Watch Full Video Of Star Trek TNG Cast Reunion Panel At Calgary Expo

Over the weekend we reported on the cast reunion for Star Trek: The Next Generation at the CalgaryExpo. You can now watch the entire thing online, including Wil Wheaton’s emotional comments on leaving the show. Check it out below.


Video: TNG Cast at Calgary Expo

If you don’t have time to watch the entire panel with the TNG cast, just watch this clip of Wil Wheaton talking about leaving Star Trek.

And here is the full panel in five parts.

Thanks to cid388 and Elwood Dowd Jr on YouTube

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i wish i coulda been there


me too… so great!

I wish someone would make a movie… using the cast in a different way.. different roles… it would be a stunt… I guess…but fun!


I remember reading an interview with Frakes back in the 1990s where he mentioned something to Paramount about trying to get such a project off the ground.

Holy crap. This makes me want to watch TNG right now…



Wow! Would I have liked to have been there!

And damn, the cast do look great even after all these years!

Especially Patrick Stewart!

wil Weaton looks like a bloated fat chimpmonk

I think a Next Gen movie would be great now working off the premise of the NERO comic books. Picard could be an ambassador, Data’s “aging” program would have made him look older and he could be captaining a much more highly advanced Enterprise, Riker could be an admiral and still married to Troi, LaForge could be developing technologies, Crusher could be married to Picard or off practicing medicine on earth or another planet and so on. Having it set 20 years into the future would play well with how they have all matured and story lines would be wide open. There could be some major event that brings them together or they could all simply be getting together for a reunion of sorts and something happens that makes them all work together again. I think it would be Sweet.


Nice to read some more of your idiot remarks, Met……er, should I say “Greenberg”!

Yay full video! I can’t wait to watch it when I have time tomorrow :)


All star trek is good.

Ditto….but now tng makes me very nostalgic for trek bjj–before jj—after all the time station trek exp in vegas was this time frame as was the history of the future museum and quarks bar of course,,,,sigh

Gates McFadden looks great, everyone looks great. I would like to listen to more from Denise Crosby, though.

Agreed, I was hoping to hear from Denise Crosby more.

That was a treat. If only they could make another film together.

I say they make a Dixon Hill movie with the whole TNG cast & cameos from the other shows! ;-D

Frak the stunt casting movie ideas (seriously though, those could be a lot of fun).

I want them to do a two hour TV movie with the original cast. TV movie, not theater movie. A good old reunion show. Have them get together to face a fabulous new discovery, one that might shake the very foundation of humanity and all the species of the galaxy. And don’t have it be an antagonist but rather an adventure. With danger and discovery and peril and exploration.

But get the cast together at least once more and serve the justice that is so desperately needed for TNG. That series got screwed over in the movies. It was such a fantastic TV show; I just finished off my DVD collection of TNG and got really misty watching All Good Things. I even delayed watching that final episode because I knew it would make me miss TNG all over again.

Come on, somebody, please! CBS or whoever can get this done! A TNG movie would be huge! But on TV and done right. In the style of the TV show. Everyone acting true to character. Heck, Data could come back. Just have B4 become Data. Let’s say that Data downloaded his matrix into B4 and it started running his program similar to what happened when Dr. Soong called Data home. He could decide to have his aging program intact and running because he did not wish to outlive his friends. At least not by too long. And it would make him more human to age.

Just do it. I agree all Star Trek is good.

Thank you for posting the videos of the event. Gosh, I wish I were there! I still watch the TNG episodes quite often and they’re always so good! It’s a pity those actors – with few exceptions like Patrick Stewart – aren’t doing more TV/movies.

I was there also and it was a really good time! Big suprise when de Lancie walked in!

They really should have had Q in a movie. I really do think they should make one more TNG film, set after the events of Nero. Make it so!

Nice videos!

I got a bit emotional there…

Could another TNG movie / TV movie be that hard to make??
I mean… the audience IS there and profits as well!
And I doubt that the cast wouldn’t want to come back.

Just write a good story! :-)

#19. I wholeheartedly agree! They need to fix the ultimate ending of TNG.
THX, I couldn’t have said it any better!!

There will be no more TNG tv/movie projects. Sorry guys. It’s over. Forever.

#19 THX – I couldn’t agree more. TNG deserves a far better ending than it got… A TNG tv movie would be a huge hit. I’m a little surprised we haven’t gotten one yet.

Incredible stuff, wish it was still on TV.

I’ve always classed “All Good Things” as the real ending of TNG.

Wil Wheaton as Riker in the reboot!

I couldn’t catch what Levar Burton’s quip was that made everyone laugh after Will’s speech in the first video. Anyone help me out?

Thanks for this. So many great memories.

Shutup Wesley.

Awesome! Thank you so much for posting the video clips! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this reunion! Thanks again!

30 … “I’ve never f**kin’ liked you Wil. To tell you the God’s honest truth you were a pain in the *ss. But I’m glad you’re here! Because you’re OUR pain in the *ss.”

I was there … and didn’t catch it either :)

Wow Thank you guys for the wonderful memories! I wish we could all see you again on the big screen.