Bakula & Sirits Joke About Getting Into Next Star Trek Movie

Also showing up at the Saturn Awards was Star Trek alums Scott Bakula from Enterprise and Marina Sirtis from Next Generation. Both were asked about the new JJ Abrams Star Trek films and (of course) both said they would love to be part of the new feature films. Sirits also took issue with one element of the 2009 movie. Excerpts below.       



Bakula and Sirits On JJ Trek

As often happens, when veterans of Star Trek are being interviewed, they are asked what they think of the new Star Trek movies and would they like to be involved. Both Scott Bakula (Enterprise’s Capt. Archer) and Marina Sirits (TNG’s Troi) were at the Saturn Awards last night and it was Coming Soon that asked them the question on if they want to be in the next Trek, here is what they said (with a bit of jest from both):


"Of course! I love the new film! Are you kidding? They just have to ask. They have my number. I fax it regularly over to his (J.J. Abrams’) office. Is that wrong? Is that pandering? In uniform. Maybe that’s too much."


"I love the new films. I thought the kids were fantastic! Not crazy about them blowing up Vulcan. I was like, hold on a minute. Wasn’t Vulcan around when we were around? But I’m not going to argue with J.J. Would I like to be in the new films? Yes! That would be fabulous! I think that I should go over there as a counselor. They’re young, they need guidance. I can see myself putting them on the right path."


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