2nd Trailer For Prometheus – written by Star Trek’s Damon Lindelof

The annual Wondercon was held over the weekend and one of the big events was the reveal of the second trailer for Prometheus, the sort-of Alien prequel written by Star Trek sequel writer/producer Damon Lindelof. Check it out below along with a cool viral video for the film.


Prometheus Trailer – remind anyone else of "The Chase"?

Here is the Prometheus trailer that was shown during Wondercon (plus the international version).

Prometheus director Ridley Scott has noted that theme of clues hidden in ancient civilizations about the origin of man was inspired by Erich von Daniken's 1968 book "Chariots of the Gods." However, I am also getting a bit of a vibe from  Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Chase" (which was inspired by Carl Sagan's "Contact").  Let's not forget that Lindelof is a big fan of TNG and he is not above borrowing from he show. Four years ago he talked to TrekMovie about how the pivotal Lost episode "The Constant" was an homage to TNG's "All Good Things."

Trailer for TNG's "The Chase"


Cool viral video for Prometheus – should be model for Trek sequel

Also of note, a couple of weeks ago Fox released a very cool viral video to promote Prometheus. The video conjectures a future TED conference talk with Guy Pearce as Peter Wayland talking about where his company is headed and the future of robotics.  

Damon Lindelof confirmed that this scene actually isn't in the film, so it is just an in-universe bit of viral video promotion. Hopefully as a producer on the new Star Trek film, Lindelof can make these kinds of things happen for the sequel. As director JJ Abrams is famously concerned about secrecy, these kind of viral promotions could be something that can be down, while not actually showing parts of his super-secret movie.

Prometheus comes out June 8, 2012.


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This movie looks friggin’ epic!!

So much secrecy so much time to pknder what this movie will be like! I am #1 FOR A CHANGE!

It looks awesome, but I thought AVP 1 looked good the first time I saw the trailer….through in the ALIEN scream sound effects and it’s all good.
Just have to wait and see…

Hard to believe this is only Ridley Scott’s third science fiction movie, the last being Blade Runner back in the early ’80s.

Welcome back, Mr. Scott!

I loved TNG’s “The Chase.” Probably the most Roddenberryesque of all TNG episodes. That show had a great ending with Picard and the Romulan commander’s last words.

Prometheus looks similar but it obviously has a darker vibe. Where Naomi Rapace says “We were wrong” indicates that it wasn’t a signal to find us but perhaps something darker. And there is some Alien DNA in the trailer. Looks like a face hugger in he scene.

Still looks awesome. And Ridley Scott filmed in 3D. With his visual style, one wonders if this will surpass Scorsese’s “Hugo” or Wim Wender’s “Pina” for 3D effects.

Looks great.

Worried that the trailer(s) are giving away the farm a bit though…

It’s been done……….Alien anyone?

#1 agreed… EPIC!!!


Ridley Scott anyone?


Hey TED actually exists. Stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, Their slogan is “Ideas worth spreading” You learn something new everyday.

As Anthony pointed out, they hosts conferences; it looks like a virtual think tank.


Frankly, I’m looking forward to this way more than I am to the Trek sequel.

I hope the trailer didn’t give away the whole movie. If it ends with “and then they stopped the aliens from getting to Earth”, the trailer just ruined a good chunk of the movie.

The Lost episode is called “The Constant”, not The Contestant

theres also a heavey Alien v Predator vibe to those trailers…

theres also a heavey Alien v Predator vibe to those trailers…

AvP done Prometheus style:

@ 8, 10, 11

You did see the egg cases on the floor in the chamber. There was also a scene of he dead alien’s gun like device from the 1979 movie; the one where Dallas goes up to and says it looks like something burst out of his chest.

So let’s speculate here. It’s got Alien DNA storylines. Yeah, the trailer gives a lot away. Scientists think it’s an invitiation but it’s not. With that big human face, is this a Twilight Zone moment? You know, “How to serve man?” It’s a cookbook. Maybe men were to be the seeds for the Aliens? Still looking forward to this film even if we can guess what’s it’s about.

TED is a wonderful real-life source of wonder.

In the meantime, the International trailer is so much better than the US one.

TED’s been criticized for being way too corporate, so it’s a telling choice.

Saw the trailer this weekend and it, well, apart from some neat CGI, it looks like every “it’s a trap!”/he’s killing us off one by one/we thought it was awesome but it’s gonna kill everybody on Earth” SF movie ever. That said, mosttrailers usually look like they’re from movies we’ve already seen because all we see in them are the explosions, chases, and lines like “we were wrong!” and “Oh my God!”

Of course, I’ll be going to see it.

I believe this film will cause many of us Trek fans to look at Trek films differently. There’s a grand and epic feel to the trailer that I’ve always wished for Star Trek. They came close with ST’09 but not quite.

Still, very much looking forward to ST:What’s It Called?. But right now it’s ALL Prometheus for me!

Looks great but I doubt it will perform very well.

If you don’t think this film will make mega bucks, then I don’t know what to say to you. This is Ridley Scott, one of the best directors of all time. You know, Alien, Blade Runner, Kingdom of Heaven. To name just three. This film will be one of the best films of the year, if not the best. Word of mouth will spread this film like wildfire.

If you want to see as epic a Star Trek as can be then just watch ST TMP TDE

Prometheus is going to set the bar very, very high. I hope Star Trek is up to the challenge…

Just my oppinion but TMP was not epic. It was made to feel grand but it ultimately was a little flat. Scott seems to know how to mix the cerebral with the intense action and keep the epic level at an ultimate high. It’s something Trek just has not done as of yet.
And I’m an uber Trek fan, not a troll.


