Watch: Daily Show & Colbert Report Go Star Trek (Again) + Futurama Too

Colbert and Stewart are Trekking again. Over the last couple of nights both of Comedy Central’s late night shows have thrown out Star Trek references. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart seems to have Wrath of Khan on their mind, while the Colbert Report sees the president as a Vulcan. Watch the clips below (if you live in the USA). Also this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s Futurama had a brief Trek reference, a screenshot of that below as well.


Colbert and Stewart and Futurama go Trek (again)

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen talked about a new poll where Americans said they thought President Obama is better suited to handle an alien invasion better than Mitt Romney.

And on the previous night, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart branded their story on the "Fast and Furious" scandal with a Wrath of Khan twist.

And wrapping this up, this week’s episode of Futurama ("Decision 3012") had a brief clip from the future TV show "Bowling For Quatloos." The episode isn’t available online yet, but here is a screenshot.



for those who are embed video challenged, here are a couple of screenshots…


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Not again. Anthony, stop stirring the pot!!! You just like to stir the pot, get people upset and then ban them!!

Thse segments were great even beyond their Trek references. I love those shows.

Wow, comments that were actually funny and made just in jest were deleted.

The comment policy of this website is simply absurd.


Unfortunately, jerks on the internet is why we can’t have nice things. The mods do what they want, it’s their website.

Funny stuff. I hope when J.J. Abrams visits Stephen Colbert to talk about the new Star Trek, that he brings a model of the Enterprise to be placed next to his Captain America shield. In case you missed it, check out where Colbert geeks out over Prometheus.–prometheus–gaffe

The clip is great, and reflects the absurdity and hypocrisy of American politics all too well.

I love Jon Stewart. He’s one of the few people on TV who actually does tough political interviews. Granted, he definitely skews to the liberal side, but he’s not above criticizing them as well. For a comedian, he’s one of the more fair and balanced commentators out there.

In my opinion!

Jump down my throat if you wish, I will not respond because I’m not here to argue anybody’s politics. I think both parties stink and do not serve us at all.

I don’t care what network /show/comedy show covers this.

The more Trek in the zeitgeist the better.

The whole idea that National Geographic ran this poll hurt my head- but it’s kinda funny that it made its way into the news cycle.

Oops, I forgot about Colbert. That was pretty funny, too.

In my opinion.

Can you please stop posting video content that is only available to US residents?

It is getting beyond a joke now, the last few entries have quite a few interesting videos, none of which anyone outside the US can see!

I should’t have to go through a US proxy server to view online videos, this regional rubbish has now gone too far.

Do you not realise that this site is on the “WORLD WIDE WEB” and other people also like Star Trek but don’t necessarily live in the US?

The Futurama episode repeats tonight (Friday) at eight p.m. …

Errrrrm, I don’t think you can blame AP for external sites not allowing their videos to be viewed outside of the country of origin.

Anyway, as you said in your post, all you need is a US based proxy server and, job done.

#6 – for not wanting to argue politics you sure seem to want to argue politics!

Wait, Futurama referenced Star Trek? I’m shocked.

This has come up before, but once again the majority of visitors of this site are in the USA and it is based in the USA. We cannot control how networks make their videos available. But if something is available and relevent to Trek should we not provide it for our USA readers? Also note that we have also posted video links to the BBC, which are only available to people in the UK.

The preview text noted the videos were USA only so you dont even have to click. I’m sorry it isnt available but I feel its worth it to share with USA readers.


You do realize we can’t watch BBC videos over here, right? It goes both ways. Stop blaming Anthony for it.

Don’t worry, folks.
Soon, the EU will be bankrupt and the US will buy it and annex it. Then you will be in the US and be able to watch these videos.

(just wanted to see the veins in some forehead pulsate)

@ 9

There’s really nothing that Anthony can do. These videos unfortunately exist on America sites. I blog. and embed Colbert and Stewart videos. If they posted the videos on YouTube, I would use it but they don’t. I hear that overseas people can get YouTube.

I’m not versed in copyright or Internet mechanics. I just hope that one day, people from all over the world can view American content. It’s also advantageous to the Americans too. Think of the advertising revenue.

Ive been upset in the past on what i can watch on this site and others…its always the same, contractual agreements with providers who buy the rights to those shows supersedes our watching these clips, these shows. It’s not Anthony’s fault, hopefully in the future these agreements will be revisited and all will be able to watch them. In the mean time, I can go to the equivalent of comedy central in canada and watch the very shows, I did it in the past with the ones on Shatner. But I think we need to recognize that all are not equal when it comes to the internet, and if the United States Congress has its way you’ll watch even less. Stop the passing of laws that work to control the internet..thats my soap box thanks..

There was another reference to Star Trek in that Futurama episode – the scene showing the “Tholian” ships building the Dyson wall around the solar system…

@1. What are you complaining about? Seriously I don’t have a clue, I rather suspect Anthony doesn’t either, because you provide no context.

