no disrespect to anybody and certainly not to Benedict Cumberbatch. I have no reason to be that way. It is just that when the nickname “Batch” was mooted, the traditional kiwi batch was the first thing that came to me.

Unfortunately I don’t see MTV videos here.

I like the fact that Cumberbatch referred to Chris Pine as being very professional. I wonder if Ben’s character has more to do with Spock than with Kirk or if this is just where they are up to in the filming stage.

Where are my Captain Kirk photos/outtakes? If it is good enough to see ZQ, Zoe and Cumby, why not that Pine captain and maybe a little of that Urban Bones guy as well?

My vote is still for Benny-Baby ;) Perhaps a new poll question? lol

He seems like such a sweet heart. I can’t wait to see how he portrays a villainous charater. I think he’ll make me cry, bad-guy or not :’)

So I see our Beach-house has been downunder doing the Hobbit. I hope he liked working on the Hobbit and also had time to do some sightseeing while he was here in NZ. Pretty place, if I say so myself… Of course, it is likely that Benny Beach house is enjoying the dry winter LA weather as opposed to the wet summer NZ weather…LOL and we still have winter to come yet for this year.

(Someone told me that NZ has the highest overall rainfall of any country in the world.)

Benny-baby is another good nickname. He’s not the best looking person, but he does look kinda gentle in the picture above.

My feeling is JJ is so POed about these leaks that we will not see anything again until there is a trailer.

I like BD, good casting.

The Batch vs. The Shat — who would win? Would they join forces a d become The Shatnerbatch? :-) Something to ponder….


When you’re finished BC, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, can you be the next version of The Master in ‘Doctor Who’ for the 50th anniversary next year ??

Pretty please with sugar on top ??

How about BenBatch?

#12, 14 — HA!!! Either of those would work too!! :-)

He is Cumby damit!

Benedict Cumberbatch is such an awesome name to say, I’m against any nickname.

Sounds like they’re enjoying this. Good to know.
Would love to know just a little more about the actual film.

Why is it that in the those leaked photos does it appear they are wearing the same boots. trousers and black shirts that Starfleet people wear??? I thought I even saw one of the delta insignia on the black shirt of one actor. They seem to be a lot like the Romulan miners with the long black coats. Just my guesses, thats all.

The Batch is a great nickname. I was worried we would see something about a fight sceen where ZQ & CP were fighting BC after he tried to steal the Big E in 3D.

Really looking forward to this movie.

16. Yes, Exactly! Tony, how about another poll on what we feel is a great nickname for Bendict Cumberbatch?

Is it stupid and trivial to do such a thing? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Waste of bandwith? Oh, yeah! So, let’s do it!

My vote: Cumby!

The only problem I have with ‘The Batch’ playing the ‘baddy’ is that he is soooo good at what he does and I’m a fan of his to such an extent that I might not want Kirk and Spock to beat him!

New video for NT Live Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch

23. I definately want Cumberbatch to win. The film is going to be very frustrating.

#22 — Wasting yet more bandwidth: HAHAHA!!!

Toooo funny!!! :-)

Wow. I really expected him to say something more along the lines of:

“Chris Pine? It should be Chris Pain! Zach Quinto?? How about Hack Quinto! These people are anything but professionals. And who does this Abrahams guy think he is? Oh, and why are they redoing The Wrath of Khan? I don’t look or sound anything like Ricardo Montelbon I will dread every day I wake up until filming on this B-movie is completed!!”


Anyway, the fact that Cumby is working often with ZQ obviously means the villain and Spock interact often in the movie. So, why would that be? Is the villain an ex or rougue Starfleet officer (hence the uniform)? A superior or mentor to Spock? Or, is Spock the mentor? Did Cumby betray spock? Does the black shirt really mean cadet? Why is Cumby’s hair dyed black? Could the pastey white Brit be playing Khan?

Cumby’s character can’t be Vulcan since his blood is red. Possibly human, but why is he stronger than Spock? Genetically altered super-man from 20th or 21st century? But why would Khan or one of Khan’s men has so much to do with Spock? Did one of Khan’s “supermen” infiltrate Starfleet? They are smart, but are they that smart to bypass the very complex security of Starfleet?

