Video & Photos Of Chris Pine At Cannes 2012 + Watch Pine & Alec Baldwin Rib Each Other

As reported earlier this week, Star Trek’s Chris Pine is attending the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival in France. Chris is there to sell his new film Mantivities and to promote the upcoming release of the animated film Rise of the Guardians. See below for video and pictures of Chris at Cannes 2012. [UPDATED: Video of Pine and Alec Baldwin poking fun at Cannes]


Captain Fine At Cannes 2012

Here is Chris Pine yesterday, talking about the animated film "Rise of the Guardians" with The Hollywood Reporter.

And here is a video from the Today Show with Chris and Rise of the Guardians co-star Alec Baldwin.

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Chris plays Jack Frost in the animated film which comes out November 21st. Pine also participated in a Q&A with fellow Rise of the Guardian voice actors Isla Fisher and Alec Baldwin. (More on Pine’s Cannes promotion of Rise of the Guardians at

Pine with Rise of Guardians co-stars Isla Fisher and Alec Baldwin at Cannes 2012 (AP)


Here are some pics of Pine on the Cannes red carpet with his girlfriend (and SI swimsuit model) Dominique Piek. Note how now that Star Trek production is behind him, the pointy Kirk side-burns have been trimmed. 

Pine with girlfriend Dominique Piek at red carpet for "Moonrise Kingdom" premiere event at Cannes 2012 (AP)

Pine with girlfriend Dominique Piek at red carpet for "Moonrise Kingdom" premiere event at Cannes 2012 (Bauer Griffen)

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I have nothing to oPine.

hahahha cough cough

Soyez le bienvenu, capitaine!

He looks great! His girlfriend is cute!

OMG… Chris Pine is AWESOME… absolutely GORGEOUS in the video for THR… excuse my excitement, Dominique… blame the Captain Fine for being so yummy… LOL…

………….CP+DP= the nunus… ;-) :-)

There’s another interview with CP and Alec Baldwin… is very funny

thanks Dee, added to article

Chis Pine is the man. Look at the Hottie hs is with. Lol.
He is a good actor and he is on the fast track to A List Status.

Where to start – I almost forgot just how really beautiful those blue eyes of Chris’s are. I have to resist having a drooling, meltdown moment with all these lovely pictures and great interviews coming through with that very fine conifer, “my captain” and honey who is Chris Pine…:)

#4 – Oh yes, I agree. We can’t help it if Chris Pine looks and sounds like an absolute honey. I guess this is something that any girlfriend of his will have to accept. All I ask is – that Chris and Dominique take very good care of each other (for how ever long it may last – which might be *forever* – who knows?).

I never knew that Alec Baldwin could do such good voicing, although that is what actors train to do. They just need to given the opportunity to properly showcase their talents. Of course, the reason why Alec Baldwin *hates* Chris Pine is because Chris is about to reprise the character of the young Jack Ryan, who Alec Baldwin first brought to the screens in that wonderful film, The Hunt for Red October. Although Sean Connery and Sam Neill clearly *stole* the movie, Baldwin’s input definitely helped make that film as good and as watchable as it ever was. One of my all time favourite movies.

Seems like I got to start saving the coins again – December 2012 will clearly be movie month for me, what with the Rise of the Guardians opening here on 6 December, followed by the first Hobbit movie. At least I’ll have another five months to save up for what I hope will be frequent viewings of “my captain” in the next Star Trek movie.

See – there is a miniscule of a silver lining in having to wait another 364 days till I see my Star Trek with my captain…

Chris Pine comes across as such a nice guy that I can’t even begrudge him his picturesque model girlfriend. As Donald Trump, the gilded ape-man, would say, “he’s a classy guy.”

Heh. Pine-nuts.

Anyway, great catch on the chick, Pine-y.

Shatastic. ;D

I get a little creeped out by the “my captain” stuff. There, I said it.

Don’t stop on my account, though.

I was sent a link to a Dutch site where it did an interview with Chris Pine at Cannes. I used google to translate. I do not know if Chris Pine can speak fluent Dutch, but I doubt it, so this is Chris’s speaking in English which then was translated into Dutch and now, through Google, translated back into English. This is a little lost in the translation, as you will read…:)

There is another English translation via babelfish and that is even more *interesting*…LOL