I have, several times. I own it and I love it, more than most Trek fans, I believe.

And I’ve always preferred the TMP uniforms to the WOK-TUC style.

Just sayin. :-)

Looks damned good.

oh and the first minutes of iron sky were officially released: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX2cS8wvQHI


maybe Trek 2 will be a little influenced by PROM – as often happens with certain SF movies being heavily influenced by ones which being made just before or around the same time.

especially with sharing one of the writers

hopefully Trek 2 will be steeped in horror and eeriness (like alot of the early TOS eps)

Star Trek FC trailer Prometheus style

Old news.

Must try harder.

Prometheus does look awesome…unlike the second-hand sci-fi news generated here….

“Prometheus” looks soooooo promising! Can’t wait to see it! However, if it sucks, these trailers will go down as some of the biggest “teasers” of all time. And while Damon Lindeloff may be a fan of TNG, I really doubt that he was borrowing from “The Chase”. Ridley Scott wouldn’t stand for that.
Scientology more likely.

Anyway, I thought that Guy Pearce was doing a dead-on imitation (though obviously unintentional) of Hugo Weaving in the TED video! His vocal inflections and facial mannerisms were eerily similar to Weaving!

Oh, and Guy Pearce does look a lot like a slightly younger version of Hugo Weaving in the TED video.

#28 Khan 2.0-

Maybe. ‘A little influenced by’ would be fine. ‘Derivative of’ would not.

Why is everything so dark in these trailers? Is this how the whole movie is going to be – with me struggling to see who and what the hell was going on for a large part of the time, if I could be bothered. What – there is no power, no lighting on the ships, no natural light etc? The dark lighting has put me right off.


Have you even bothered to watch the first two “Alien” movies? They were quite dark. Because the idea was to depict horror, suspense, and claustrophobia. The darkness allowed the xenomorphs to stalk the crew members in the dark, while not spoiling their appearance for the audience.

“Prometheus” is continuing with the dark, eerie, claustrophobic feel of the original movies. That is what it’s meant of convey.

You know, for someone who complains about the bitching on this site, you sure do a lot of it yourself.


It’s a horror movie. They tend to be dark.
See: “Alien.”

I’m confused why people say that it looks like Alien. It is Alien. It’s kind of a prequel to Alien just like Trek 2009 was a prequel to Star Trek in a way.

It doesn’t lead directly into the original Alien movie, but it is set in the same universe before the events of that movie.

By the way, it looks amazing.

I honestly got more of a Galactica reboot-vibe. Not that synthoids are unique to humanoid Cylons or anything, it’s just more recent in my mind thanks to NetFlix. Blade Runner … Alien … all kinds of Anime. Comics. It’s not a new concept to sci-fi, or real-life at this point.

But Wayland’s got some obvious parallels to Graystone.

I have followed everything about “Prometheus” … I have high expectations with the film … so my fingers are crossed … I do not expect disappointment… ;-) :-)

Why do the people assume, that the star map is an invitation? I hope someone in the movie considers at least, that it could be a warning. ;-)

Bite your tongue!! This movie is going to own The Chase!! It’s Ridley Scott!! THA MAN!!! No one directs science fiction like Ridley…except maybe James Cameron. But I was not impressed with Avatar.

Prometheus is the most awaited film of the year for me.

It’s going to rock and it comes on me birthday! What a birthday present, huh? :-) Oh, yeah! I’ll be there…3D, Imax, the whole enchilada baby, yeah!!!!

Contemplating both, the trailer(s), as well as the very interesting and rather unambiguous Peter Wayland TED-piece, I do wonder about the filmmakers´ possible intention to guide the audience towards an understanding of the film as a tale of the literal and/or metaphorical consequences of hubris…

“Prometheus”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Avengers”, “The Hobbit”. 2012 could go down as one of the best years for sci-fi/fantasy ever.

37. Hey, I hadn’t realized it ws set in teh same universe — I mean, I know it had started out with the intentions to be a prequel to Alien, but I thought someone, Scott presumably, decided to axe that. I hadn’t realized it was still set in that universe.

Awesome marketing on this so far.

Looks like this involves a truly ‘cerebral’ and ‘exploratory’ vibe to it.

And all wrapped up in *properly*-filmed native-3D, rather than a second-class ‘conversion’ afterwards.

Now *this* is how it’s done. Movie of the year I predict, and well done Ridley!


So, you’re saying—you don’t know, Jack?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

#45 I know there were conflicting things said. But I think Scott just doesn’t want it to be labeled. Just like Abrams kept saying that Trek 2009 wasn’t a prequel.

It obviously has to be in the same universe if it has the same Alien creatures and the same ship from the first Alien movie with the “space jockey” guy and everything.

It would be like having a movie with Starfleet and the Enterprise and say it wasn’t in the Star Trek universe.

I grew up watching horror flicks and was so “hardened” that Alien was the first movie that really scared me, after age 6. After Blair Witch Project, I swore off creepy films and never looked back; but now I’m looking forward–to Prometheus!

Yeah, the trailer does seem to give away too much, but the film looks promising.

Glad your back, Anthony.

Wow, that video clip of Guy Pierce; very impressive. It would be nice if Trek did a new series that would have this kind of “epicness” and “adultness” without losing the optimistic tone of what makes Trek…Trek. Not necessarily dark in tone but adult. The newer Battlestar Galactica had that, it got a bit dark and soap opera like at times but wow…damn good Sci-Fi. It would also be nice to feel the grandeur of the universe something the 09 Star Trek movie and a large budget did. Scale is so important when your selling a story in space.