PrometheusWatch: New Very Revealing UK Trailer + More Weyland Pix

While today’s big news is about next year’s Star Trek sequel, TrekMovie is also keeping an eye on our most-anticipated summer 2012 film – Prometheus – co-written by Trek’s Damon Lindelof. Another international trailer (this time in English) has been released and it has lots of details and spoilers. Watch it below. 


New UK Prometheus Trailer Reveals Lots of Details

This new UK trailer is full of new stuff. Check it out but it is also spoilerific.

More Prometheus news: Possible R Rated + new Weyland pics

Also here is a video from MTV from last weeks CinemaCon where Fox CEO Tom Rothman talks about Prometheus, including why they didn’t put "Alien" in the title and how they have vowed not to cut a single frame of the film, even if the MPAA gives it an R rating.

The viral site has been updated with lots of new pictures showing off many of their "products." It’s worth tooling around the site and checking out all the cool new stuff.

Prometheus opens in the UK on June 1st and the US on June 8th. See IMDB for other dates.


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