Watch: Daily Show & Colbert Report Go Star Trek (Again) + Futurama Too

Colbert and Stewart are Trekking again. Over the last couple of nights both of Comedy Central’s late night shows have thrown out Star Trek references. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart seems to have Wrath of Khan on their mind, while the Colbert Report sees the president as a Vulcan. Watch the clips below (if you live in the USA). Also this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s Futurama had a brief Trek reference, a screenshot of that below as well.


Colbert and Stewart and Futurama go Trek (again)

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen talked about a new poll where Americans said they thought President Obama is better suited to handle an alien invasion better than Mitt Romney.

And on the previous night, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart branded their story on the "Fast and Furious" scandal with a Wrath of Khan twist.

And wrapping this up, this week’s episode of Futurama ("Decision 3012") had a brief clip from the future TV show "Bowling For Quatloos." The episode isn’t available online yet, but here is a screenshot.



for those who are embed video challenged, here are a couple of screenshots…


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