#21 — The one sided political pandering. That’s what I was referring to. Then, when you call him on it — or present an opposite political opinion, he bans you…

#9: So because YOU can’t see it, you want him to stop posting the videos? Stop being such a selfish dick.

18. The exact same thing happens with Canadian sites in the U.S. — folks in the states can’t watch videos on CBC and the Comedy Network (and plenty of others)… and they write in complaining too. It has to do with contracts and paying for broadcast rights — it’s not a conspiracy.

All, I believe that there are several software solutions that would enable you to get a VPN connection to a U.S. server, such that you could see U.S. videos, etc. FYI:

21. I’ve noticed it too. No politics in this site — unless he agrees with them.

#25 — And we know where his political loyalties lay…lol!!!

Oh well, Jack, such is the way the country is going at the moment — dictatorship. Why should this place be any different?

To be fair, Anthony did post a Trek reference in the Glen Beck show some time back. The fact the majority of Trek references happen in left-leaning media is probably a statement on the condition of the media rather than Anthony himself.

I’m talking about opinions posted — and the right-leaning ones seem to stay, the others get deleted.

And I don’t believe in the left-leaning media, it just doesn’t exist. There are (self-identified) left-leaning columnists and pundits, but mainstream coverage diesn’t have a liberal bias, if snything it’s too soft on conservatives because of the fear of being labelled as left-wing. And I say that as a journalist.

I’m starting to understand why he doesn’t allow politics on here. I’m from Canada and assume that we can have reasonable discussions without getting into nonsense about dictatorships.

I don’t know about Canada, but here in the US the majority of media does lean to the left. Not complaining or anything. It’s just a fact.

Jack — Vultan is correct. The media in the US is very liberal and it’s practically at the point where it’s state media. Now I could go into a bunch of reasons why I believe the word “dictatorship” may seem extreme to some but can be backed up by facts. The over use of the executive order pen and bypass of the Congress are ample reasons why I believe we are heading down this path.

When the people are systematically cut out of the process and have limited to no say — that’s a dictatorship.

Anyway, you’re Canadian, so what do you know? You’re used to socialism.

And if you think conservatives get fair treatment here, well…you must be a newbie to this site. LOL!!!

@26 @27 @28

Also, consider all near-wacko-level political stuff he let’s Orci get away with saying from time to time.

Anthony allows sexist and derogatory remarks about Sarah Palin, but if someone says something remotely negative about Obama, they get banned. I’ve seen it happen here.

I don’t like to criticise Anthony, but he’s been pretty inconsistent in his “no politics” policy. You either have a zero-tolerance policy, or you allow politics. The selective double-standards leave him with little credibility on the matter.

#31 — You have to forgive, Bob. He can’t help himself. He’s surrounded by people out in Hollyweird who are just not in touch with the real world (most of them; there are exceptions — Dennis Miller, Dwight Schulz, Chuck Norris, Jerry Doyle among them). So, I don’t get to bothered by his politics.

#32 — Well, I don’t like to complain about Anthony either. The reason I’m here is because I consider this the best TREK site out there. I don’t come here for politics, truthfully. I can’t say enough good things about this site as a Trek fan. But some things are like waving a red flag to me…lol!! And i’m going to tell the truth as I see it…


True, very true.

I lean to the conservative side, but if Anthony wants to post Stewart and Colbert videos, I’m all for it. These guys make me laugh. Politics are too absurd to take (all that) seriously.

Star Trek and political thinking is an interesting topic. At first glance, one might assume the future portrayed in Star Trek is more of a liberal version of society. However, digging deeper, you see that most people in Federation Society in the future take more personal responsibility, and are more self sufficient, and are thus more conservative.

In actuality, I don’t think either “liberal” or “conservative” fits the Star Trek vision of the future.

“When the people are systematically cut out of the process and have limited to no say — that’s a dictatorship.
Anyway, you’re Canadian, so what do you know? You’re used to socialism.”

Huh? I think it is actually more of a case of “what do you know”? You’ve never experienced socialism AND democracy because you live in the US. Others, outside of the US, do! Oh and just so you know, socialism is NOT communism!

Terms like “left” and “right” are relative anyway. It is possible that some of the most “right wing” people here in NZ would appear “left” to many people in the States. These are labels. It is more important to try to see where the real health and well being of the majority of a nation’s citizens is at – ie do they (men, women and children) have access to medical care, reasonable standard of education, security, housing, ability to put good basic food on the table and sleep in a warm bed…and be able to write on the internet, to newspapers etc expressing their ideas, not matter how *weird* they may seem to others, and have a vote(s) when it comes to local and general elections, irrespective of their ability to pay for any of this at any one time!

