Zachary Quinto Talks About “Bigger and Bolder” Star Trek Sequel [Video]

Star Trek’s new Spock has some new things to say about the sequel this week. Zachary Quinto gave a brief video interview and an awards show this week where he talked about how the new Star Trek was "bigger" and "bolder" and how he was more challenged this time around. Watch the video below.       



Quinto: Sequel is "bigger and bolder"

This week Zachary Quinto spoke to The Wrap a bit about Star Trek, noting how he is "fulfilled" with his work on the movie and that it is "bigger and bolder" and his work as Spock was more "challenging." Watch the video.

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…Sounds like fun. :)

It does sound like fun.
It should be noted that Quinto indicated he wasnt promoting the movie at that time .
Just saying , before we begin analyzing the meaning of what he said .

So it’s not smaller and coyer?? ;P

It’s too bad Mr. Quinto can’t be more specific due to the secrecy clause. These generalities could be said about any movie.
My God! This industry with its penchant for media manipulation has turned our favorite actors into a bunch of mealy-mouthed politicians.
Let’s hope that when promotion season starts, they can finally take off the muzzle and actually say something about the film.

More challenging huh? Can not wait to hear him tell us something more than that!

It sounds like, between the lines, he wasn’t satisfied with his part in the movie. Like he’s divorcing himself from the outcome in case it sucks.

I hope it’s a science fiction movie!

No. Seriosuly.

Quinto’s demeanor seemed to indicate a slight bit of disappointed about the whole affair.

Again, I quote McCoy from TOS’ Metamorphosis:

“Hmm. Talks a lot but doesn’t say much….” ;-D

How about some evidence of just how awesome/great/epic it is?

@6 & 8:

I couldn’t disagree more. He sounded both like a professional and that he takes the movie very seriously and is self deprecating enough to appreciate that he has a key part in a really popular film series about really big ideas and emotions.

In other words, he sounded like Leonard Nimoy.

Oh… I get the sense… someone’s gonna die of the primary crew.


Nonsense. That’s just his normal demeanor. There’s reading between the lines and then there’s seeing things that aren’t really there.

Ok….I can see it now. First night

of the movie….One HUGE clunk!

Because, you know, sucking planet Vulcan into a black hole wasn’t nearly bold enough!

I love Zachary Quinto :):) <3<3

Star Trek, the Bionic Movie – bigger than it was before. Bolder… Cumberbatch and Eve are playing Steve Austen and Jamie Sommers…

# 17

I knew it, I knew it…. that explains the super strength. LOL! ;-P

Sorry, next time I’ll be sure not to criticise the almighty Pascale and his always-up-to-date news site.

@ 6 & 8 He’s speaking as a dispassionate professional would when he’s done with a project. Other artists are still working on editing, sound, visual effects, etc. His work was done months ago.

Great news, thanks. Its good to hear from trekmovie agian. Not so sure about the title. Cumberbatch it was something of a “proper action film”. Ugh. Hope its scifi. Quinto rocks! Love you zach, thanks for being authentic.

I’m glad to hear that Star Trek 2013 is going to be bolder. I take that to mean it’s going to be deeper as the guys of the Supreme Court said it’s going to be. Looking forward to it. And let me echo the others on this post. I also hope it’s science fiction.

WHat if Cumberbatch is Khan…?