PrometheusWatch: New Very Revealing UK Trailer + More Weyland Pix

While today’s big news is about next year’s Star Trek sequel, TrekMovie is also keeping an eye on our most-anticipated summer 2012 film – Prometheus – co-written by Trek’s Damon Lindelof. Another international trailer (this time in English) has been released and it has lots of details and spoilers. Watch it below. 


New UK Prometheus Trailer Reveals Lots of Details

This new UK trailer is full of new stuff. Check it out but it is also spoilerific.

More Prometheus news: Possible R Rated + new Weyland pics

Also here is a video from MTV from last weeks CinemaCon where Fox CEO Tom Rothman talks about Prometheus, including why they didn’t put "Alien" in the title and how they have vowed not to cut a single frame of the film, even if the MPAA gives it an R rating.

The viral site has been updated with lots of new pictures showing off many of their "products." It’s worth tooling around the site and checking out all the cool new stuff.

Prometheus opens in the UK on June 1st and the US on June 8th. See IMDB for other dates.


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Cannot wait for this here in the UK

Can’t wait to see this. Will be good.

After reading the disappointing spoilers for the new ST film in the other thread, I’m really hoping that Ridley Scott makes this one that much better!

ALIEN and Blade Runner are two of my all-time favorite science fiction movies, and here’s hoping for a Scott hat trick!


Lookin’ real good! Hopefully, it won’t leave us feeling “Alien-ated”!

Yes! ALIENS is canon! Now if they can just go about not mentioning “prison planets”, all will be right in the world.

So, I am assuming from the trailer that the villian of the piece is a primative alien xenomorph, and that by the end of the picture it somehow becomes the ones we know?

So much for Ridley and his “got nothing to do with Alien” statements!

A bad Ridley Scott movie beats MOST good actioners done today.
And this does not look bad. Prometheus looks game-changing. I also doubt very much that the spoilers provided so far are the main take-aways from this movie.

June 8th? Soooo… looooong to wait.

Now this is a man that can direct a sci-fi film!

@4 RDR

Hee-hee. That was good.

Compared to the disappointing news of Trek this movie looks AWESOME!

I cannot wait for this….Star Trek…meh.

Not sure of release date for NZ tho.

Bring it on, Scotty-boy (and not the Pegg variety)!

Eh, pretty creepy

That international trailer shows more of the movie than I’ve seen, it continues to look pretty awsome :)


If Sir Ridley goes with his original idea of how the xenomorph reproduces, it might not be.


Actually, I think the ‘villain’ of the piece will be the Space Jockey race.

I hope this is good but I think they are revealing way too much with the most recent trailers. They already have a built in audience, why try to spoil everything.

OT: I hope that I won’t end up sitting next to some weirdo again. Happens everytime I go to a theatre these days… no on seems to be checking the aisles anymore. :d

@ #12 sean: Explain the original idea, please.

This look friggin sick!!!
But August 9th….why the hell does Germany have to wait 2 months longer than UK???

Yeah #12 I don’t know what that would have been, got a link?
Dan O’Bannon wrote/created Alien, and AFAIK it was always to be a paracitic sort of lifecycle where it was implanted in a host and burst out of a person.


Wasn’t it also supposed to turn the hosts into the egg/cocoon as a part of the reproduction cycle? In the “Director’s Cut” on DVD, iirc, you can see the Captain starting to look rather ‘eggy’ — for a moment on-screen.

Oh, I cannot WAIT for this film! :D

By the way, what does everyone think of the ship? I think she’s beautiful, kind of like a more badass Serenity:

The cut footage shows Dallas cocooned, but that part of the xenomorph lifstsyle (for lack of a better word) is not exactly new, since in Aliens we see people cocooned. So I’m still not sure what sean was refering to.

#9 NZ’s release date for Prometheus is 7 June.

7 June is also Karl Urban’s birthday. He hits the big 4-0.

I’m sure the next Star Trek movie will be fine. Have faith. Wait and see!

Not just being immobilized for the face huggers to attack, but, contrary to the direction that Cameron took things via the egg-laying Queen, the prey of the drone/warrior would become cocooned (the “wall”) the eggs from which the new face-hugger stage would gestate.

Victim of drone can become egg (eliminated with Cameron’s Alines) for face-hugger (larva, I assume)
Egg produces face-hugger stage
Face-hugger attacks prey, implants embryo that becomes chest-burster
Chest-burster matures into drone/warrior
Cycle repeats

No egg-laying Queens

# 22 TrekkerChick

If you eliminate Alien 3, Alien 4 and the AvP-movies and add the stuff Prometheus-trailer is showing I can see an sort of evolution.

1. Prometheus-Aliens infect men
2. Proto-Aliens are born who transform men into the all known eggs from ALIEN
3. the new egg-generation produce the Facehuggers
4. Facehugger produce the Alien from ALIEN
5. Men are infected and turned into a new egg-generation (in ALIENS)
6. Queen is born as the next step of the evolution. To turn man into egg is no longer required to reproduce
7. Queen produce eggs with new facehuggers who implants new Aliens (the Cameron ones) into humans.
8. evolution ended with the extermination of all the Aliens in ALIENS

@21 KC

I will wait.

I will see.

I will not hold my breath.

I am disappointed – especially as Khan’s story has been told and does not need to be told again (or bloody-well re-bloody-booted.).
It smacks of laziness and disrespect to the icon that was Ricardo Khan.

I am sad.

To hell with all the reboot bullshit!

End of rant!

Today is not a good day.


#22 — oh gotcha, no queens, which actually makes a lot of sense, it really fits with the idea of being a parasitic life cycle rather than an insect like one with a queen.

#23 — yeah you could sort of see how that would evolve, but it also doesn’t seem to follow that suddenly they develop a queen role, unless you do include Alien 3 where it is demonstrated that the host can affect the development of the Alien embryo and it can take on some characterisitcs of the host (i.e. running on all fours thanks to gestating in a dog). So somewhere along the way the xenomorphs gestated in another race that reproduces through egg laying and it was picked up into the xenomorph genome.

ridley scott is a world-class director. i bet my next paycheck that this will be better than star trek xii. jj abrams is on par with michael bay and quentin tarentino – appealing to the lowest common denominator. these guys are the thomas kincaids of film while ridley is davinci. hostel, kill bill, texas chainsaw massacre, amityville horror, star trek xi….same $#!t.


As much as I dislike speaking ill of the recently deceased, your Thomas Kincaid comparison hits the nail on the head.

LOL, yeah I rather like your Thomas Kincaid comparson too.