Long live true democratic socialism and egalitarianism (kiwi style)! Sadly, there are those who want to undermine that worthy cornerstone of my country…:(

My politics – QBE.

@36 Democratic socialism works better in some places than others.

Having been to New Zealand, I saw hard working self-sufficient people. With a population like that, or like in Sweden or Norway, socialism can work.

However, in other places, it just doesn’t work because you have too many selfish people who will take advantage of this system — like here in the U.S. As an even more extreme example, consider Greece — ask Greeks how well democratic socialism is working for them these days.

Different strokes for different folks. This is not a one solution fits all kind of problem.

I agree with you, MJ. I don’t know much about Greece and the dynamics involved. Any system can be sent down the gurgler. None are impervious to abuse and mismanagement, unfortunately.

The first white people to come to these shores had to be independent, self-sufficient and hard working. Most ended up being stuck at the back end of *nowhere* and NZ topography is rough. Fortunately, what it did/does have in its favour, is NO SNAKES. Yet NZ’s closest large inhabitable landmass, Australia, has the largest variety of poisonous snakes in the world – go figure. Many of the birds have made it across the ditch over millenia but not the snakes…Phew! But I digress.

I think that our particular form of socialism was borne in part out of these virtues – hard work, self-sufficiency along with a sense of community, in the sense that the few that we were/are, are in this together and need to take care of each other…

I’m not sure the present generation properly understand or appreciate fully this fundamental and noble aspect. Many seem a little blase, whether they are the beneficiaries or the very wealthy who think they have little or no need of such social benefits and so see no need for the higher taxes that people pay here compared with other countries.

#36 — I’m not here to discuss politics. You know nothing of the regime currently running the US. You don’t know who their bedfellows are and therefore, you are exempt from commenting.

Now, I could give you all the facts in the world, but I don’ t think Trekmovie is the place to do that.

Well, to break up the politicking, I just came back from seeing the not-so-amazing “The Amazing Spider-Man”. It was a poorly made rehash of the first Sam Raimi film. Andrew Garfield lacked the charisma of Toby Maguire, and was pretty stiff through a number of scenes. I found myself distracted by Martin Sheen’s goofy overbite. Curt Connors was too similar to Norman Osborne from the first movie. The Lizard was pretty lame. A lot of the movie was lit too dark. It lacked the optimism of the first two “Spider-Man” flicks.

Throughout the movie, I kept waiting for it to get to the point. And when it did, it was very underwhelming. Maybe because I saw it done better before. A total disappointment.

The kids will like it, but grown-ups will find it an uninteresting rehash made with inferior parts.

I give the movie 5 out of ten.

Hopefully, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman can do better with their own script next time. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing yet another Spidey reboot.

@40. Before I saw the trailers I was wondering why they were rebooting so soon, but then the trailer was like fools gold — it looked promising. Sorry to hear that it sucks, but thanks for saving me $12.

@39. Whoa, ease us there a bit, Hoss!

I guess you just illustrated the point for us all why Anthony has the no politics policy, dude — i.e. because people like you get all “freaked out” when someone says something you don’t like.


Thanks for the review. I keep reading the plot is similar to Spidey 2002.
Might catch it on TV some day.

Saving my pennies for the Bat.

Yeah, I saw the “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer before “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie. TDKR, in a two minute clip of scenes, looks a lot better than what I saw in two hours of TASM.

TASM was a waste of $12.

BTW, the score by James Horner stunk. That guy’s skills have gone downhill since the days of “The Wrath Of Khan”, and “The Search For Spock”.


I listened to some of Horner’s tracks for TASM on youtube the other day, and yeah, I have to agree. Sounded generic. Or like someone trying to imitate Danny Elfman’s spidey music and not quite getting it right.


They should have gotten Hans Zimmer and/or James Newton-Howard. Those guys worked some magic with the first two “Dark Knight” films.

Or they could have gotten Alan Silvestri, Michael Giaccino. Or brought back Danny Elfman.

Horner seems to have lost his touch.


Sadly, yes, it seems so.

And yes, Silvestri did some impressive work on Captain America and The Avengers. Michael G is also very good. And Danny Elfman, well, I’ve yet to hear a bad note from the guy. His soundtrack for The Wolfman was excellent. So-so movie, but great, Gothic music throughout it.

Okay, this nothing to do with anything here, but I’ll post it anyway.
Apparently, some folks in Tunisia are now living in the abandoned sets from Star Wars The Phantom Menace:

At least some good came from that movie.



And after “The Matrix Reloaded” was completed, the freeway walls were dismantled, and sent to poor towns in Mexico for housing.

Orci is probably thinking, W-T-F right now about taking on the sequel to the lackluster spidey reboot. This on top of the poor guy having his release of Enders Game moved to the unenviable wasteland of an October release next year. Does anyone ever recall a good scifi movie released in October?

Argh! Thank goodness he has our Trek sequel!