Watch: Klingon Invades Big Bang Wedding + Amy & Sheldon Play Star Trek Doctor

Last night on nerdy CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory they once again dove into Star Trek, this time for the big wedding episode where Sheldon tried to marry Howard and Bernadette in Klingon…watch it below. Plus we have a clip from last week where Amy and Sheldon play Star Trek doctor.


Sheldon’s Klingon Wedding + Amy & Sheldon Play Star Trek Doctor


And in last week’s episode, Amy and Sheldon played Doctor – Star Trek style….


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Funny as heck and touching too.. One of their best.

With CBS throwing so much ‘Star Trek’ into this very popular show, maybe they’ll actually throw some cash at an actual ‘Star Trek’ show at some point.

As the Russians happily say, “Hope is the last to die.”


I also liked the “Boldly go” at the end.

I cant believe it. CBS dont want Viewers from outside the USA to watch their Youtube Videos Oo
“Der betreffende Nutzer hat das Video in deinem Land nicht zur Verfügung gestellt.”

I can’t believe it. CTU don’t want viewers from outside US and A to watch their U-Tube
” de gebruiker die de video heeft geupload, heeft deze video niet beschikbaar gemaakt in jou land.”

Gotta get tickets to see Jim Parsons on Broadway in “Harvey.”
He’s the only reason I watch TBBT.

Yes it was great to see some of the Trek references back in this season
Lately TBBT had just turned into a clone of Friends.

Cant stand the show personally… but who is the hot chick scanning the skinny guy ? She’s cute and yet strangely familiar…


Love it!! I missed the episode (plan to watch it on-line) so thanks for the heads up. DeForest would have loved it. He could finally have said: ‘He’s alive, Jim ‘ — Jim Parsons, I mean.
Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh, and I always sing along with the theme song from ‘The Barenaked Ladies’ (my fellow Canadians).

Wait, wait, wait! Jim Parsons is playing Jimmy Stewart’s part in the play ‘HARVEY’ on Broadway??? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Ní féidir liom a chreidiúint nach mbeidh siad in iúl dúinn féachaint ar na gearrthóga anseo in éirinn

Guys, If you are outside the US download Proxytube for GoogleChrome! It really works!

12 – Yes, he promoted it on Letterman last week. I bet he will be great in the part. He is an amazingly talented comic actor on a show with wonderfully portrayed characters by very talented actors (both genders intended by the term). He is amazing at delivering his lines and he has a physicality for comic acting on a par with Art Carney.

@9 If you are not joking, that is who used to play Blossom on TV…I forget her name.

#9 & #16 – That’s Mayim Bialik, who played the title character in “Blossom” and now plays Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s formerly-not-his-girlfriend-but-now-officially-his-girlfriend. Interesting trivia for those who don’t know: Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience, and her character on TBBT is a neurobiologist. (She was even mentioned by Raj in an early episode, where the guys were trying to find a replacement for Sheldon on their physics bowl team and he suggests “that girl who played TV’s Blossom.”) I doubt that’s a coincidence. :-)