Space Command Successfully Wraps Kickstarter Campaign + Watch SDCC VFX Preview

Space Command, the new independent sci-fi film project with Star Trek vets behind and in front of the camera, has wrapped up it’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign, and even exceeded its goal. Filming now set to start later this year. We have the new VFX Demo created by Star Trek vet Doug Drexler, plus footage from the SDCC panel, and more. Check that all out below.


Space Command wraps up Kickstarter campaign – production starts later this year

Space Command’s Kickstarter campaign reached its initial goal of $75,000 in its first three days and by the end of its 60 day fundraising period (which ended Saturday) the new sci-fi franchise managed to raise a total of $221,267. At their San Diego Comic Con party, Writer/Producer/Director Marc Scott Zicree thanked the thousands of backers and fans and announced "After we celebrate tonight, we’ll turn up the heat on our pre-production efforts to make sure scripts are done, sets are built and we hit our goal of starting production in the fourth quarter of this year,".

Here is the new VFX preview from Space Command made for Comic-Con by Doug Drexler.

And here is the Comic Con Panel

Zicree (who wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation) is joined on the project by fellow producer Doug Drexler (who is a long time vet of Trek, providing visual effects for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise as well as Battlestar Galactica). The cast for the new show will include a number of well-known actors, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Armin Shimerman and Star Trek: Voyager’s Ethan Phillips. Videos of both talking about the project can bee seen below.

You can see more videos with Shimerman and Phillips (along with other cast members including Buffy’s Amber Benson) at on YouTube

Next up, Space Command amps up pre-production "We still have a lot of work to do before the cameras start rolling," said Mr. Zicree. "The first script is almost completed, it just needs a few finishing touches – but Doug (Drexler) and I will be meeting soon to start fleshing out the first 1/2-hour episode we want to produce simultaneously and include with our first release."
Pre-production is expected to conclude later this summer and production begin sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012.

More info on the project at

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Interesting …

Nah not really need Spacecommand. I rather star trek ever!

Space wheels, tentacle robots, and ugly publicly-funded sculptures!

I love it!

Here’e to hoping the characters and stories are as much fun as the production values, but solid enough to hold our interest.

Fair journey, gentlemen and ladies!

The support for this has certainly surprised the jaded old cynic in me.

The Space Cadet as a character may run into the same resistance as Wesley Crusher in TNG. Other than that it sounds interesting. I hope for great work.

Its seems to have a sort of Gerry Anderson retro feel to it. This has definitely grabbed my attention!

Chesley Bonestell, ftw!

Do not forget about Steve Neil hes doing the Space Command Space Suite working on the molds now.

Like the VFX. Reminds me of what the Babylon 5 universe might look like if it were updated today. If we get some credible actors in this, it could be good. Hopefully they keep Takei’s role and the other lovable but very much beyond prime time actors to a minimum.

I have been on board have been since I first heard about it, Love Trek foremost but good Science Fiction is good Science Fiction, and where else can I feel like producer for such little cash… I am not sure on the retro aspects of the look but can’t wait to see it develop into the finished products.

I am also a big fan of Steve Neil’s and Doug Drexler’s Work

Is Ethan Philips living in a hotel room now? Help us, Kickstarter, you’re our only hope….

You can almost smell the pulp! Love it!

Some pretty good work, even if it could stand to lose some CG gloss–and that some of it is reminiscent of the work Mr. Drexler had done some years back for a mutual acquaintance, noted futurist and designer Jacque Fresco.

Definitely like the look

I can’t wait when the cameras start rolling! I’ve watched the first attached video with the space command theme music which looks, and sounds, awesome!

It might work, but I’m having trouble blocking out the silliness I keep seeing. A rotating horzontal lighthouse light on an spaceport control tower? Really?

Anyway, maybe it’ll get better once they move away from promo CGI shots to the actual production CGI.

I love this project! I’ve been a backer since the beginning, and it just keeps getting better. It’s great to see Trek Movie supporting the cause :)

I know Space Command is no Star Trek right now, but they’re on an exciting path, and in a couple years, with the talent they have involved, who knows… it sure seems like another great science fiction franchise is in the works!

#6 – interesting catch there. That rotating light, in particular, reminded me of “Fireball XL5”.

I love this! I thought the VFX preview looked really cool, and I am eager to hear more about the content! Thank you for also posting the panel videos – they were definitely interesting to watch!


Doug Drexler is amazing.


Just saw that Doug Drexler has withdrawn from this project, due to differences with Zicree over the look of the production.