And, lastly, how is this “epic?” If this movie will not have time travel or planets being destroyed, then how much more epic can you get? Khan does not seem epic enough. Maybe genetically alter all of humans? Kind of like a Borg assimilation?

So many questions. I’m excited for the movie, but I just hope it doesn’t suck.

I like Cumby. Everyone should know who Cumby is by now and it’s a cute, cuddly sort of name….Oops I may have just put somebody off the Cumby nickname…Oh well

I wonder what the man himself Benedict Cumberbatch thinks. Perhaps Bob Orci might like to canvas his opinion, you know, while he takes a break for a cuppa. Perhaps he’s just Ben. Anyone coming to this site will surely soon realize that there is only one Ben, unless Sarek (Ben Cross) is also in the movie…

Bob Orci – When you get a chance – just for the fans here.
Good man!

Thick shit there not redoing wrath of khan

Cumby’s….Batch…I’ll alternate usage depending upon mood…k?

Looking forward to this epic battle on the rusty old space garbage scow! I hope it’s just a 2 hour fist fight with a brief intermission of Spock eating a Turkey Plomeek Club sandwich!

I do not like Batch. It has another meaning that maybe older folks are not aware of.

He’s so classy. And yes, “the Batch” has another meaning; so what? :)

#33 – What other meaning does “batch” have, other than a batch of eggs?

The “batch” I was talking about is apparently a “bach” but pronounced the same way. There is also a surname “Bach” pronounced Baych and then there is the German Bach as in composer Johann Sebastien Bach, which has a different pronunciation again.

#5 Harry: I’ve never seen him act before, but he does sound pretty good from the reviews. I’d agree, JJ sounds like he did it right.

I’m kind of hoping that on a future DVD release, they will consider putting his audition on it as an extra. It would be really cool to see that audition as JJ saw it.

27. lol


“The Batch”?

Jesus Christ, give the childish shitty nicknames a rest.

39. Sherlock Fangirl – February 28, 2012


What she said.

Cumby conjure up an image Gumby for some reason!

BC is a wonderful actor.
When I first heard he was in the new ST movie? It’s stock rose for me. I thoroughly enjoy his “Sherlock” (the best take on the character since the late Jeremy Brett, IMO). He also had a small, but memorable role in “War Horse” and I believe he’s playing a dragon in “The Hobbit.” I also very much enjoyed him playing Stephen Hawking in “Hawking.” Saw that one a few years ago; great movie if you can catch it.

My wife said his features almost look extraterrestrial. I could easily see him starring in a remake of “The Man Who Fell To Earth” one day.

It’ll be very interesting to see what he’ll bring to the Star Trek table.


Chingatchkook, I can assure you, Cumberbatch is about as good as you get in acting.

It would be great if Cumberbatch is portraying Gary Mitchell, who did have the powers of a God by the end of the 2nd pilot episode. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” can definitely be made into a movie, its probably one of the top episodes of all time.

where are the scifi tv and scifi movies reports. ihaven’t seen them
since october 2011?

You dont cut Michael Fassbender’s name to shreds so why Benedict. I dont see why people get so hung up on his name.

I’m curious about the of Cumberbatch´s character. He is young, with 36 years, but the actor previously chosen, Del Toro, was older, with 44 years. Which character is this?

#46 you said Fassbender hehehe

@44 Gary Mitchell has already appeared in the nuCanon in the IDW comic that Bob Orci plots. So, no go on Gary, unless he rose on the third day. “X- You left me all alone on Delta Vega. (a beat) Kirk– Sorry about that, it worked out fine for me, Spock and Scotty.” Dehner’s still a possibility for Alice Eve, though. Hope she has major screentime.

@47 Since there wasn’t a WGA strike underway, the presumption is that K/O & L changed the characterization, and the character name as a result. Del Toro I think was their last Khan-shot. Seems they’re going with a rogue Starfleeter such as Garth, Tracy, or Decker.
So, my question still is who would Clarke & Contractor be?
Dr. M’Benga and his Vulcan wife T’Pring?
(A mirror image of Spock and Uhura, on the surface.)
Mr. & Mrs. Boma? (the comics have Boma)

I’m thinking he’s a new, original character.